Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wish You All Could Be Here!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Saturday was wonderful!!!!!!! We (my sweet man) and I worked alongside each other just like we have for 39 years. It was so nice to not have to be in the noisy kitchen at the college......we were outside where the birds were singing.....the roosters cock-a- doodling, ducks were really noisy and the guineas were squawking up a storm!!!!! Music to my ears. My sweet man found this duck egg nest. Later in the day I checked it again and there was a new duck egg and two hens......they are up to something good! Getting ready for spring. It is way to cold so I brought most of the in the house and left 3. I marked them so I would know each day what ones to take.......until it gets warm and Momma duck decides to sit! Then I will build a mock pen around her for safety. 

My farm friend at Crescent C farm called and said they were finally going to get the ewes from the other farm. That means Willow and friends are coming SONday! Sweet man and I needed to go clean her pen. We have been in a drought here in Kansas and the only thing that really grew well last year was weeds. We would pull them and bring them to her pen. It was a mess.....I love to rake and clean up so it wasn't a bother to working by my sweet man......taking peeks ever so lookin' at the was a treat day!!!!! 

Freckles was close by at the horse corral........she was having a lazy day! 

Willows shed is all raked out and clean........all I have to do is put some pretty golden straw down for her and the other two ewes.....they don't have names yet. I will take pic's and you can help give them names. The sun was going down.....we had two more fenced areas to rake. The weather was beautiful......not cold and there was noooooo wind. Now that is a treat!

God started using his paintbrush.........we noticed......we thanked Him over and over for the loveliness! He does it perfect and loves it when we acknowledge Him it is called relationship! I love having that with Him!

Sweet man lit the fire.....of all our hard work....... perfect way to end the evening. I am so so grateful for farm life. I feel like a spoiled woman sometimes!!!!! Today we will share our farm life......with our kids from the college.......they will sit around our table......we will talk about the sermon......just like we do every SONday. Then we will go outside......hoping to have a bonfire this evening for them. Sitting around a camp fire is the sky......diamond stars all around us sitting on straw bales! We will pray for each person here.......that the Lord who created the Universe will woo their hearts towards Himself......He is doing a precious job and we are witnessing it. I am seeing His path for our finally feels like I know He is in control. I never want to be outside it.......ever!!!!!

Late last night I videoed little Puddles inside the egg......he (or she) was so active. So so so precious to see.......hope you enjoy! I will put the video up later today! 

The kids will also get to see Willow be brought home. Can't wait until she is back on the farm......I have missed her! A lot! 

Hope your SONday is a restful one!!!!!! 

Know you are Him.....and me, 



  1. Love the pic of the sheep pen! So rustic and beautiful at the same time. Blessed SonDay to you and your family, too. God is blessing you and your sweet man with His purpose for these young college kids. How precious! You are loved by me, too. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your farm like with us. You are such a blessing! :)


  3. OOPS! That was farm LIFE!


  4. Oh, your Freckles kitty is just the sweetest thing. I love kitty cats :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Your Freckles kitty looks so much like my Harley cat (we lost her after she had a weird complication from spaying :(.. ). Freckles is a beauty! As are your sunset and "fire" photos. Lovely! Sounds like a perfect weekend. Have a wonderful week! -Tammy

  6. Looks like a wonderful day, so peaceful...

    Many Blessings to you.

  7. Hello Linda,
    I stumbled across your page about the "Card Party" would you please enter me for the drawing?I have so enjoyed looking at all you have to offer. Will be checking back from time to time, and plan to order some of your beautiful cards soon.
    Thank You, God Bless and have a great week,
    Maryanna Foster
    Jasper, Alabama

  8. How do I add my picture to my commets?

  9. I so love your stories of the farm and your photos!


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