Thursday, February 28, 2013

We have two Winners!

Hello sweet ladies,

To say I have been busy is an understatement. It was fun busy though. I got lots of orders for the new cards! Thank you to all who ordered and also who signed up for the card giveaway. The other thing that has kept me busy is taking care of the babies that are hatching everyday! It has been so fun watching all the ones that have hatched getting a little bit bigger each day. They do grow fast! 

Also today I found out who won!!!!!!!!!

We have......

I put all the names who ordered cards from me in my farm hat. I bet you want to know who won don't was 

Cathy White

she won the Egg Basket and 2 sets of the cards!!!!!

The second prize went to

Kari Goodroad

Thank you to "all" who signed up for the card party and for all the orders!!!!!!! You made my days special!

I have been so busy at the college.......kind of like make up since we were gone for 2 days. I enjoyed my time at home.....but when I got back to pizza station it was a major job catching up! 

Can't wait for the weekend. I have more orders to fill and some kits to make up! I will be busy.......but it will be good busy!

Here are my baby fluffs.......I got a lot of Americana's. They have the colored eggs. I am so glad I have them.....they are excellent layers. You can see the little one right in the middle with puffy cheeks. Really it is feathers that are sticking out. Precious! 

You can see the puffy cheeks a little bit better in this pic....the one on the left. 

Puddles the little duck egg......will be ready to come out next Wednesday. I hope he is doing okay in there. I just checked on the other chicky eggs and there is another one that is peeping and crunching...... working so hard to get out of the egg! It is a blue egg! Can't wait to see it! 

All the babies are real healthy and fat....that is thankful!

Well it is time to call it a night........praying you have sweet 
dreams! Thank you again for signing up for the party and your orders. Really was a blessing!!!!!

Love ya all a bunch, 


P.S..........remember my sweet friend Marian, Rosa and  Grandma Yoder? Well Marion who is such a dear friend......she has loved me and I her for it seems like forever. When you find someone that loves you back you have the sweetness of friendships! We have prayed together....cried together and now she is laying in a hospital bed and not doing well. They found cancer......and could only take part of it out. This is her second time of having it. They will know in 3 days what they will do next. It isn't sounding good. My heart is really low tonight, I just talked with her niece and we both feel a little overwhelmed. Please pray for Marian.....that the Lord would please heal her if that is in His plan for her. Thank you......if you have prayer needs, please let me know. I will pray for you! 


  1. Oh course, I will say prayers for your friend, Marion. God bless her. You stay strong now....she may need you. I could never keep up with you. You are an inspiration to me. I love all the little chicks. Reminds me of being a girl on our farm.I must check into your note cards again. Yesterday was a blur.

    Sweet blessings and wonderful dreams, My dear,

  2. Praying with the knowledge the Lord is with you all, especialy that Marion is well taken care of & not suffering.

  3. Thank you so very much. what a blessing that is. looking forward to sending your precious pictures to bless others days. i really appreciate your gifts. praying for you and your friend. there sure is alot of hurting today in our world. thanks again. cathy white

  4. Your friend, Marian, her family & friends, including you, are in my prayers <3

  5. Oh prayers go out for your friend Marion, her family and you! I'm so sorry to hear this. Please try to have a blessed day!


    PS Congratulations to the lucky winners of your party!!

  6. Your little fluffy bums are so adorable.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's illness. I shall pray for her and her family as well as your heart.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winners!
    Love the chicks, keeping your friend Marian and her family in my prayers.
    Sending blessing your way...

  8. Barbara - Wing Shadow FarmMarch 1, 2013 at 11:35 AM

    Lord, I lift up Marian and her family/friends to You! Be right there at her bedside and comfort her. Let her see You, Lord and how You will minister to her every step of the way in this difficult journey. Give her a special blessing today, I pray - in Jesus' Name.

  9. PRAYING!!!! HE is the HEALER!!!

  10. So sorry abt your friend Linda, praying for you both, I pray things will go well, and they will know how to treat her cancer.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Praying for your friend Marian! Please pray for Suzanne at Colorado Lady her hubby is very ill and in ICU.
    I hate to see those we care for hurting but our Lord will lift them up and I am praying the Lord lifts these families close to HIm!
    Love to you!


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