Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Imagination Always Gets The Best Of ME!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

What a sweet morning I have been may think I have lost it, I have!!!!! We had to go to town last weekend and while shopping this is what I found! Oh my.....when I saw these little cups........ I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! 

 I bought them (at Target) and brought them home......I had to wait for the little fluffs to hatch! 

Ask, if I had fun keeping these little fluffs in their cups!!!!!! 
It was quite comical! Knew I would just loveeeee the pic..... if I could make it work........

it did. This morning I decided it was the day! I had enough baby chicks to pick 24 so far. I tried the bigger chicks.....not! They were to big and kept falling out. I used the tiny Cochins.  They were adorable! 

Waiting on the other eggs to hatch. Little Puddles..... the duck egg will be ready this following Wednesday! 

Today the grandkids and our Son's are out at the farm. Still lots of snow here in our fields.  There will be lots of sledding behind the 4 wheeler today. Love having the family home! 

Hugs to your day!!!!!!



  1. Hope you don't mind, I had to pin that - it is the cutest photo for Spring ever!!!

    Susan L.

  2. I pinned it too! Darling picture!

  3. I love your creativity! The chicks are adorable in the egg cups! I always look forward to your encouragement! God bless your weekend!

  4. Very sweet Linda enjoyed the adorable pictures.


  5. So cute!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  6. Darling picture! Thanks for taking the time to be creative!

  7. That is so adorable Linda, are you going to make it into a card? I think it would be so lovely as a sort of a welcome plaque on a front door! I love hanging seasonly artwork on the outside of my house.
    Hope this comment works, I've been having much difficulty leaving comments on various blogs recently, yours included. I think my computer may be on it's way out.
    Have a lovely sunday.

  8. Lovely idea !! I hope you don't mind, I pinned the picture too !! Adorable !!
    God bless you !

  9. Thank you Linda for the smile you put on my face with those precious chicks in their cups. Loved it.
    God Bless~Nancy

  10. Aw...your chicks are sweet! I so love Easter, it holds many precious memories for me from my childhood. I always buy egg cups and they are favorites. I can just see you trying to keep those lil fluffs in the cups! HeeHee
    Love it!
    A sweet blessing and smile today!

  11. This pic is so adorable!!! Wish you could make a card or print of it available to us. Glad you all are having a good day~~~stay warm! BTW, how,s Oakley doing?
    XOXO, Linda Petersen

  12. The Chicks are ADORABLE...we are all making cooing noises! even Hubby ...hahaha

  13. Love the pic Linda!! Sooo very cute! I'm impressed you got them to sit still . Enjoy the little chickies!

    Enjoy the day! Weekend and spring break coming soon!

    Linda in Wichita


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