Wednesday, March 27, 2013

and her name is............

Hello sweet ladies,


I have been enjoying all the names you have been sending me. I tallied up all the names and Lily came out way ahead!

The name that was close behind Lily was Blossom, which I also thought was very sweet! Then Violet was next. 

They are both so playful. I am so enjoying having babies on the farm. 

Thank you so much for helping us name her. She is so so precious. I have been holding the all of the baby sheep..... hopefully they will be getting tame.

Planted some more veggies and tomatoes. They are setting over some warmth to help get them sprouting faster. 

Thank you for all the comments!!!! I enjoy reading them. 67 degrees this SONday........can hardly wait. 

Well, blessings to your day,



  1. Oh, Linda she is adorable! And the name is perfect ! My funny story is..I said Lorelai (Great Granddaughters name), however, they had thought about calling her "Lily".. smile... Have a blessed day,


  2. They are all beautiful, Linda! And I love the header with the little chicks and egg cups. How fun is that!.

  3. Love her name! She is such a cutie, as are all of them, moms included. I know you are enjoying every minute you can spend with them. Thanks for sharing with all of us ;) hugs Ruth


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