Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Willow and Her Babies & The Last Early Bird Review!

Hello sweet ladies..........( I am putting this up on Tuesday evening)

Those of you who follow me on my facebook already know that Willow had her babies. Yes, I said babiesssss. Two little boys! Can't believe I got little boys again. When I got home of course I immediately went out to see how she was doing. I had the camera in hand and I was ready to video just in case........I have to say I was so excited, when I turned the corner and heard this small little baa I about jumped out of my skin! When you listen to the video you can't laugh. I got so excited and I sound......well.....I will let you decide. I think dumb! 

Here is the video!

This is the littlest baby lamb soon after he was born.

They are so so precious! 

The little guy on the far right is all yellow. My farm girlfriend Cheryl said that it was because he urinated in the womb. Momma is working on getting him all cleaned up! They will look better in a few days.

Thinking of names........ if you would like to add some you are welcome. I am soooo tired tonight! Having little ones on the farm takes it out of you!!!!!!

Okay.........I have one more REVIEW!

I love my girls......they bless me so much with pretty eggs. It is so nice to have them available when I am cooking! Tonight was no exception! Here is another recipe I chose for the 

Early Bird Review!

101 Farmhouse Favorites Gooseberry Patch Cookbook 

It is so easy...to make up ....and very delicious! 
Ask my sweet man.........he said, "yes"!

Here is the recipe:

Easy Bacon Frittata
3 T. oil
2 c. frozen shredded hashbrowns
7 eggs, beaten
2 T. milk
12 slices bacon, crisply cooked and crumbled
3/4 c. shredded Cheddar cheese

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add hashbrowns and 
cook for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring often, until golden. In a bowl, whisk together eggs and milk. Pour egg mixture over hashbrowns in skillet; sprinkle with bacon. Cover and reduce heat to low. Cook for 10 minutes, or until eggs are set. Sprinkle with cheese; remove from heat, cover, and let stand about 5 minutes, until cheese is melted. Cut into wedges to serve. Makes 6 servings.

For a side to go with this cut strawberries, oranges, apples and grapes......you have a healthy meal for your family. Breakfast of dinner.......our family loves breakfast foods for our evening meal! 

Okay.......this is your last time to sign up for the 
Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm Party! Go here and sign up if you like! 

The lady who's name is drawn will win the

101 Farmhouse Favorites Cookbook and
the handmade
Emma and Her Chicks Tea Towel

Plus if you go to sign up there is a free stitchery download of this little tea towel......also if you would like the kit that is available also!

Thank you ladies for making our parties so much fun.......they just won't be the same with out cha!!!!!!

Hugs and God bless your day,



  1. Congradulations hun..I know we've all been so worried about her and you were right; it was twins...how exciting..:)

    Hugs, Shar

  2. Congrats ! So neat to be able to see.. THANKYOU for sharing this!!! Get some rest

  3. Congratulations! I was so happy to see your video. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  4. Awwww... soooo cute. Hey, she waited till spring! Spring lambs.

  5. Wow, that is so neat. Twins again!!! I think the yellow one should be called "Sunny" even though he won't stay yellow. And the other one could be called "Brees" short for a breezy day in March. Just some fun thoughts. Look forward to seeing the babies more.
    Nancy M.

  6. Congratulations !!! They're just so cute !! We all were waiting for them, were not ?
    It's nice to hear your voice too ! We can feel your happiness and emotion.
    God bless you and all in your farm.

  7. Redeeming..congrats grandma! Your video made it all the more exciting. So happy for you all!

  8. I don't think you sounded dumb!! It was beautiful to see! I would not have been able to say anything!!So so happy for you, Linda!

  9. Love these little lambs...so precious!! Your Frittata looks so yummy! Great recipe!


  10. Congrats! I think they look like a Mesquite & Juniper.

  11. I still like Caleb and Samuel! They are really precious. This is the best thing I have seen all day and I am smiling! Hugs and Blessings to all of you at the farm!

  12. Ooooo!!!! congratulations on your new babies. I don't think you sound dumb on the video at all. I'm excited for you!!

  13. The miracle of birth!! Truly amazing. How about Sunflower since she's yellow? So very cute!!

  14. She looks like such a good mama - congratulations ;)


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