Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life Has Been Happening Here!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

I have missed getting to blog. It has been so busy at work in the caf and by the time I get home..... I have been busy filling orders. Yahoo! Still selling my Winter Thyme Card Collection. If anyone would like to buy them. Click here

When it gets this busy in my life I try to at least put something up on my fb (along my side bar on the right) click there if you would like and you can at least see a little of what is going on at Prairie Flower Farm. 

Before going to bed last night Puddles the duck had a little peep hole that he was breathing out of!!!!!

This morning I jumped out of bed to see if Puddles had hatched out of it's egg. Still just a little hole.....a little bit bigger than the night before. All day Puddles kept working on getting out. I noticed that there was kind of some slime on his head and around his beak.  I did help a little by trying to remove that. By evening he was doing better .........

and pushed out of the egg. Puddles is one tired little ducky! Please keep praying for him.......he is so so precious. He has not peeped yet, opens his beak, but that is all. That concerns me a bit. I will keep you posted as to how he is doing. 

While I was waiting for Puddles to hatch......I was filling an order for one of my quilt kits. When I walked into my craft room I saw this little nest....draped across it was this gingham checked ribbon......I could just see it in my mind...the ribbon tied into a bow.....and of course a little fluff sitting in the nest. Soooooo I glued the bow to the front. I picked this chicky...... because it is just so cute and gently set it in the nest. I held it carefully with my hand cupped over it. It just stayed there all comfortable..even went to sleep. I just loveeeeeee this picture. Sweetness in the real!

Well I have one more day at work......and then I will be home for over a week. Ask me if I am excited?? YUP! I need home.....really really bad. I plan on having some fun while here. A Gooseberry Patch Party will be one of the things! A new pattern.......and hopefully some pic for a Spring Thyme Collection! 

Well, hope you enjoyed seeing Puddles. I will keep the pic's coming. Please do pray for him.

Hugs from the farm, 


Good morning.....just want you to know that Puddles is doing better this morning. Sitting on his little legs and peeping a bit. So so thankful! hope to have a pic later today! 


  1. I have become so attached to this little angel of a duck...:) I sure hope he's up and moving around in the morning...

    Hugs, Shar

    1. Good morning Sharee, I know what you mean. It was like I was putting everything into Puddles just to keep him going for two days!!! He is doing well. Little and not as healthy as my chicks.....I put another little chick in with him.....preciousness! Hugs and so nice to hear from you. me

  2. Oh exciting..I am praying for Puddles, that it will grow big and strong!! smile... And of course your little chickie in it's just adorable! What a blessing to have all those babies at your house. I can't wait for you to have a week or so at HOME. I know we will have a great


    1. Hello Gert......thank you.....each day he is doing better. This morning he was cleaning his feathers. I lovedddddd taking that pic of the chick. It went to sleep while I was taking it. So much fun on a farm. I am going to have so much fun this vacation!!!!!! I will try to make it special for all of you also!!!!!!! Heart you! me

  3. Oh I hope this little ducky will be up and around. It has been such a wonderful joy watching and waiting. I hope all will be well.
    It is always wonderful to visit you and I love the sweet little nest! Goodness I always smile when I visit here. Enjoy your vacation. We expect Nick home on Thursday! It will be good to have him here with us. I am taking off two days next week, Thursday and Friday. Pray for good weather. Nick and his friend Darragh (Ireland) from the college are going to visit a college here as long as the weather cooperates. My hubby won't drive the treacherous mountain roads in snowy conditions. SO please pray.
    I hope your time at the farm will give you much joy and you will relax and enjoy the time with family. Blessings, Anne

    1. Hey Anne with an e! You will have so much fun with your son! Two days off!!!!!! How wonderful! The weather is rainy here.....just came in from checking on Willow.....she is due tomorrow. Ekkkkk! Have fun!!!!!!! Love you, me

  4. Praying for sweet little Puddles. Thanks for sharing him (her?) and all your sweet babies with us!


    1. Thank you Gail, how sweet of you to pray. He is doing better. You are so welcome. I love sharing the farm.....I know there are so many who would love to live on one. Hugs, me

  5. Welcome to Puddles! He just has to make it! We are praying here, Linda.

    Love your chickee in the basket! That would make a beautiful Easter card!

    Glad to hear you will be HOME next week!!


  6. Oh Puddle Joy!
    Praying for your new baby.
    Woolie Hugs

  7. Yah for Puddles! Enjoy your Spring Break with all your baby fluffs.

  8. Linda, so happy you will be home next week you always accomplish so much, you must be exhausted at night!

    Praying for little Puddles, glad he was peeping this morning hoping when you get home he is doing much better..


  9. Oh yes ! Puddles will get better and better, no doubt ! So cute your picture !!! Enjoy your week at home !!!



  11. Linda,
    Getting caught up with your blog and enjoying every minute!
    Continued prayers for Puddles! I adore ducks. Miss having them soooo.....out here one of my favorite places to go is Sedgwick Park. Have you been there? It's just beautiful and sooo much fun to feed the ducks snd geese.

    Excited for you that spring break and now summer are right around the corner!

    It's raining like crazy this Am, as I imagine it is there for you too!

    Enjoy the beginning of your break. Prayers and God's blessings to you!

    Linda in Wichita

  12. We are out of town and the internet was not working so well. Finally able to check email. You have been a busy lady!! Hope you have a wonderful week at home.


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