Sunday, March 3, 2013

It is SONday.....a day of Sweetness On the Farm!

Good day sweet ladies,

Our littlest sweet pea!!!! He loved the snow! Look at those rosy cheeks!

Yesterday was a day spent with family! My family! Grands, son's and daughter in loves. The kitchen floor was wet.....dirty....muddy....snowy.....but that was okay. I knew I could scrub it after they were gone. Lots of love was happening on that floor. I would clean it and then they had to get inside because they were freezing!  They would step on the rugs.....but that was not enough. When they all drove out of our driveway my heart was full. Making memories......that's what is about on our farm and home. In my Blessing Jar!

Today I will be transplanting my little tomato plants into dixie cups. Then I will be putting them under grow lights. They will grow strong and healthy....ready to transplant this spring in my garden. It makes it all a little more real when I do the transplanting...... that spring really is coming.......God has His seasons set in precious of Him.....He provides in such a sweet way for His children. Don't ya think?

Hugs to your table will have lots of college kids around it today. I know the ones that always come will be inviting some that are new. They are aware of reaching out to those in need. We just feed them and love on them! Lives are changing right before our eyes. The Lord does the wooing of the heart! We just and see. It is a beautiful picture!



  1. HI Linda! Good to have phamily near! The sloppy weather wrecks havoc on the floor, we have wood, but no matter it all cleans up!
    We have lots of leftover snow, not the quantity you have, but lots for us! Going to try to get the patio cleared later today.
    I have missed coming over although I read your posts on e mail each day. Missed your sweet cards and giveaway!
    Love to you and yours and have a beautiful week!

  2. I love reading about the ministry you have with the college kids - I'm just am wondering what you feed them - you work hard every day and evening on the farm and I really admire you using your weekends to share Christ also. SO what do you feed them? :)

  3. Lovely sunday indeed !!! Have a happy week now !!

  4. Sounds like an awesome day! How wonderful that the Lord is using you in such a mighty way!!!!

  5. Linda,
    A fun day I am sure for the gkids as well as you!!

    I'm excited for spring and hope to start some seeds this weekend! I love your lovely tea cup!

    Hugs to your week!

  6. I do enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice week.


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