Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plans Changed

Hello sweet ladies,

Today is not going as planned. Our family was going to host the baseball team and their coaches. That was not to be until tomorrow night.......wrong......a church can only feed them on that night..... so they wondered if we could host tonight.......hmmmm PANIC!!!!! I have so much to do to get the Refuge Cabin ready......wood piled up for a bonfire and food fixed for an army! Smiling! I will not start my Gooseberry Patch and me party until tomorrow. Just had to stop in to say hello!

Hugs to your day! 

P.S. A sweet friend on fb said, because of my panic........it is so adorable.

Keep a Mary heart running in Martha mode and all will be well. Is that the cutest ever?


  1. Oh my goodness. Ok, deep breath and jump right in!

  2. YIKES!!!!!!!!! Bless you!!!

  3. I love your fb friend's words !! I 've juste written them in my small copy-book...
    Have a good day full of positive energy !

  4. Oh Linda! You are such a doll! I had to chuckle. While lounging in the snowy weekend this Saturday I got nothing done! I was sad about the loss of Jeremy's friends little baby and the fact they would be burying him in the cold snowy weather! But I needed to get Nick's room ready. Now he and Darragh arrive at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon and we need to be there to pick them up. Then they have to be at the hotel Friday morning at 5:30 to leave for Gunnison with a track member and his girlfriend. Pray the young man drives them safely over the mountains. The coach will drive them back to Denver Saturday with her family so pray all around for them. Here it is nearly 10 PM and I am washing sheets to freshen the bed for Nick and Darragh. Have to work 8 to noon tomorrow and it is a zoo! Pray for peace and calm. I have been stressed to the point of getting physically ill. Love to you and good luck and may God Bless all your plans with the college kids.


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