Saturday, March 9, 2013

Puddles and Rain

Hello sweet ladies, 

this is Puddle...........he (could be a she also) is at least trying to stand at different times. That is a good sign. At this point he was not peeping very much........

but that has changed. Yesterday afternoon and this morning he is standing better. Puddles is peeping and walk around. It is so nice to watch.....thank you so much for praying for him......God answered big time. I was really worried about him. I have never had an experience quite like his hatching before. So glad he is okay!

Went out this morning  and walked around the farm. Love the weather. It was misty this morning, but had rained all night long so mud puddles were everywhere. Perfect weather though. I like warm also, but with us needing rain so bad.... it was a huge blessing. Love the mist on my face. 

I walked over to where the ducks were playing in the mud puddles.......they are so so pretty! One day Puddles will be out there with!

Well hope you are enjoying yourself today!!!! Welcome to all the new followers. I have so noticed you! Would love to meet you so leave a comment if you would like!



  1. Sending sunshine to everyone today...Welcome to the big, wide world Puddles!! You'll be up and on your feet and sauntering around with the big ducks in no time..Chipping your way out of an egg is hard work..but God didn't give you anything that you couldn't handle. I've always loved ducks and fact I had a pet duck when I was a little girl. Nowadays, My Husband tries to keep me out of the farm and home stores, as it is time when all of the baby chicks and ducks are for sale. I'd bring home a whole flotilla of ducklings if I could..but, alas, I don't dare. We have a Mama Fox parading around at night with her kits, who are probably as big as she is..then we have quite a few hawks and a pair of Eagles. I'd be fearing for the little ones' safety all the while. So..for now, I'll rely on wonderful memories of childhood evoked by pictures of Puddles. Love and God Bless from Northeastern Pa.
    Nancy Narma

  2. Well, that's a good news from Puddles ! So cute on your pictures !! I also love the mist on my face... It often happens here on the breton coast... God bless !

  3. Aw....Puddles is looking so sweet! I am glad he is making a little noise and I am sure he(or she) will get into the swing of things. Reminds me of the book "Are You My Mother?" I image this little precious creature knows how much you care for him/her. It is snowing like mad here. So heavy and wet but we needed the moisture, Pretty too. Always a blessing to visit you here. Hugs Anne

  4. I like the photo of Puddles and glad he/she is ok. We've had great sunny weather for 3 days and now it's back to clouds and tomorrow some rain. I enjoyed my time outdoors. I've been recovering from bronchitis and a lung issue and the weather was just too nice to stay inside. I transplanted my primrose Megan gave me for my birthday and trimmed back hydrangea bush, as it's been scraggly this past year. Enjoy your day!

  5. I'm so glad Puddles is doing well. We've got a few puddles around here. It's so nice to see an end to a two year drought.

    I wild dog killed all my hens last week except one. Goldie's a lonely girl. I hope to get chicks again soon.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  6. Puddles is the cutest pigeon-toed duckling ever!! Hope he/she's doing well. I'm still talking about those cochins you put in the egg cups. What a sweet farm you have. Thanks for your wonderful posts!


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