Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lil' Birch is growing!

Hello sweet ladies,

I am putting this post up on Thursday night. This morning the weather was unreal. Snowing and very very cold........the later the day went on...... the warmer the weather got. Not that it got very warm though. The one nice thing about when the weather is cold is the kitchen at the college isn't as hot. We are without an air conditioner and all the ovens going, makes for a very hot place. 
When we left the caf I got this picture of the clouds and trees. The trees are really turning green. All the moisture has made everything really grow a lot! Everything is budding and it is looking like spring.

When I got home I fed Lil' Birch and then took him outside to play and nibble on the grass.

I love the curls on his ears.......see how fuzzy his face is getting. The wool is really growing fast! Little ringlets on his body. Sweetness! 

He was always going back to my crabapple tree to eat the leaves. We have been working so hard trying to keep them watered during the drought......he is not going to eat them now!!!!! 

I put him back into the Milk House and went to get the Big Girlies (who are setting), some water and food. Also went to feed the little chicks. I noticed when I opened the door that Lil' Birch had hopped up on the ledge. The same ledge where I have a big nesting box. He hopped down and so I noticed the Momma's were not in their nesting boxes. The eggs were cold. Three nests. I was sick to my stomach. I got a bucket and carefully laid all the eggs into it and started up the incubator. I am afraid I have lost all the eggs. I am going to try and hatch them to see if I can save them. They were due this next Tuesday. Lil' Birch may be moving out this weekend to the pen he and his Momma shared. 

I moved Mr. Roo and Miss Betsy to the pen to be with Lil' Birch...if I decide to have him there. I hatched these two last glad I got a daddy and a momma to match. I fixed a basket with straw so maybe she will start sitting on some eggs out in the pen.

I will keep you posted on what happens with the eggs. I sure hope they make it. I had two duck eggs in for a lady at work. She was to take them to her daughter and weird this had to happen. If it hadn't been so cold today maybe the eggs would have been okay. Has anyone ever had problems with this before. I would love to know what happened.

Hugs to your day and God bless!!!!!!!



  1. Lil' Birch has the sweetest face. He is so cute.

    1. Good morning Charlotte, he does at that!!!!!!! I love how he jumps around! Blesses me that he is doing so well! Hugs to you sweet friend, Linda

  2. Praying the sweet chicks hatch.. Naughty little boy. But hes a cute sweet one too.:)


    1. Hi Erika, me too! I will be so so sad. He is getting toooo big! Hops everywhere! Hugs to you, me

  3. Monb Dieu que vos photos sont belles ! merci

    1. Thank you!!!!! They are fun to take! hugs, me

  4. That Birch is just a hoot! Like a two year old! ALways getting into everything! LOL!


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