Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hi....I am back!!!!!! It has been so busy!

Hello sweet ladies, 

So much has happened since I posted last. Life at the college has kept us all hopping...building on our daughter's round pen.....

and working around in my garden. I had to protect my rhubarb with old wire fencing so the chickens won't bug them. 

My potatoes are all coming up. This week the weather is warmer and so plants will be growing.......that means the weeds also!

Remember the eggs that the Momma hens were sitting on and little Birch jumped up on the ledge? Well, on Monday evening I went to roll the eggs and I heard this peeping noise. This morning he was still peeping. When I got home he had a little hole......oh my.......just a minute ago as I was typing this I heard him really peeping loud.....jumped up and saw that he or she is out. A little black cochin baby fluff just hatched!!!!!!!! How funny that I would be writing at this very moment when it hatched. 

I lost my camera out in the field somewhere......waiting on my new one to come in the mail. My daughter took this pic for me. It is still wet and very very small. It is still attached to the egg membrane. It is tired.......and so am I. Hope you enjoy this picture. Now about 49 more to go! 

Hugs and God bless you!!!!!!! 



  1. Sweetness. Where in the world could your camera be? Maybe it will show up. Can't wait to see all the little chicks. Hope they make it.

  2. Hope you find your camera......every blogger could use two even if you do find it! Oh how sweet that little chick is. Oh, your blog brings back so many memories of my growing up years on the farm. I'm sure alot of people say that but our farm is right here in our town. I drive by it quite often.

    Linda, yOu said I could ask for prayers if I needed to.....just a few prayers for my 47 year old sister who has had surgeries on her knees, repeated cortisone shots, and new meds injected also and nothing is working and she is in tremendous pain. Her job as a para legal is in an old victorian house and she has to go up and down stairs many times a day. Bottom line is...bone is rubbing on bone in both knees. Could we pray for strength and guidance for her and a solution to the problem?
    She is my baby sister. I am 18 years older than she is. Dad died when she was 6 months old and Mom died when she was 16. I have blabbed way too much. Just wondering if you would add her to your prayer list. Thank you ever so much!


  3. So sweet. Only 49 more....hopefully they don't all hatch at the same time, you'll never get any sleep with all the peeping.

  4. So cute and adorable. Sorry you lost your camera.

  5. Oh, I do hope you find your camera before it rains. I'm glad you had the funds to order a new one. We enjoy your pics of farm life so much.

    Just think, you'll be done at the college soon! Yay!

    Blessings to you!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. So sweet. Yay so glad they are starting to hatch. :)


  7. Oh, He/she's so cute! So sorry about your camera! I bet it will show up! Then you'll have two! Yea! More pics!
    Have a good rest of the week, not much longer till summer vacation!
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Your blog is so pretty! =)
    Im a new follower!

  9. Your blog is always a cheerful stop for me and a real blessing. I am going to make a blessing jar. I think sometime we forget how important all the little things are. I make it a habit every day to try to snap a photo of the sun shining or some other beautiful blessing I see on my way back and forth to drop Hannah and my hubby off at work and the RTD station. I try to snap pics when hubby is driving but occasionally I admit I snap a photo on top of the bridge where I get the most amazing shots! There is a huge Catholic church close to my house and often I see the sun peaking thru their steeple! I have taken great shots!
    I am going to try a new recipe, Avocado/Banana Bread! I will let you know how it turns out and if I should share it! LOL!
    On a prayerful note please pray for Jackie. She is struggling with a variety of cancers that have attacked her body. She would appreciate all the prayer! Thank you and God Bless the Stubbs Family!


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