Monday, May 27, 2013

When the Lord blesses!!!!!

Good morning sweet ladies, what a ride we have been on!!!!!! 

We got to the NAIA World Series for the first was the most fun our family has had in a long time! If you like baseball this was the place to be. We didn't win, but just being there to support our guys was wonderful! Can't believe we actually got to go!!!!!!!!

It rained........but it was lovely. I loveeeeeeee rain! Living in Alaska I lived in a lot of it, so for me it gives me much peace! I guess it just takes me back home!

The opening ceremony was incrediable. Seeing all the teams that were represented on the field......all together was such an experience for us.The young lady that sang the National Anthem sang so beautiful. The flags were flying....we were proud to be Americans!

With the blue sky and clouds above......the mountain range in front of us.......and a rainbow from the LORD, our hearts were full and we just felt so blessed to live in such a beautiful country!!!!!! 

Three of our baseball boys left their mark in Idaho. We lost the last game, it was so sad for the boys. That meant we all were going back home....but before we left the Lord was going to use a family to do something for our family that we will never forget.

 The four on the back row.... on the left are like family to us! Tyler (one of our baseball boys) Terry (his dad), Tracey (his Momma) and Taylor (his sister). His parents and sister drove out with us. Talk about a blessing. We laughed so much....the girls had so much fun......medicine for both of the families souls! A gift! The other two on the right and children in front were frosting on top of the cake. They are Tracey's cousins, they came over from Washington to visit after not seeing each other for about 20 years. You know when CHRISTians get matter whether you know them or just click! Well that is what happened. We had never met Anthony's family before. Anthony (far right) heard from Terry and Tracey what we do with the baseball team and how they are like our own kids.  As they were leaving town, they gave Terry this to give to us...........

a love gift for our family to use for the Refuge Cabin...... for the college kids and others that come. Our family could hardly believe it. We were all crying. To think a young man and his family would love us so. They didn't even know us......and yet they listened to the Lord. Anthony is leading his precious little family well. What an example he was to my family and those around us! We loveeeeeed their children. Talk about adorable! They are teaching their children at home......we could tell. 

As you know we have wanted to get electricity and plumbing out to the cabin so it can be used more. Now this will make it happen. We were given another $200 a few months back, from one of our college girls (Kitty), who we had years ago. We have been saving it. The Lord uses His kids to accomplish much! We stand in awe and are very humbled! We thank God for this precious family.....we will be getting on our knees at home and will dedicate the funds to the Lord and will do as He leads. They may come out to Kansas......he wants to help with the cabin......."please Lord let them come" would be our turn to love on them!!!!!! Will wait and see what the Lord will do!

We are enjoying the mountains......rain.....sunshine.....and sweet fellowship. What a sweet day today is! 

Love you all and thank you so much for praying for us during our travels. I so appreciate you! 




  1. This is so sweet, it brought some tears to my eyes. Yes, when Christians get together, powerful things and good things can happen. How good that couple was led to help you improve your Refuge Cabin.

  2. Wonderful blessings--in more than one way. I love how you always give God the glory!!♥♫

  3. Beautiful story, Linda! So many Blessings! Love it! Think of you and pray for you often. <3

  4. Hello Dear.....What a trip! I am glad you all got to go. The Lord works in mysterious ways....and he saw fit for you to receive money for your outreach cabin. God bless you and Good Luck!


  5. What a generous gift from those sweet people. GOD does have HIS way of doing what we can never think.


  6. What a blessing from our LORD that you were able to go on this trip! And to meet such sweet sweet people! Have a safe trip home.
    Hugs and blessings

  7. What a wonderful blessing. I can't wait to see what God is going to do. I'm so glad your family got to go on this trip together.

  8. Thanks for sharing about the Lord's blessing to your family! It is so good to hear wonderful stories like that! I'm so glad you had time away as a family and with friends.
    Nancy M

  9. God is so good! Some days I think He truly does not like me because I feel like everything goes wrong and no one seems to care. But I am smart enough, and I know He loves me, just some days are so tough and when you have to be around so many non believers it is sad to get through the days! I have to surround myself with Scripture and I pray a lot!
    You have had many blessings from the beginning of this trip. Your family is amazing! Love knowing you and wish you the best with the windfall for your Refuge Cabin.

    Blessings, Anne


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