Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Have Three Winners!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening sweet ladies, the thunder is rolling over the farm on this Wednesday night. They say snow.......oh my.....trying to be happy! It will only stay around for a few days....right? 1 1/2 to 2 inches. The sun will be out again before we know it and then maybe we can finish planting our garden. All the baby chicks are tucked in the Milk House with Lil' Birch they will be toasty warm as it snows outside it's door! 

Soooooooo here is the time.......... we have been looking for. 

We have three winners. One of my favorite things to do on my blog is to have a party and let who wins know they won!!!!! I will be contacting each lady.

The Regan Family Farm was so generous to give out 3 gifts. So here is who won!

If you are interested in buying any of the Regan Family Farm candles or soaps........please go here and you can purchase them.

who's blog is
 First Prize
Sage and Lemongrass Candle

who's blog is 
Second prize
Sage and Lemongrass Candle


Aunt Lodi (Diane Stowe)
she does not have a blog
Third Prize
She won the 2 bars of Garden Citrus Soaps

I have sent out everyone an email to get your mail addresses. 

Thank you ladies for signing up for another party here at Prairie Flower Farm. You always make them so special. I will be copying all your ideas for the book that I want to do Lord willing! I really think it would be a fun thing to do and my wheels are spinning in my head. If you ever have some more ideas, don't hesitate to write them down and send them to me. 

I took a pic
 of my baby white pumpkins. I can hardly wait until they grow a little bit more and get them in the garden.......after the snow melts!

Well I hope all is well at your home........I am off to bed
can't believe this week is almost over. Next week and part of the next week and I am home on the farm. I have some fun things planned for us!

Love you all and God bless,



  1. Congrats to the three lucky gals, and your white punkins are going to be so pretty when they grow up.
    What will your book be about? My most recent book is co-authored and is for moms.

  2. Oh Linda, I am so tickled! I recently won a beautiful devotional book! From Pamela at the The Sheltering Tree. Lots of ice today please pray and hugs to you and yours. Have a beautiful day.


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