Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hello sweet ladies, (I am writing this on Tuesday evening) last night when we got home we had some young men working on our daughter's round pen for her horses. One of the guys was cutting some weeds around the posts. Oakley, our daughter's dog had been running around the farm and wasn't noticed by the guys as they were chopping weeds. She stepped close and was cut across her nose. It was a very deep cut........ everyone went into high gear. The vet is about 9 minutes from our farm...... so into the car the kids went. The doctor said it looked worse then it really was! 

He put in 10 staples across her nose. We picked her up today and she is doing very well. They said that when she would come out that she would probably be very laid back..........wrong!!! When she say Tay she jumped all over her. Good to have her back. God answered our prayers and more! 

Tonight I cleaned out the Milk House again! Moved all the little chicks out of the house!!!!! Put lights on the babies to keep them warm. Today it was 88 degrees.......tomorrow it will be 51 early in the morning and then it will drop down to 41 degrees. Thunderstorms and rain or the day. Snow in the forecast for Thursday. We just can't decide whether we want spring or winter...heehee! Hope you are enjoying your weather!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all who signed up for the candle party and visiting the Regan Family Farm blog and fb!!!  They are a precious family! Glad you got to meet them. I will let you know on Wednesday night who won!!!!!! Can't wait to see who the three winners are!!!!! 

Hugs to all you sweet ladies and God bless,



  1. How scary.
    Thankful Oakley is ok.
    Hugs, Prayers & Love in Him

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  3. So glad that it isn't as bad as it looks. Poor Oakley! Maybe that'll teach her to keep her nose out of other people's business. (just kidding. couldn't resist). You know I'm a dog lover and hate to see these sweet animals suffer.

    so exciting about getting ready for the chicks!

  4. Oh that sweet pup looks well so that is a good sign! I hope she heals really nicely and does not have any more accidents! That is a sweet photo.


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