Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good Morning.......It Is The Lord's Day!

Good SONday morning sweet ladies,

Lil' Birch came in and checked on his little chicks! He is back to himself and we are thanking the Lord for his recovery!!!!

Last night was a rough night for us here at Prairie Flower Farm. It was Lil's Birch's bottle feeding time........and he was just not himself. Usually he is happy and running and hopping when he comes into the our farmhouse to eat. One thing that changed for him, was he started eating alfalfa yesterday afternoon. I have had the alfalfa before he could eat it at anytime he wanted to start. Well......he was eating away down in the milk house and his tummy got to full. He is now on a schedule on when he can have it!!!!!!! I called Cheryl and she thought he should have a shot of something.....can't remember what it was called, but I will be getting some. In the car we went!!!! Lil Birch just sat on my lap and was happy doing so. Came back home and monitored him. He also got 2 cc's of pepto-bismol. This morning he was back to himself.

Walking this walk with my sheep has been quite an adventure so far!!!!! I am learning so much and hopefully will be able to do some of the things one day that Cheryl is teaching me at this time. I am journaling everything here on my blog and my hearts desire is to one day put out a book. A dream........and sometimes they do come true..right? Lot's of prayer is going into that also. He will direct my path I am soooooo certain of that!

I have three hens that have gone broody!!!!!!!!! Lots of little eyeballs are being formed right NOW!!!!!!

Hope your day is restful.........He made it for you!!!!! 

Hugs to your SONday, 



  1. Blessed SONday to you, sweet Linda! So happy 'Lil Birch is ok this morning. Sun is shining, still too cool and weather unpredictable for planing. Usually, we can really get into planing til around Mother's Day. Excited to get Delainey's Memorial Garden started! Love and hugs to you and your family!

  2. Oh Linda, Lil' Birch is so adorable and you are capturing the most precious pictures of his life! Sweet ones of he and his mama Magie too.What a cute children's book it would be! Give him a big hug from Maryjane! xox

  3. I know your day was perfect working hard with the Lord side by side! Always so wonderful to hear the stories of the farm and lil Birch growing so quickly. Please pray for Nick's former high school XC coach, Jason and Stephanie are parents to newborn triplets, Aries, Braeden and Jordan. All are well and at home but momma is still at the hospital. Big sister Carolina is not quite sure if these babies are ever going to leave! She is 2 1/2! Jason is a good man and he is blessed to have family helping him with those new babies! Blessings, Anne


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