Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Have a SWEET Day..... Lil' Branch Found Dandelions!

Hello sweet ladies.......rain......snow.....sleet......freezing We are not sure what to expect next here on the farm! It is so good that the Lord has it under control and He knows what He is allowing!!!! The rain is much needed, so as a blogger friend said her Momma said, "this too shall pass"! One day it is going to turn really warm.....and then we will be wanting cold! The snow was pretty, but it was gone on the ground as soon as it came. 

On  Monday before the wind shifted, I had Lil' Birch outside.......he was exploring as he does so well. Romping and hopping around! First time for him in finding a dandelion. Captured him! Love this pic. He is a sweetie. Sticks closer than a dog! Under my feet all the time! He loves the cats and chickens.......they are not so sure about him though!

One of our boys (from the college) had an accident and ended up in the ditch because of the weather. My sweet man has a Bible study with 8 young men every week. They were all driving out to the study and were going to help him get his truck out before the study. When they were all sitting around the table the one that had the accident said, "it was nice to have "family" to help me in time of need! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! It was precious that the guys all rallied around him and he KNEW that he was being cared for.......he needed to experience this! God has been wooing his heart and he has been fighting! The study was incredible!!!!!! Love seeing the Lord love them...... especially as they dig into His Word!!!! We have only 3 more weeks......then some will graduate.......and they will go out into the world......we are asking Jesus to use their lives to glorify Him and protect them from the world! This Momma will be sad to see them go.......but excited also to see what impact they will make on those they come in contact with!!!!! Thank you for all the prayers that you pray for our kids! We so so appreciate it. It is amazing for us to watch as the Lord unfolds their stories before us! After the Bible study there are guys that will single me out to talk..... thankful I can love them for Jesus and share what He has done for me.... it is truly a blessing! Ooops, forgot to pass the blessing jar around........I will next week! 

Hugs and God bless your day! 



  1. Your family has sure made a difference for those young people.

    GOD BLESS you all for all you do.


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