Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Birthday Present........Lil' Birch!

Dear sweet ladies, 

It was my birthday yesterday and what made it so sweet was when we got home from the caf. I went straight from the car to go and check on Sweet Maggie.......I quietly peeked into the pen with camera ready......just in case.......this is what I saw. A precious little baby. Only one, but that was okay. I was glad it was finally here.....safe with it's Momma!

He was almost all cleaned up by the time I got home. She was still licking on him....she was very gentle with him. My sis and I talked soon after and she said the names Spruce, Birch and something else. Can't remember the other name......but when she said Birch it was like that was perfect for him!!!!! 

Momma's one side of her udder was huge. My farm friend Cheryl said she would come over today to check on them. In the morning she gave Lil' Birch colostrum. It helped. She gave Sweet Maggie some antibiotics and hopefully she will be feeling better soon. Another dose will be given on Thursday. Poor Momma. Cheryl emptied her full udder, that will help her also.

When I got home this evening Momma Sweet Maggie was lovin on her sweet baby. Absolutely love this pic.....needs to be in my sheep cards!!!!!!! Doesn't he have the sweetest face?

Cheryl came around 5 tonight to bring a bottle, goats milk and some  Lamb Milk Replacer for Lil' Birch for Lil' Birch. He will still nurse on his Momma though. I am so thankful he is doing better. I love watching Cheryl with sheep. She is a real Shepherdess. I will keep you posted as to what is going on.

Tonight we are having a huge storm coming through, hail, winds, lightening, thunder and rain. We have asked for protection for our farm and thanking the Lord for the rain.

God bless you,



  1. Thanks for sharing these precious photos, Linda. I'd love to have the "shepherdess gene", especially with a corgi who loves every living creature he's ever encountered! Perhaps someday in the future. (A girl can dream, right?)
    I'll look forward to updates on little Birch and his loving momma.
    Thanks again.
    Donna and Tag

  2. I think I missed saying "Happy Birthday", but it sounds like you had a sweet surprise. Hope you and yours were sheltered from the storm. (I think it's heading our direction.)

  3. I'm a little bit late but... Happy Birthday to you, Linda !! Mine is today, the 10th... Lovely present you got !! Birch is so lovely and the mum's caring so sweet ... Thank you for showing them to us !! God bless and protect you and your farm !

  4. What a nice gift for you. Sweet pics.

    BLESSINGS!! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  5. What a great Birthday present! And what a sweet little baby! Glad he's doing better. There's a soap give away at my blog if you want to come visit:)

  6. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Linda - and Birch was a sweet gift! Just wanted to let you know I was praying for you and all your new little babies last night with that storm - we got really thick ice up here, and snow, and it's miserable out now! Hope you are all well!

  7. Love your pic of the little chickies in the cute cups - just precious!!!

  8. what a happy farm!!! birthdays all over the farm!! congrats!!
    ^)^ linda

  9. Happy birthday sweet friend! I am always happy to to come over and have you share your wonderful farm living with us!

    Pray for Nick please. He is running in Wichita shortly and he runs the 10k tonight.


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