Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jesus will Be with US!

Hello sweet ladies,

What a sad day for our country yesterday. I trust you are all finding comfort in this horrible act of violence that happened in Boston. Please....... if anyone of you that are from there or in anyway have been affected by this, we here are praying. If there is anything that we can do to help even though we live far, please let us know what we might be able to do to help. May God bless America! I do know that His Holy Spirit will be moving in the lives of believers across our land. 

My little radishes are popping up out of the earth........the rain has helped our garden so much this spring. We are thanking the Lord for the provisions He has given. The drought we have been in for the last two years have made it difficult to grow, even though we saw the Lord work miracles on our crops. We are getting more rain today and the rest of the week we still have more coming. We are so so Thankful!!!!!!!!

Jesus thank you that you are all we need during this time of sadness. Please touch the lives that need healing and comfort. Use your body of believers who have Your Holy Spirit minister the love of Christ to those in need. We thank you for being our strength in time of need! 

I will let everyone know later today who won the "Little Sewing Kit". 

God be with us please.......we need you so,



  1. Such a terrible, senseless, evil act, in Boston. LORD help us all!!!

  2. Such evil and I am still having problems understanding why. LenZie

  3. Thank you for the prayers...it was hard to believe it was in our own back yard. What was worse was knowing my boss was right at the same spot the bombs went off and not being able to reach her (all cell phone service was shut down). She was unharmed but was working security at the medical tent and saw all the casualties. She has been affected by this in a way I don't think any of us can understand. The horrifying visions of the injured haunt her. Yet, she is our hero, she helped so that the ambulances could get in and get people out as quickly as possible. She stayed calm and was level headed, quick thinking, and did much to help things go as efficiently as they could. She is my hero.

  4. A very difficult week! Always praying, hoping these families will heal and have some peace with all the media circus around! It is mind boggling to think of how many are effected including Laurie Lee's boss! We just don't know the half of it! SO tragic and the same for Texas and all the anniversaries this weekend for OKC Bombing and Columbine and in Colorado five snow boarders lost their lives in an avalache. So much tragedy! Blessings, Anne


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