Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We have a Winner!!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

I have to tell you that every time I have a party, the comments get more fun!!!!!! I love it when you tell me a little about who you are, what you like to do and other little tidbits about yourself. It is so nice that you join in when I do have a party. Thank you soooo much. It is like we are truly family.......and ya know what? We are! Amazing how the Lord just knits us all together. So thankful for each one of you!

We have a winner for the little sewing kit!!!!!!!!

The winner is Sharee!!!!

Her blog is Shar's Stitchin......
you must go over and see all her stitchin!!!!!!!
I emailed her and waiting for her addy so I can send it out!!!

Tonight I took Lil' Birch out for play......thought you might like to see him playing hide and seek in the grass! He is adorable! He was so frisky........running after the guineas, roosters and the farm cats. I wish I could have gotten it on the video for you....I tried, but the wind was so loud on it. 

We are still praying for the tragedy in Boston! 
What a sad sad thing to happen to so many families!! 

Hugs to you and God Bless, 



  1. Thank you hun for having such a fun give away; you made my night. Wish you could package up Lil Birch and send him to me; I don't think I can keep him in the City Limits thou?? LOL I just sent you my addy; Have a blessed evening..

    Hugs, Shar

  2. Congrats to the winner! If you or any prayer chains you are involved with, could you please pray for my son? Thanks.

  3. Lucky lucky winners! I am happy for them. I won a lovely giveaway at Pamela's Sheltering Tree! A daily devotional. I am so excited to get it soon! Then I found a GBP cookbook at the thrift store for $2.49! It is a Harvest cookbook and filled with wonderful recipes and the book is perfect! Have a good week!


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