Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Party.......with Regan Family Farm!!!!!!

Party is closed........we will always have more!

Hello sweet ladies.......... 
I have missed journaling. Work will be real busy with caterings and such for the next two and a half weeks......did you hear that? I can hardly believe the winter work is almost over and farming will be a part of our lives once again.......everyday at HOME for almost 3 months. EEECCCKKKKK!!! The heart of our life is being able to work our land and help feed a "little bit" of the world. We love every bit of it! Even the hard part of farming is good for us. We have always said it is a "job" of never know what tomorrow will bring on a farm.....but we have always know there is One we can trust......and Him alone....has walked us through the hardest of times.  Jesus has walked with us step by step and always been the One that has been faithful! Anyway to celebrate these last few is time for a fun party! 

Remember when I told you all about the wonderful gift I received awhile back in the mail?  A candle and a bar of soap......from one of the "sweetest" families. I say one, because you are all one of my sweetest families also!!!!!!!! When I received the gifts, I just knew I had to tell all you sweeties about their products. The candle smells soooooo wonderful and they last for 60 to 80 hours. The $15.00 for a 14 well worth it.  The soap smells wonderful also! This is a cottage industry for their family and the whole family is involved, working together on their family farm! Sweetness!

Soooo.....without further ado.........let me introduce you to my friends........

Love love love this header!!!!!!!

Regan Family Farm....we met March 3, 2010........Kathy wrote me  when she found me off the Gooseberry Patch blog when they did a Featured Friday story about Prairie Flower Farm. Thank you Gooseberry Patch!!!!!!! She wrote me to introduce herself and we have been sweet friends ever since. I love this lady....she has blessed my life! They are a family of 11 (one little one in heaven). She has home schooled all of her children.......and still doing so. Love that part about her also! They also love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind........such an encouragement to many!

Regan Family Home

Can't you imagine sitting on this beautiful porch in the spring thyme.....sipping fresh squeezed pink lemon-aid from a mason jar....... filled to the brim with chipped ice? Maybe they would have us "all" over sometime......heehee! One day I am coming! Kathy and fam get ready!!!!!!!

There family is full of energy and lots of fun!!!!!! When I went to her blog for the first time after she wrote me....... it kept me in stitches........I loved her writings. I was blessed.......a new sweet friend! They haven't blogged for some time, but you can read some of her posts from the past Here.

They raise Alpine and LaManchan goats. Their goats are milked twice a day, morning and evening. Everyone in the family has responsibilities to keep the farm going. That is one thing I absolutely love about farming.  Even the littlest one that is 4 knows how to milk the goats. I want her to teach me! If you follow them on their facebook, you will see that life on the farm is not always pretty as on any farm. Three days ago one of their Momma goats had babies........they were dead when they were born. All the children were there to witness life...... from beginning to end! Yesterday the Momma goat died. Very sad for their family......they would appreciate prayer I am sure. 

Party starts today and ends on Tuesday April 30th at midnight central time. I will let you all know who wins on
Wednesday May 1!

Now for the blog party.........they have a treat for you. There will be three winners. Can you believe they are being so so generous to all you sweet ladies? 

First prize
one 8oz Sage and Lemongrass Candle

Second prize
one 8 oz. Sage and Lemongrass Candle

Third Prize
2 bars of Garden Citrus Soap

We can't wait to see who will be coming to our Blog Party!!!!!

Vote One
you are invited to come over and sign up for their 
emails subscriptions at their New Candle and Soap website!

Vote two
Wile you are there leave a little note on their website under the Candle Scents or the Soap Scents on what would be your favorite scent. 

Vote Three
"Like" their

Vote Four
Tell me if you would be interested if I wrote a book and what would you like to see in it? Farming, cooking, recipes, canning, quilting, stitching, crocheting, raising farm animals....chickens.......if you have any other ideas please leave a comment. 

I will need away to get ahold of you if you win. If you can't leave a comment here on my blog.....please leave me an email at 
prairie flower farm at g mail dot com In the subject line put 
"candles and soaps"

Hugs and God bless your day,

For those of you who would like to order from the Regan Family Farm you can go Here.

Their shipping amounts are very reasonable, I think. 

$90.01and up=26.08


  1. Hi Linda, well, I did #1, 2, 3, and here is #4 - Yes, it would be a delight to read a book written by you. All of the above things that you mentioned would only add more joy to the book. Little scriptures at the beginning of each chapter would be nice also. Just my opinion.


  2. Hello Susannah.......oh scripture will be throughout! Thanks for the encouragement. He is my all and all! Hugs and God bless, me

  3. I am going to go visit all these ! What a great giveaway! A generous family indeed!
    We have beautiful weather today. We already had a forty five minute walk around the water near our home where so many birds hang out! Breakfast at a sweet mom and pop place that we adore! Watching some track and field on T.V. since we can not be with Nick! :-(
    Nick needs lots of prayer. Deciding about school next year. We would love that he would stay at Cowley. Pray he can shave a full minute off his time next weekend so we will be able to see him at Nationals in Kansas!
    I have been reading the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber and am tickled they will make it into a mini series on the Hallmark Channel! The faith and stories these families share is amazing. There is even a cookbook! Your book could incorporate so many good ideas and we all know Scripture is at the top of that list!
    Content to visit my sweet friend today! Hugs! Anne

  4. Hi Linda,

    I have gone and done all of the votes. I would love to read a book written by you with all of the above mentioned items. There are alot of us regular folks who read your posts and learn to use the advise you give in our every day lives. The life you live is an inspiration for me to achive more in my life.


  5. I would also love to see you write a book. I think you should just do a compilation of things like you post. A little bit about your daily life, family, and recipes.

  6. Hi Linda,

    Vote #1 -- I just visited Regan Family Farm and signed up for their emails. One of my friends and one of my daughters just love handmade soaps. These would make nice gifts sometime.

    What a generous giveaway they are doing for the party!

  7. Vote #2 -- I checked out the scents for both candles and soaps and commented on my favorites. It was really hard to choose on the candles!

  8. Vote #3 (actually #4 on your list, but I'll only be doing 3) -- oh, Linda, a book by you on any subject would be fantastic. All of the ones you mentioned would be great. I have a special fondness for stitching and cooking. Maybe you could do a book just about your farm life in general, and include recipes and stitchery patterns sprinkled throughout!

  9. I signed up for the Regan Family Farm emails. keshakeke(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. I left a comment on their candle scents page. My favorite scent would be Mommas Clothesline

  11. I like Regan family farm on FB

  12. If you wrote a book, I would love to hear stories about your farm, recipes, your love for God and His wonderful grace. Really anything you were to write about would be amazing! I love reading your blog and I know your book would be great too!

  13. 1. signed up for Reagan family email
    2. told them soap & candle would like
    3. liked them on facebook
    4. would like a book of all the things that have been mentioned, also some of recipes and things from the college bakery where you work.
    Thanks for chance at giveaway

  14. I signed up for their emails. Thanks for chance to win.

  15. I commented on their soap scents page.

  16. I liked their family FB page.

  17. I think a book would be awesome. You could make it a "farm life" book and include chapters on all the subjects you mentioned. I would buy it. Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for the party. I can't wait till you are off for 3 months. Maybe we'll hear from you even more. Love and hugs,
    Susan Hatcher

  18. Hope you can get my email from Blogger...but if not, it is: elaine1255(at)yahoo(dot)com

  19. I signed up for their email subscription.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  20. I left a comment on their Soap Scents page--I like the Lavender and Oatmeal.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  21. A book would be great. I like all the subjects you listed.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  22. Linda everything in your book sounds great but Im a avid crocheter and would love stories and maybe patterns about crocheting. Id buy your book

  23. Would you believe I did all four things to enter? I think I did! This would be such a nice gift. Thank you all for being so generous!♥♫

  24. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for another party. I would enjoy a book written by you on gardening, canning, stitching, quilting, and crocheting. I am interested in these things.
    I found the Regan Family website and told them that I would enjoy the Ginger-tea soap and the Cinnamon Roll candle. I limed them on Facebook, too.
    Thank you again for this party and sharing some very nice things.

  25. I signed up for the email subscription for the Regan Farm.

  26. I told the Regan Farm my scents for the --candle
    Farmhouse Cinnamon Roll. And for the soap---Vetyver.

  27. I "liked" the Regan Family on FB.

  28. If you should write a book I would like to read about everything on your farm and also about the kids that you minister to at the college. That is so special. Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. Ok...mission accomplished on the onto your book...I would LOVE to read about all those handcrafts and more, I truly enjoy your blog and your personal inflections.....

  30. Hi Linda, I love the Regan Family Farm website. Did everything you asked. Regarding a book - love reading everything you write.

  31. It's fun to meet someone new. I've done vote 1, 2 and now am completing number 4, so that's 3 votes (I'm not on facebook). It would be so much fun to read a book by you. I would love it to include a little about many areas of your life, both your stories and passing on some tips/skills to us. Like how you decorate, how you make things homey and welcoming to others, how God is such a part of your life, a project or two for handstitching, etc. Thanks for another fun party.

  32. Thank you for introducing us to the Regan family. I have gladly signed up for the email subscription.

  33. I left a note about which candle scent I would like but there are so many good ones, how could I choose just one but Lemon Chiffon sounds dreamy.

  34. Have gladly 'liked' the Regan Family facebook page. Thanks for introducing them.

  35. I would read any book you wrote Linda but I'm partial to the cooking, recipes, canning parts of your blog.

  36. I love your beautiful blog good job Thanks lot for this useful article

  37. I did all 4 of them...I just found your blog recently through a Gooseberry patch link, but I am already in love and honestly would love a book about all of the


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