Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Staying the Course

Good morning sweet ladies,

I know I haven't been able to do much posting. Life again has been so busy. I just had a minute before going to work to say.......I had asked for prayer for two young players who were coming to church with us last SONday who really needed Jesus....... they found Him. It was amazing to watch as the Lord wooed their hearts to Himself. We had always known that if the Lord got a hold of them, there would be lots of changes on the team. Yesterday at the caf they came up to me. They said they would be coming back, they loved it and that they would like to come and eat at our table. The Lord told me to keep praying for "one" at a time sometimes you feel like you wait and wait. This time He gave two. We sat in our chairs at church and wept. I can only imagine how the Lord was in Heaven!!!!!!!!! The fact that He gives us a glimpse of what He does if we stay the course and pray! I had to thank those who prayed for us and them. He answered in a way that it could have only been Him

I also have an unspoken prayer request. Please ask God to move in the situation that we have been asking for help for months. Sometimes we get weary.....it is natural....but if we ask and do not faint... He will answer. Thank you again to those who follow PFF and pray. Please please please, if you have a prayer request leave it in a comment. We will pray for you also. There are so many needs, we want to go to the One who will help us!

Love you and may the Lord bless your day,



  1. Such a sweet way to greet the morning - reading about answered prayer for these two young men! Thanking the Lord for your testimony and for your faith walk that is evident to all. Lifting up your unspoken request. I am driving to Virginia tomorrow (12 hours) and would appreciate your prayers. Love you my sweet friend!

    1. Will pray for His traveling mercies upon you as you drive to Virginia <3

  2. These were perfect words to begin my day. I love, Love, LOVE how God uses us to reach to others and I so appreciated reading your story.

  3. Praise God for moving in these young people's lives! You and your family are such a blessing to others.


    PS Please continue to pray for my health.

  4. Oh, Linda, how absolutely wonderful!! God is so good. What a blessing to hear of this answer to prayer. I will pray for these young people to grow strong in their faith and to develop a close walk with the Lord.

    I will add your unspoken prayer request to my prayer journal. And if you would, you might pray for an unspoken for our family as well, and for safety tomorrow as my husband and I are flying to visit family in Nevada.

    In His love,
    Mrs. T

  5. Thank you Linda for sharing your heart and faith so freely. You are a blessing to so many.
    My prayer request - my dear sweet grandmother passed away Saturday at the wonderful young age of 97. We know she had a fantastic Easter in the presence of her Lord and her family that went on ahead. My pray is for the souls who will attend her service Thursday that haven't met Jesus, that they will hear and see the Truth spoken and their souls will be stirred to make a decision for Christ. Thank you! - staci

  6. Praise God for those 2 young men accepting Jesus into their heart and agreeing with you in prayer..

    Matt 18:19


  7. That is so wonderful to hear that two new people have become Christians. Praise the Lord! I will lift up your unspoken.

    If you are able to follow a young couple at our church on Facebook at Pray for Caleb -- you will find a two week old baby that has a heart defect and has already had open heart surgery and will probably have at least 2 more before he is 4 years old. Sweet family, sweet baby. Please pray for Caleb. He's been a real trooper and seems to be doing very well.

    Nancy at mom2jebj@gmail.com

  8. I desire a renewal in my spirit. Bring me closer to Him and bring my family and friends along with me. Please pray for my hubby to come along in my journey to Him

  9. PRAISE the LORD for such wonderful news. It seems so hard for people this day and age to be convicted enough to give their heart to the LORD. So much of the world keeps them bogged down. HE is Alive!!!!

    GOD BLESS!!! PRAY for all the needs here spoken and unspoken. HE knows them all.

  10. Started to reply individually, but seeing as there are several requests, please know you are all in my prayers for each need.

    So full of joy at these two young men accepting Christ. Love that your family opens their hearts and home to these young people and ministers to them. <3

  11. I am agreeing with you in prayer. Bless you and bless your heart.

  12. I have three grown children. Two know the Lord the third doesn't. Any prayers that he will find the Way would be appreciated.
    I love that two more of your flock at the college have found God, because of your leading.

  13. Linda, I am praying for you, Mary, Gert, and all the sweet ladies here, and also praying for the needs of the new Christians, That the Lord will bless them and keep them in HIS care. You are a sweet soldier for JESUS Linda, HE has put you where HE needs you to be! You are a blessing to all!


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