Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life!!!!!!!! ON THE FARM and IDAHO!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

I have only had time to put up little blips on my facebook this last week. Work just keep me hoppin'. The last morning when we drove to work the Lord gave us this. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

We are so involved now in the personal lives of a lot of students at the college and it seemed like we had lots out on the farm.....even parents came as they were leaving..........that was a precious thing. Then there was graduation.......Saturday was full!!!!! 

Many a morning I would stand in front of this wall hanging that had the schools scripture for the year.......I would pray. So many of you also prayed this verse for them. Thank you.......the Lord answered! Many lives have been changed and we got to witness it! We have so many kids that hugged us and my heart was ripped apart in saying goodbye. The Lord engraved them into my heart.......forever!!!!! I can look back 3 years ago and see that he took our whole family and had a bigger job for us to do for Him. One main concern for me when we got the job was that my identity of being a Mom would change.....me of little faith.......God just wanted to give me more children......that was a good idea on His part!!!!!!! It wasn't  fancy.......just using a simple farm family......He told us to go and love them for Him. We will never be the same........we saw His leading every step of the way. We just told them about HIM, He did the rest!!!!! Can't imagine what next year will bring! Until then I will enjoy my little farm........my family.....my garden.....my girlies.......my LIFE.....walking it with HIM.......and lovin' on you all!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see what Prairie Flower Farm will look like this summer. Before some of the foot ball boys left, they came and cleaned away two more areas on the farm.......I will show you tomorrow what they did. Then before they left we all gathered in our yard......8 of us holding hands in a circle under a big blue sky. My sweet man prayed blessings over them......after he said In Jesus Name.......I looked up......one young man had tears rolling down his face.......Jesus touched him.......what a gift for this Momma. I will talk later........I am getting ready for a trip........going to Idaho......our baseball team is playing in the NAIA Avista World Series!  The baseball team, us and others are leaving on a trip and driving to Idaho. It is amazing to see what the Lord did this last year. He came in and changed the hearts of at least 10 young men. They are now seeking the LORD Jesus Christ!!!!!!!! Never would we have imagined what He wanted to do. There are other guys.......that still need to make that commitment! Pray that while in Idaho they will want JESUS!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

The blessing jar will go with!!!!!

A college young man will be taking care of our farm.......he will be working on it while we are gone! I don't have to worry about anything!!!!!!!! Please pray for the farms safety as we leave.......no bad weather!!!!!!!!

Please also pray for our safety!!!!!!! 

Stitcheries in the BAG!!!!!!!! 

Love you and God bless you!!!!!!!! 



  1. Have a safe trip! I really must make a blessings jar right away. I really like the idea and besides, yours is very cheerful looking.♥♫

  2. I love hearing how the Heavenly Father has use you and Phil at the College. I know you'll have a wonderful time in Idaho!

  3. How sweet!!! This brought tears to my eyes.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  4. Have a good trip...I thought it was last weekend...still couldn't make it this week cuz of commitments. sigh...oh well, have a fun time and get some stitching done. I need to get some Bible study done. My friend and I are studying Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself. It's good. Hugs!

  5. Linda,

    This is so wonderful to hear about how God used your family at the college! I felt God must have had something special in mind! He enlarged your hearts with love and a vision! May God be praised!

    Have a wonderful trip!


  6. It's so wonderful to hear how God is using your family. Enjoy your summer on the farm. Have both of your girls graduated from Homeschool now? What are their plans? To keep working beside their parents? Thanks for sharing your life with us Linda.

  7. I love stopping by. I see my friend Marilyn from Heart Song is here too! She and I are going to try to plan a tea time together soon. She just retired and if we can get together on a weekend I am exciting to meet one more blog friend! Life is too short not to laugh with friends and share some tea! Hugs Anne


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