Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We are Not Alone!

Good morning precious ladies,

sitting in our farmhome in the quietness of the morning........I am toasty warm in my red flannel pjs......"Winter" candle burning, Christmas lights a glowing and thanking our God for You. What a blessing and gift He has given us in our "friendship". Wish I could reach out through the miles bring and welcome you into my little farmhome......give you a hug......take your coat and ask you to sit at my table. I would serve you something hot and some nummy warm scones spread with  raspberry preserves and homemade whip cream spooned on the top. I know that is just one of my dreams that is not real yet, but maybe you just knowing that is what I would like to do, will make you know how much I really do care about each one of you.  

For myself and my sister this last few months has not been as we would have planned. The loss of our Momma, Shan not getting to come and be with.......  has not been an easy time for sure.....especially for her.  One thing we do know though is that we can trust our God with our lives. Please keep praying for her if you would......it has been very hard for her to breathe. She is going to be starting some new med's and for that we are grateful. She is spending CHRISTmas with just her and her sweet man. May God comfort her like never before. Some of you have miles apart from your families.....you are also in my prayers. The families in Connecticut.......can't imagine their sorrows......pray for each and every member that has been affected please.

I know many of you have the same stories........some have written that you have lost your Momma in the last few months. Just wanted to encourage you and asking the Lord to hold you real tight!

Merry CHRISTmas to the sweetest ladies on this earth. Amazing that we are from every walk......every nation......and we are all sweet Prairie Flower Farm sisters! I am blessed!

Hugs from the farm........



  1. greetings, i just found your blog this morning, and i love it -- it is so sweet!! thank you for sharing! merry, merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to you and your family! i am confused by your 'freebies' site -- do i sign up each time i want to download a pattern??

  2. Hello Rita, thank you so for being a part of Prairie Flower Farm. Yes you sign up you have to sign up for each individual download. It is the way we have set up our downloads, then you will receive an email with the designs. Thank you so much for asking. Hugs from the farm, Linda

  3. You are always so kind and uplifting.


  4. Merry Christmas as well, my friend. I'd love a cup of tea and a scone...only in my dreams! We enjoyed our son, his wife and their children yesterday. Happy our daughter got the day off work to be with us. We had a great time, enjoying each other. Had a good Christmas day with the 3 of us, me not feeling the best, with a virus of some kind. I was fine yesterday! Sigh! So sat on recliner for awhile today, slept, read.Finally feeling somewhat better. Husband went to see my mom and deliver her present, where she's in a nursing home. It was the plan but I didn't go. I needed her to have some joy today! Blessings now and for the new year. Hugs!

  5. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your sweet family Linda, so sorry your sister and husband are all alone in CO, I pray the doctors figure out what treatment Shannon needs. Praying for her recovery! Have a peaceful rest during the last week or two of your vacation. May God bless and keep you.

  6. I'll be praying for your sister and her husband as they go through this illness together. I'm also praying for you all as you continue to miss your sweet Momma. Thanks for sharing such nice hospitality with us girls. Your words are so encouraging.

    Blessings, Michelle

  7. May God bring health to your sister and comfort to your hearts.

    Happy Christmas week!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  8. Linda...lovely..lovely post! Bless you my friend...I know how you care...my prayers are with you and your sister.


  9. Bless you, Linda. You have been on my mind and in my thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks. Finally, I am stopping in to offer my sympathies and love and hugs in the loss of your precious Momma. Praying for your Sis as well. Thank you for always being so upbeat and uplifting, even in your time of loss. Lotsa hugs from MO... Tammy

  10. Dear Sweet Friend,
    I am enjoying a cup of Christmas Coffee on this foggy morning. Cinnamon rolls are warming as I wait for my loved ones to wake. I feel such a gratitude this morning. Your cozy post and lovely words calm my heart. Prayers for your sister. May God encourage her today. Let her know that a sister in your Prairie Flower Farm Sisterhood is praying for her.
    Merry CHRISTmas Week!


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