Monday, December 24, 2012

God Makes Some Friends Your Chosen Family

Good morning sweet ladies, the other day we got a phone call from our sweet "chosen family". Marian called to ask if we could come to their home for dinner. I absolutely love going to their home. When I am there it is a peaceful time. I love Rosa and Marian and the frosting on top of the cake is Grandma Yoder. Grandma was raised Old Order Amish. She wears the same head covering and I love her! Usually when we all get together the girls and I get the giggles so bad. Grandma has looked at me many a times and I know I am in trouble. I tell her I am her granddaughter......and there have been times I have gotten scolded. One thing I have been able to do though is make Grandma smile! She has been not doing very well in the last few weeks and was admitted in the hospital at the same time things were happening with my Momma. I was not able to go. So last night we were going to see her.

Rosa and I love our Chicky Girls and she loves chicken eggs.....because she is one good cook! I thought for a present I would share some of my eggs. She will make something for Grandma with them. 

It is about a 25 minute drive to their place. They live on a farm that was Grandpa and Grandma Yoder's place. We have been going and visiting for probably 20 years. That is a story in it's self. The sky was changing as we drove. I had camera in hand!

When we drove up I knew that Marian would have the outside of  their place and would have it all decorated........

she always has her skates and old sled out. I had both when I was growing up in Alaska. Sweet memory!

As we walked up the steps to enter the old screen door was propped and a chair with greenery coming out of a basket! Red bow and CHRISTmas lights......perfect!

Every year we go to eat with the center of the table she has an old grater......greenery and lights......I asked if it could still be was! 

Went into the kitchen to place some things on the table........look at my gift! A grater, apples.....enough for our family......and a very pretty plater. They know me well!

My sweet man noticed the red lit u p knob on the stove. We have always liked Grandma's of those old white shows that the burner is on. He wanted me to take a pic.....I was looking at Grandma's old coffee pot. I have been served from it many times. Her girls use it for a tea pot.....just beautiful! Grandma's hands have been on it and served so many I am sure. The stories that could be told etched in other's minds!

We sat at the table......I was next to Grandma.....I took her hand......we bowed our heads to thank our Father for His provisions......I kissed the top of her hand... she smiled.....she hasn't been smiling very much.......I was thankful that I received a gift. 

Beautiful women that God put into my life. So that I could grow.....and learn. They have taught me much, canning, to be plain.......decorating.....and Jesus! When we would sit at Grandma's table after Grandpa Yoder was gone she would ask my sweet man to say the blessing. Sometimes she would just start singing a thanksgiving song. I would sit and be blessed to the deepth of my soul. I am rich! Rosa is a is Marian to their precious Momma. I love them!

A smile!

We had to say goodbye......I didn't want to leave. I pray with all my heart that God will let Grandma stay with us for a long time. Love her white cap! She is so adorable! 

I would have to say that it was God who let us become family.....a spiritual family......a very sweet thing! 

I feel the same about all you precious ladies! 

Hugs from the farm.......I am getting ready for family today.....finishing wrapping up gifts! We have always opened them on CHRISTmas Eve, that way the daughter in loves can be with their families. They will all come out tomorrow evening for CHRISTmas dinner. I am a blessed Momma.


  1. Merry Christmas, Linda! I know it will be somewhat bittersweet this year, but I know you KNOW that God is GOOD and I can see you are relishing in His gentle mercies and the gifts He gives through many loved ones!

    1. Dear Sweet Amy, it means a lot that you stopped by! I have my moments. Last night when the heavens were so beautiful I lost it. I am so thankful she doesn't have to be here on earth and is safe with the Lord. Asked the Lord to bless you and yours this are a joy to so many! May He continue to use you in the years ahead. Hugs, me

  2. What a sweet, sweet story! Bless you for caring for them and I know God blessed you with their friendship and love. Have a beautiful Christmas, knowing our sweet mom is with Jesus; mine is too. I wonder if they've meet! Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Your daughters-in-love are blessed to be married to your sons! :)

  3. May you be blessed and find Joy overflowing this Christmas.I know you'll miss your momma but she is in company with the King of Kings this christmas.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Sweet story and sweet friends.


  5. Grandma Yoder is darling, and the visit looks very Christmas-y. I like the coffee pot and old stove with the light on the knob.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and your chosen family.

  6. Blessings, Linda!
    What a treasure you have in dear friends! There is such joy when believers all get together and share a meal...laughter, praise, gratitude...What a splendid way to spend the evening and on Christmas Eve, at that!
    Thank you so much for sharing, my sweet friend!
    Merry Christmas!
    Carolynn xxx


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