Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Hunt

Hello sweet ladies,

I am also journaling this for our family that lives far away, who have been a big part of the heritage of hunting in the Stubbs family.......and for memories that will be read later. 

The Hunt
Yesterday morning early....... about 4 am at our middle son's home, our girls had spent the night with their family so they could get ready for the big hunt easier and not have to drive early in the morning. 

The the other families started showing up. Boots, overalls, hunting coats, calls......times 10. Looked a little like Duck Dynasty I am sure.

In the Stubbs family it has been an adventure our family has enjoyed together for genterations. Thankful it is carrying on into the next! 

The decoys were loaded and now the hunt could begin! I am sure the drive to the hunting ground was lively! Five boys from the age of 11 to 14......can only imagine the fun! 

You can only imagine hundreds of birds singing in the trees and thickets.......watching the sun come up......God's creation right in front of you to listen to and watch. It truly is an amazing feeling.....and very peaceful!

Brothers and sisters.....very best of friends! 

Stubby boys! Cousins........V is the second one from the left.....
first big duck hunt in America. He loves his new family!

Love this pic of Daddy and son! 

Our girls!

Sis and brother, they have been hunting a long time, wonderful when you can call one of your best friends your brother! 

Big brother and of friends......the girls sent pic's to fb so we could be a part of what was going on! 

Middle son on the river......this is probably his favorite place to is so beautiful there! He and the youngest son have lots of memories with their Grandpa, Dad, Uncle and cousin. Memories etched in their minds! We still hear the stories.....they never get old.......nor will the one they had on Saturday! What happens is "family", God planned it from the beginning......this Momma is thankful that we know Who is the giver of good gifts! There is nothing more precious on this earth than the families HE puts together and how He wants to use them in giving a picture to the world. Sometimes it is hard work to stay committed to one another.....but it is a good thing when it happens. 

Love you sweet ladies........who follow are such
blessings.....and I do consider you family!



  1. Your family photos show lots of joyful faces and how grand to continue this family tradition with the young'uns too.

  2. What precious memories, pictures, and loving family you have Linda! Blessings to all of you!
    Please pray for me and family, we all seem to keep passing around this bad bronchitis, and now I have a bad cold on top of it! I don't want to go to the dr, taking my vitamins and juice and water and tea.
    Thank you Linda.

  3. Brothers and sister calling themselves best friends... indeed a huge blessing. Thanks for sharing their adventure.

  4. Happy looking crew you have there. It does a parents heart good to see that doesn't it. So many people do not have this.

  5. Linda, your beautiful family brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy and love! What a great tradition -- and bravado facing those cooooolllld temps out there! Thank you for letting us share in your family fun ♥

  6. Oh how I love these photos...I can just see memories being etched into all of their minds forever... What a beautiful family...


  7. What a sweet thing you are and what a wonderful family you have...making great memories to last a lifetime and then some.

  8. TRES BONNE ANNEE 2013 !


  9. Everything about this is wonderful! Happy New Year, Linda!


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