Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three and a half days left of Work!!!!!

Good evening sweet ladies.........

what a day.......first I started out using shampoo for body soap.....that was the beginning......then when we got home we saw a dog......up by our house.......ugh!!!!!! He was running after a girlie that was flying into the trees. Not happy! Kind of set the mood for the evening. As I have said before it is hard to live in the country.....but I wouldn't trade if for anything. Found some of my girlies feathers......lots of them, couldn't find her anywhere. Learning how to give grace.....not always easy......but right. Farm life......isn't always pretty, especially if you want your chickens free range. They will have to be kept in fenced area for awhile. I would rather have them safe. 

The other night I was gathering eggs......walked by the entrance to our farm house and thought the pic would be neat to nestle them into the evergreens.......liked how the pic turned out. 

The sun was going down later in the sweet man came in and said the sunset was beautiful! Thought you would like to see. 

Today was a tough thankful I can go to bed and see that His mercies are new in the morning!!!!! 

Hugs and God bless you, 



  1. Oh a chickens life can be so perilous, I hope 'she's' doing OK.
    Beautiful photos. Enjoy your last few days of work!
    Totally snowed under here, the snow makes everything so silent and strangely enough, warming!

  2. So sorry Linda! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics.Big hugs,Jen

  3. You always have some of the most beautiful pictures.

    Sorry about your day!!!

  4. So sorry about the girly hen, yep, my son doesn't let his free range, I know they would love to, but we have lots of dogs around us, and it wouldn't work. We tried at first but lost a couple. Not to mention their own dogs would love to have a chicken snack! Hope it works out in the pen, if it's big enough wouldn't it still be considered free range? Sorry about the shampoo, lol, did your skin shine?
    Almost vacation time for Linda, Yea Yea! :) :)

  5. Linda,
    Thinking about you and how you often bless me with what you share. Hang in there a few more days at work. Grace is something many of us need to learn. You care so much and feel so deeply (I have a small measure of that too, especially when it comes to people). Keeping loving and caring and giving your cares to the Lord.


  6. Your poor little chicks. I'm glad you came home when you did...I'm so sorry!
    what a glorious sunset and what an incredible God we serve!
    Blessings to you, my sweet friend,
    Carolynn xxx

  7. That certainly is a gorgeous sunset! And I like the 'staging' of the eggs. So pretty. :-) I am sorry about the naughty dog, but I suppose he's just doing what dogs do...which is why we still don't have chickens. I know I couldn't trust Bridger not to traumatize them! I hope your chickens can get some peace. It must be so scary for them to see a dog coming. My DIL said we should get Guineas. She said they would be able to steer clear of Bridger - or if nothing else, would fly up into the trees when they saw him coming. ANYWAY, I hope you have a less eventful day tomorrow. :-) Blessings - Judy♥

  8. The first time I found out Smokey had killed a goose I was so sad but I know it is nature. I love the geese, y hubby was racing to get me to an appointment last Friday. As we turned the corner on the main road I saw them. A gaggle of geese! They were taking their sweet time. I told my hubby God wants you to stop for a moment and enjoy! All the cars behind us were slowing for them too!
    I am sorry for your dog problem. It is so sad. But I do love your pretty eggs and your sunset. I am forever catching the sun rising!
    I had a bad day today and yesterday! Not feeling 100%. My hubby has a bad head cold and now I am getting a sinus infection. My Dr. gave me a Z pak so those antibiotics should knock this out! I work with mean girls and I have to pray constantly. I drink lots of water at work so I can sneak away to the restroom and I can pray there too! As difficult as my doctor can be he is an excellent ENT and he caught this bug before it got away from me! I praise God for his knowledge of medicine.
    Say a prayer for Nick. He was having a "date" tonight. I pray the kids are all safe as they head over to Wichita for an evening of movies and dinner!
    Stay safe and warm, it is freezing cold here! Brrr...
    I am overwhelemed too so I am thankful it is Friday tomorrow and I can start counting the days til Nick comes home! Hugs and Love Anne

  9. oh dear...
    hope that your sweet chickens are ok.

    Yes... there are certainly some challenges living in the country.

    Hope that the coming week is a great one for you, filled with all the brightness of this wonderful Christmas season.


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