Friday, April 23, 2010

Roosters.............. rooster and dumplings!

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying your weather where you live!

Yesterday we had a wonderful rain that came through our farm. Thunder, thunder and thunder. Beautiful to the ears of people who want to know it is really spring!!!!!!!

Anyway ,I started to walk around the farm in my flip flops, nightgown, sweatshirt and capri pj bottoms. I was a babe! Well maybe only my honey thought I was a babe. Heehee!

Mr and Mrs. Puddle Duck were running from one mud puddle to another. Cracked me up!!!!
Mr. Red and his two girls as you see were drenched after the rain. Momma Calico was wet also.

Stopped by to see our daughter's bunny named Nelson. He was fine and quite dry and very happy along with the other farm animals that it had rained.

Came to the milk barn and found all the little babies needing water and food. Look at how they all look up and thank the Lord for their water. So cute.

Look at how Puddle and Duck are growing. That is one thing about ducks, they grow fast!!!

When I turned around to go out the door, this is what I saw. I really like this picture for some reason. Had to show it to you.

Along one side of the milk barn (the lane side) I saw how well my cone flowers were coming up from the winter. These are a favorite for me. They are beautiful to use for bouquets.

Off to go see how Little Miss Fluff was doing. Mud is squishing between my toes over my flip flops. She is doing so well don't cha think? She should hatch her eggs out this weekend or the beginning of the week. I can't wait. Did I tell you that some of our friends little girls found a duck egg up at the lake in our town? Well, I told them I could put it under Little Miss Fluff. We are praying that she will be able to have a baby duck. He will be a little mixed up. But that is okay. Every one needs a mom, right? The duck will be a little later. Hope it works! Trying to figure how to keep her on her nest. May have to take the babies from her so she will keep sitting. My neighbor "Farm Girl Gail", said her girl that is sitting can't take one more egg! How fun for Gail's girl to be having babies!

Well, how are you Mr. Turkey? He loves the rain also. If you notice the Guinea roosters have taken off quit a few tail feathers. They are just not very nice! Poor guy!

Before I went to the Potter's Shed I had to check out the rhubarb patch. It grows so fast and now with the rain it is going to take off! So many of you sent me recipes some time back, I must get them up on the blog! It is so pretty I think. If you didn't leave a recipe you can send one today or send us over to your blog!

Here is the left side entrance to the Potter's Shed!
This is the right side. See my wisteria plant? I have no clue what this "trellis thing" is. If any one know what it might be let me know. I have always thought it was so neat.

I came in and realized that big mean rooster had been into my little trough that had my lettuce, broccoli and cabbage. He had helped himself to some lettuce, scratched up some and scratched dirt over all the different plants. Not a Happy Momma, here!!!!!! You can't see real well with the picture, but some of the plants are gone and some have been chomped on. Not nice!

I had to put the screens back over the plants to keep him out. It still gets the sun and all, but I love to see all the plants without the screens on. I will have to take care of him!

Well for fun I thought I would put up the pocket I designed for Clarices Vintage Apron. I love how it turned out!!!!!! Part of the pattern is at the printers and the other part I am finishing up. I think we should be ready by the end of next week with the pattern!!! We will have it PDF so you can buy it right off the internet or in paper form!!!!! I am very happy that it is almost ready!
With my Dad's death it put me way back, but the Lord knew!!!!!

With the "blessing" of working and getting art to the Art Publisher, my days have been a little frazzled!!!! To many things going on at once, but I am so thankful! I believe the Lord is answering some of your ladies prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!! Our family is so grateful!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I will have one with my daughters at the Beth Moore conference. It is "So long Insecurities". Now I can use that one!!!!!!



  1. Great post Linda!! Thanks for the after-rain tour!! Your farmstead is a bustling place :)


  2. Linda, I so enjoyed taking your walk with you! Wonderful pictures. Now why didn't I think of putting our old screens over my lettuce & spinach? The sweet barn kitties were using my little bed of greens for a sandbox for a short time - not good! Oh, I have to share my news. I will do a blog post soon, but I am building my own small chicken coop. Yay! Babies arrive mid-May. Then we will be working on a bigger one in early summer to move them to as they get too big, and in that bigger coop, I can use my beautiful chicken curtain :) Have a blessed weekend... sounds perfect! -Tammy

  3. Oh the story about the wet ducks reminds me of the Beatrix Potter book "The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck :) :) :) It's good to hear that things are looking up for your family :) :) I'll continue to pray.

  4. Hi Linda ~ Enjoyed the pictures and all that you shared. I just love your potters is so neat. We enjoyed a rainy day yesterday here in our part of Kansas and we had rumbles of thunder and more rain this morning...we were forecast for some storms this afternoon and this evening...but we had sunshine instead. Sweet blessings for your weekend! Hugs ~ Teri

  5. mmmmmmmmmmm,what photography! and all the red! I love it, So many unique things on your place, gives me creative inspiration. I would like to see more slides of your farm; the apron pocket is so wonderful, I look forward to getting the pattern.
    The Lord is good.

  6. I loved this visit with on your farm. My mom always talked about the big mean rooster they had too. I've never encountered one, but it sounds like I don't really want to. Those babies are so cute though!
    Have a glorious weekend.

  7. As I was stalking around blogville, I came upon your blog...the name intrigue me. hahaha...because the name of my blog is The Prairie Maid. We live on a small homestead in Oklahoma, so we are neighbors!

    It is very nice here at Prairie Flower Farm. Love your pictures. Hope you had a wonderful time at the Beth Moore Conference. She is an awesome teacher.

    Going to go find your follow button. Come visit some time.


  8. Thanks for the pictures. They are all beautiful. I pray you enjoy yourselves at the conference and learn much. God is good to provide all these ways for us to learn more about Him. Take care and God bless.

  9. Linda there is nothing more to say! You make me smile the most! I love stopping by and have enjoyed these visits. Your farm animals crack me up! They are so antimated like cartoon characters! Blessings to you and yours! Love Anne

  10. Dear Linda ~ That view from inside your milk barn looking out is sooooo pretty! Thanks for including it in your post. AND those ducks and chicks are fun!! My kids would love a visit to your farm. :)

    Love to you!

  11. I love the tour Linda! Don't you look cute! Isn't it so neat seeing everything growing and all of the critters. So cute! Have a blessed day tomorrow sweetie!

    Oh, and the pocket for the apron looks beautiful!


  12. Oh your pictures are amazing..what a photographer you are! Love reading all your post that go along with your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.

    xoxo Gert

  13. What a fun walk around the farm! Everyone did get drenched, didn't they? Mr Turkey is very pretty! I have two hens setting right now and am hoping for lot of babies!


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