Friday, April 9, 2010

Look What s New On The Farm

Meet our new little bundle of fluff yellow and black!

The picture on the left bottom is a picture of the little yellow chick “Praisin the Lord and thanking the Lord for his water. We heard a pastor tell us that one time about chickens. That they always thank the Lord after every drink they take. They really do lift their heads. Smile for the day!

Thank you EVERYONE that left me a note to wish me a Happy Birthday.! You were so sweet! It was a very special day. Lunch with family and then off to go buy my ducks. When we got to the farm store I looked and looked for the ducks. None to be found!!!!!! Sad for me, but there were some adorable fuzzy little chicks and they had my name on 6 of them. The young man put them into the “Chick Box” and away I went! They have my 2 ducks on order and I will get them next week. A rich woman if you ask me. Then my girlfriend Vicki had called earlier and said that she wanted me to come by her house before I left town to go home. She had a bouquet of beautiful flowers for me and then she took me to her perennial flower garden. She gave me trees and flower starts, Was that ever fun! We came home and I spent the afternoon digging and planting in my flower garden.!

This is what I woke up to yesterday! I am so thankful that I literally have had my girls in my home everyday of their lives. With them being homeschooled and trained, I have enjoyed every minute and am such a blessed Momma! Just thought you might like to see how my day started when I looked at the screen on my computer. What a fun day I had just being with my fam!!!

~Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!~

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today!!!! I just want you to know that

I love you and that I am so thankful you are my mom! I am incredibly blessed!

Thank you for being my Proverbs 31 woman. I have a great role model in you.

o I love you lots!!!! o

~Tressa Joy

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

Proverbs 31:28

I do want you ladies to know I am definately not a perfect Momma. I have my bents also, but I have tried with the Lords help to be an encouragement to my children. It paid off yesterday! We do have a lot of love in our home and for that I am soooooo grateful to my God!

It was a special day and I thank you that you all were a part of it!


  1. Linda~
    Your new little chicks are so adorable! I hope to get some later this month~ Cuckoo Marans ~ they lay chocolate colored eggs! Won't that be fun?!
    What a sweet blessing your girls are! I feel the same way about my daughters also!

    Have a beautiful day, friend!

  2. Hey sweet friend! *Ü*
    I am so glad that your birthday was so wonderful!!
    I sent you an e-card and have sent a couple e-mails & haven't heard anything so I am wondering if you are getting my mail?
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi, miss you & wish you oodles & oodles of joy this weekend...
    Blessings & big ole hugs...

  3. Oh, Linda, late Happy Birthday, I intended to wish you happy birthday yesterday, but had to leave the house before I got that taken care of. Better late than never.

    I love your little chicks, I've been longing to have chickens for a few weeks now, but hubby says, we should wait till another year. He's right, of course, I've not been up to par for some time and that puts a MAJOR burden on him, but I have hope for the future. I know my God is able.

    Have a God Filled Day

  4. Belated Happy Birthday!! And I am loving all these chicken posts I'm seeing lately. We plan to start the coop weekend after next, and I have a special window planned JUST for that special curtain from a certain sweet friend :) What a precious note from your daughter. That really says it all! Have a blessed weekend. -Tammy

  5. I am so glad you had a blessed day. God is good. I also so enjoy my girls being home with me. Take care and God bless.

  6. Oh, I miss having ducks, chicks and geese! So cute and fun, enjoy!

  7. You had a perfect birthday and I am happy! :) You are a wonderful woman and you deserve to have that incredible daughter. Isn't is wonderful to have such mindful beautiful children? I would not trade one of mine for all the ,money and fame and fortune in the world! You had an exceptional day! I smile when I think of those ducks and chicks making you happy for your birthday! You are a precious child of God! I am so honored to know you! Love and Hugs Anne

  8. Dear Linda ~

    How precious that your girls have "risen up" to call you blessed!! The Lord is so good to us isn't He? All because of HIS wonderful work on our behalf!! Rich indeed!!

    Your pics are cute of the little chicks! What a lovely sounding birthday you had ~ Happy Birthday to you!!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  9. Hi Linda,
    Years years (okay more years) ago I ordered some patterns from you...then life got busy raising kiddos and just began blogging and recognized your patterns again as I downloaded the adorable chick tea towel funny to stroll upon your talents again!!! Your talents have blessed you many years. Cute cute stuff...will be back to visit!!

  10. Happy Belated birthday Linda! Oohhh I hate that I missed it, but thankful you had such a wonderful day. LOVE the message from your kidlets and that little chicklet praising the Lord just had me singing along with it!
    Sounds like you had alot of fun planting and playing in the soil.
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    God's good!

  11. Hello,
    Lady Farmer, I am getting some Cuckoo's also! Someone had said they laid brown eggs so I really wanted to try them out. Have you ever had them before? I will be ordering 3 girls and 1 rooster babies. Yes, I love my girls! My kids are the loves of my life!

    Hi Kelley, Yes my birthday was fun and the whole family got together with me today. It was wonderful. I now have a rose bush, a cherry tree and 5 more baby chicks and lots of flowers to plant!!! I am truly a farm girl now. heehee! Thought I wrote you back on the card. oops. Life can get hectic around here! Love it when you write me, please keep doing so. Things have calmed down since my dad's death. Well, a little. Fabric has been keeping me hoppin a bit!

    Shiriley, The timing will be just right when you get your little chicks. You are soooooo thoughtful of thinking about your honey. I am sorry you have not been feeling well. Tucked you in my prayers. You are truly a sweetie! I did have a wonderful day. You have a good week this week!!!!!

    Hey Tammy, how fun you are getting a coop!!! That curtain is going to look sooooooo special! Thank you so much for the birthday wish. I had a very special birthday for sure!!! Grandson that is only 8 bought me a present all by himself. It was a six pack of alyssums. He was so excited to show it to me. I love it!!

    Donna, loved all the pic's of your bushes. Beautiful!!! I am glad you get to be with your girls. It has been such a huge gift for me! God is good like you said.

    Sue, I used to have geese, but with all the grandkids I don't have any around. I love my ducks and now all the little baby chicks. They are in my front room all warm but they will move out to the milk shed when they get a little bigger. I just keep their little house clean every day!

    Anne, thank you so much for all the sweet words to me. Made me feel real special. I feel the same about you. You always seem to encourage me in my walk!!!!!!

    Camille, Yes, my girls are very sweet to me. They are such good helpers and hardly ever complain. We of course have our days though. Me too! Smile! You sure have some cutie kids!!!

    Tanya, how fun of you to remember me!!! I loved it when we were in Country Sampler and met so many wonderful ladies. I miss those days. It got so expensive to have an ad in there and the craft world really changed. Sad! I am so glad you found us though! Come back and visit!!!

    Lea, so glad you came by. You just made my birthday last a little longer! Smile! I am so glad you enjoyed my little "singin chick"! I went tonight to go check on my Little Miss Fluff and I candled her eggs with a flash light. You should have seen me. I was under a towel in the little chained linked pen that they live in, bent down and checking each egg with a flash light. It would have been a bit embarrassing if someone would of driven up the lane. They are allllll fertile with tiny black spots where the little chick is forming. I love it.
    I would never want to have to live in the city. I love the farm so much!!!!!! Yes, God is sooooo Good!!!!!

    Well ladies, thank you for stopping by!!! You are totally the most precious ladies!

    Me :< )

  12. Dear Linda,
    I lost two comments. I just want to day HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and may Jesus be ever so near this coming year.

    Bless you, dear friend.


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