Monday, April 26, 2010

"Momma Cow" Came To The Pasture Yesterday!

Momma Cow came to the pasture in the trailer.

Josh opened the gate and she hadn't even gotten out of the trailer all the way and was eating. She probably weighs about 1400 pounds my husband thought.

Momma Cow took off to check everything out. So much green grass!

The horses came a running that were from across the road to check out their new neighbor. Momma Cow liked that she was going to have friends I am sure.

Momma Cow belongs to our middle son Josh and she was moved to the pasture south of our farm. She is going to have a baby in a month and she is huge! Very pretty Momma though. Josh owns her and she just loves him! It is the sweetest thing to watch. She watched as Josh drove away. We will have to go and check on her today, to make sure she is okay. Today Jarad our youngest son will be bringing the other 3 little cows out today. She will be happy about that.

I have some "little blogger friends" that read my posts with their Momma's. One named Abby who is 2 and Jedidiah age 3. These are for you! Hope you enjoy and if any other children are reading, leave me a note please. If you have an animal tell me about what it is and what it's name is! I always had lots of animals when I was growing up in Alaska. You can even send me an email of your pet and I will show my grandchildren.

I checked Little Miss Fluff to see if one of the eggs hatched yet. Not yet! I will check again tomorrow and if anything happens, I will let you know. She only had two eggs left, one duck and one chicken. We hope they will hatch soon.

The other day I received an email from the Netherlands. Margriet sent me a picture of the stitchery she had been working on. I love seeing others work! I asked for permission to show you all. Thank you so much Margriet. It is beautiful and so fun that it was your very first. She has been saving dresses from her daughters from when they were young. She will be making a quilt with the designs. How precious is that? I can just see her sitting drinking her coffee and eating a bite of bread, stitching away! Wow, all the way from the Netherlands. I am a grateful lady!!!!

Her finished piece.............. waiting for the next. I love it!!!!!

If you have ideas of what you are doing with the stitchery, let me know!

We have company coming tonight for dinner. The girls are deciding what we will have. Last night I worked out in the Potter's Shed. I will have to have my husband leave his book work for a minute today to see if the Christmas lights are still working out there. I planted some of my flowers in old pails and other primitives. I swept and cleaned so it will be ready for you to see. It really is a cute place and I wish I could have each and every one of you come to my farm. I would serve you. Lemon Verbena Bread. Lemon Verbena is out in the herb section of your favorite greenhouse. If you live by me Stutzman's Greenhouse in Pleasantveiw south of Hutchinson has it. It is a really wonderful herb to have and loves sun! It will grow 3-4 feet tall. Love the smell of the leaves. I put this recipe and picture up last May, but thought I have more followers now that may not have seen this. I think this would be another wonderful little May Day gift for someone. A little tea cup, a lemon verbena plant and a loaf of the bread that has little purple Violas and the Red Verbena flowers (like I showed yesterday) decorated on the bread. Put the bread in a cellophane bag with a tag, tied with a ribbon and you have a really sweet little gift!

I almost forgot to show you my big find at the goodwill on Sat. These are light fixtures that go on ceiling fans, I think. I have an idea for them. Come back tomorrow and I will show you what I did for our party tonight. I think you will like! The just need a little cleaning and they will be ready! I thought they were so cute! Maybe you all know what I will do with them. Tell me what you think!

Don't forget to sign up for the Beth Moore Drawing, if you haven't already. Two posts down!
Have a wonderful day!!!! I am going to work on my memorizing with the girls! Thank you for those that are doing this with us. This will be a good thing!!!!!!!




  1. I love the snowman stitchery block, thank you for sharing it with everyone. So nice to see that it is getting around the world, I haven't even started mine :) Just love it though.
    I love popping into your blog for a little visit. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!
    PS I think you will turn those glass fan shades upside down and put candles in them :)

  2. OK. Linda...I can't wait to see what you do with those lamps :)

    Living in Nebraska, we have LOTS of cows and these days there are so many little calves in the fields with their Momma's. That sight always makes me smile :)


  3. What a great post! I hope you will post pics of the calf when it is born.

  4. Angie, so nice to here from you! I thought it was wonderful that the stitchery went around the world also. Blesses me beyond! Love your PS. You are a smart women! heehee!

    Good morning Gail, We have lots of cows in Kansas also. Mr. Phil and I went to go check on Momma this morning. We had to look and look and look! She was up on the hill. She is really a beautiful Momma.

    Lisa, yes I will take pic's of her baby. I wish I could be there to see it born. At the Kansas State Fair we watched two baby calves be born. It was so beautiful to see life and the interaction between the mom and baby! Really neat! Thank you so much for coming over this morning! I enjoy your blog and the music!

    Just got in from the Potter's Shed. Took pictures of what is going on in there.

    Blessings sweet ladies!

  5. Thanks so much for the receipe and the beautiful presentation of the gifts..

  6. Oh Linda! I love your momma cow! I long for the day when we can get one. I am actually hoping for one of these:

    What a sweet gift Margriet sent you and a lovely idea for her quilt. Beautiful!

    Have a beautiful day in the Lord!

  7. Hi Jleibried, thank you for the sweet comment! The recipe is the best!!!!!!!!

    Sharon. Is she not the cutest!!!!!!! I used to have a jersey with my parents in Alaska. Big eyes!!! I loved your pictures! Maybe someday soon? Yes, that was so precious about Margriet! Very fun to see someone else's work!

    You have a beautiful day in the Lord also!!!!!

    Blessings, Linda

  8. Linda, you will always make me smile! That momma cow is very precious. I love your recipe and your lights. Can't wait to see what you do with them! Have a wonderful dinner tonight! Hugs Anne

  9. Linda,

    That momma cow is just adorable! Can a cow be adorable? I'm a city girl with a heart for the country. Love the idea for the May Day gift. Margriet's stitching is lovely.

  10. I love cows! She's very pretty!

  11. Oh I always love your posts!! Can't wait to see your new calf! Those 3 light shades would fit in my bathroom just great!! ha... I went to the Quilt store yesterday and got the thread and pencil! Now I'll have to start on it soon!! That is so hear from someone in the Netherlands. Amazing...
    xoxo Gert

  12. Hi Linda, I have a question for you ~ do you think lemon thyme would work in your lovely bread recipe? I haven't been able to find lemon verbena here in Denver, but I found some delicious scented lemon thyme. We took our children to a dairy 3 weeks ago on a field trip. As soon as I stepped out of the car, the aroma took me back to my Grandaddy's farm in Indiana. I enjoy your pictures of your farm so much. Thanks again for sharing your life with others. Blessings, Katie

  13. Oh Linda you are an example for all the ladies! You give people a boost even thougt it cover a great distance! And I was surprised when I look on your blog!! In my heart is a feeling of solidarity with you.
    Thanks everybody for the appreciation!
    I wonder that your cow is so calm! When ours go outside they jump with its tail up. The planning for the cows go outdoors here; is next week. I'll send you a picture on the happening. Warm greetings; Margriet

  14. Gardner's Cottage, Yes she is a very adorable momma cow. Our family and our son's family went down to check on her tonight. It was a beautiful evening. You are welcome for the idea! Yes, I love the stitchery Margriet did!!!! I want to see everyone's stitichery

    Hi Nancy, I love cows also! Can't wait till Momma Cow has her baby!

    Gert, you are so kind!!!! I can see on my map that lots of ladies visit from over seas. I love it, wish they would talk with me. smile!

    Katie yes you could use lemon thyme. I don't know why not. Oh how fun to go to a dairy! Isn't it neat how smells remind us of memories! You are welcome Katie. Thank you for coming by!

    Margriet, our son had her at their home place and spoiled her rotten. She just loves him. Think it is really neat that they are such good friends. Isn't it neat that the other ladies love your work!

    Blessings, Linda


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