Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shooting Pictures and Dinner In The Potter's Shed

Today was a busy day here at Prairie Flower Farm. My youngest daughter had to be our model for the new "Clarice's Vintage Apron Pattern". It was really fun; getting the lighting was a little tricky! The sun was shining so beautiful, but not good for taking pic's. The picture I have up is not the one we chose, but it was a special one with her horse. Thought it would be nice to show you. We finally got a picture that we liked and it showed the apron off real well. I wanted to take the picture in the Potter's Shed, so I worked a little on getting it to look nice. We were having company last night also, so I was getting two things done at one time. Yes!!!!!

Oh, we have everything at the printer now, so we should be getting the pattern real soon. I will have to proof everything, but that shouldn't take long. I am so excited, finally I will be able to give Clarice her apron!! I know she is going to like it!

So............ I worked in the Potter's Shed like I said. Here are a few things I did to make it look a little prettier.

This is my little work area. I have been given some very sweet gifts over the years. I use them for decorations. See the old rake (the handle broke off) to the top left? I use it for a hanger to hold my string and little garden rake. Works great to hang things off. I found a old funnel and hung a star.

I received this church birdhouse along time ago for a Christmas present from my children.
It is one of my favorite gifts and I love to use it for decorations. Thought it looked sweet on the stool.

I put this lantern at the entrance to the Potter's Shed. As the sun went down it looked very pretty. I have also used tea lights in mason jars to line the entry. My wisteria is really taking off this year. This is it's 3rd year and finally it looks like it is going to do something. Can't wait for it to go around the door.

I have 5 of these little flower candle holders. I picked them up on sale for realllllll cheep a few years back. You don't have to spend very much on things to decorate. They have a little tea light on the inside. I had them lit, but you can't tell. They lined the trough where our little garden is growing. We didn't have wind last night, so it was really cute all lit up.

This is a picture of what you would see, if you walked into the Potter's Shed. Looked so sweet. Wish I could have you over to our farm. We would sit you at our table and learn about each of your lives. What a special time that would be! Some of you have written stories about your life. I love it!

We have Christmas lights strung all around the top part of the shed. It looks so beautiful at night. Can you see the twinkle? I have an old lamp that a lady wanted to give away. It has some dust and some horse hair on it! Fits perfectly! I have 3 old benches that some friends gave me for free. They come in handy with our big family. See the white chairs to the left of the table. This last spring we went to one of our granchild's program. As we were driving down one of the streets in the small town I saw 5 chairs that were sitting in the front yard. They said FREE! We braked!!!!!!, jumped out and brought them home. Well, really our son who has a truck picked up 3 for us and the other 2 went into the back seat. I drove home in the back seat squished. Didn't bother me at all! Smile! They are oak. Free, God's gift to me!!!!!!!!!! Love it when that happens. Have you ever had a great find like that? Tell me please!

This was our desert basket. Tressa made some Cappuccino Biscotti. We put some in an old mason jar (you can't see the jar very well, but it is behind the gift bag) and then made up a gift bag so our friends could take some home for later. Putting it in a mason jar for a gift would be a great gift also. A fast and inexpensive little gift to give them as they left. One of our favorite desert recipe sites to go to for recipes is called Joy Of Baking. Oh my, you will have a wonderful time in this site if you like to bake like we do. Making biscotti is so simple. You dip it in your coffee or tea and as Tressa used to say when she was little "it is num!!!
Here was the place setting. I had some blue homespun fabric for my table clothe. I use clothes pins at each corner to keep it laid nice over the table. Specially when the winds blows here in Kansas. See what I did with the little light fixtures? I tied a bow at the top, then I placed a tea light on the plate. I can change the ribbon anytime I need. The dinnerware was a Christmas present, I use it all the time. I bought the cups for 1.oo for 4 way back and they are great with our grandkids! Cheaper then buying solo cups!

Remember the little May Day gift? Again a very inexpensive gift. I set one on friends plate so she would have a little memory of our dinner. For dinner we had steak (our son's blessed us with real beef). It isn't deer meat and we are really enjoying it! Haven't had beef for a long time. We love deer, don't get me wrong and they have kept us supplied and for that we are grateful, but beef is good!!!! Along with the meat Taylor made us twice baked potatoes, our frozen grown corn that we put up and our friends brought a salad. It was wonderful. Also Tress made us sliced french bread with herbs, garlic and butter toasted. You can see the little lamp a little better in this close up picture. I will use these a lot!

We also had Grandma Jo's famous Snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. For fun I put the recipe on the cookie jar. If you can't read it, I will send it to you. I thought it looked cute! We love to make fun desserts, but tonight we made it simple. Hot coffee (mine with cream and sugar) topped our menu off perfectly. So.............. that was our evening. The moon came up, tonight it will be full. God was so good. No wind!!! That is good for Kansas. Hope you enjoyed our little Potter's Shed. Once it was Grandpa Jacks for the baby cows, then Grandma Jo used it for her storage for garden tools and now we use it to entertain. All very useful "Good Things"!




  1. Love that apron, and that sweet picture :) Linda, I think I need a Potter's Shed... and you always have it decorated so perfectly! Thanks for the nice post - great way to start my day. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  2. Hi Tammy, I want you to have a Potter's Shed. It is so fun.Can't believer you are really building your coop!!! You go Farm Girl! What an example you are. Can I post about it and send them your way?
    I am glad you like that apron. It got put on delay so many times because of my Dad's passing away. Almost done!!!!

    Hey, build a little shed off the side of your big coop!! It could be open in the front and with sides on it.

    Love that you came by!

    Blessings, Linda

  3. The apron is adorable! (As is the sweet girl in it!) Your potting shed decor is wonderful! And I love the table you set for dinner, especially that blue checked tablecloth and the little potted flower gift bags. Really lovely!! Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Everything looks absolutely lovely! Is the area where you have the table and stuff inside or out?

  5. Linda~
    Oh, I am so excited about the apron! I just love the fabric you have used. And your *Potter's Shed* should be in a magazine, it is just so sweet! What a wonderful way to entertain guests.
    You have so many wonderful ideas for us in this post and a recipe, too! Thanks so much!
    Blessings to you today, friend!

  6. oooohhh I wish I could come for a visit:-)

  7. I love the apron. I love anything vintage, country, Romantic, Victorian etc...I loved all your photos. I wish my apartment looked like that...slowly but surely :) :)
    I have a few items that have been really good finds. One that comes to mind right now is a plant atomizer...It's really old I think...made out of glass and metal. The metal is brass I believe...but it's so cute, I haven't used it for it's original purpose. I have it on a shelf where I can admire it :) :) Although I should put it to use soon.

    I also have an old Montgomery Ward's scale...from around the turn of the 20th century..with it's original colonial blue paint and the Montgomery Ward's logo in red/gold/black.. I think it must have been used in a grocer's or something..because it says "not for resale" on their..It belonged to my great-grandfather. I like that too. I used that as the throne for my German teddy bear "Ole" :) :)
    It'll be exciting to see when the apron pattern is finally published. God has been really good to all of us I think :) :)
    Have a beautiful Wednesday :)

  8. Another absolutely adorable post!!! Love the potting shed..love the apron (I'm crazy for aprons) and Yes, I could see the twinkle lights and I just might have to steal that idea for my backporch "sit-yourself-down" area!

  9. ~ thank you for sharing all the photos of your lovely party. Your faith & love shine through your creativity. Each day I find myself drawn to your Blog to drink in the Sonshine you pour out. You are a blessing & encouragement. Loved the apron & am looking forward to it & to when you are able to sell your cloth.Thanks again.
    ~ Julie Marie

  10. The apron is so very cute. Your potting shed looks wonderful, what a lovely place to entertain. :^)

  11. I love the recipe will you send it to me when you have time?

    I love the Potter's Shed and your apron is so precious.

    I love it over here.

    Hugs Anne

  12. Since you asked about ways God has provided, I got pregnant with our first son about 15 min AFTER the ceremony. We couldn't afford anything. I had looked at cribs but $100. 27 years ago...I got home from work one day and saw a crib at the big garbage dumpster at our apartment! I couldn't wait until my husband got home! THEN, the people who put it there saw us and asked if we wanted the mattress and a stroller! He does more than we can even conceive at times!!! Angela

  13. The apron is very pretty! I love everything you've done with the potter's shed! It looks so inviting!

  14. Linda the picture of your daughter with the apron on is just too adorable! LOVE the apron!

    Your potter's shed is decorated better than my house : ) What a joy to work in such an area!

    Have a blessed day,

  15. Linda, The apron is adorable, (and a sweet girl in it)
    Your Potter Shed is enyouable! I wish to go for a visit. Love anithing vintage!
    God Bless you! Margriet

  16. OOOOOOH, Everything is just adorable and so homey. You have been given the gift of hospiality and you use it well. I know your guest must have left feeling so very special. Thank you for all the great ideas and the witness you are to all of us. Have a terrific week end.

  17. Garden of Daisies, you are so sweet to say all those kind things to me!! You are a keeper! Yes, my little girl looked sweet to me also. She is growing so fast. She is the baby of the family. I never ever want an empty nest.

    Amber, hi, the little Potter's Shed had a roof over the top and then some high winds took it off. It has part of it enclosed and the middle is all off. I love it, because you can see the stars at night. We love to lay on the warm cement floor in the summer. I keep saying we are going to go and sleep out there with the grandkids.

    Hey, Lady Farmer, A magazine?? Wow, you are so sweet to me! I love the apron also. Took Clarice her gift today. I will be posting about it tomorrow. She is a cutie!

    Suzanne come on over!!!! I would love to have you and I would fix you dinner in my Potter's Shed.

    Heather, How fun the different things you have collected. I am sure they are beautiful! You need to blog about them!

    Jamjar,Do put up lights. We have different strings of them on our farm. Love walking at night with them on. Some of our neighbors love them also.

    Julie Marie, You are so kind! I am thankful that you are enjoying my blog. I so enjoy meeting and encouraging other's in the Lord. I love him so!!!

    Patty, it is a neat little place! The first time I saw it, I knew what I wanted it to be.

    Anne, yes I will send the recipe. I love you to come over here. I just wish everyone was neighbors. Ya know what I mean?

    Angela, That story warmed my heart! He is so amazing to us, is He not. I have seen Him bless our family so many times. I don't ever want to forget to say thank you!

    Hi Nancy, thank you for the sweet words. Loved the note you left on Quilter's Dozen. You are a cutie!!!!

    Kay, Yes, I loved the pictures. We took a lot and the one we chose for our pattern cover is wonderful. I love to fix the girls hair in french braids. I have done it from the time they were little!

    Margriet, You are sweet, that is my sweet youngest daughter. Growing up to fast. I love vintage also!!! I loved the picture of your home. Beautiful! Send me more pic's of your area. I am so interested in the Netherlands.

    Gardner's Cottage. It is so homey. Kinda words you said!!!!! I do love to entertain. It is always real simple though. A lady told me in our church when I was a new bride. "When you have guests make it simple. You will enjoy yourself more". It is true.

    Blessings ladies to your weekend!!!!!!!! Love your comments!

  18. I love this! How wonderful to have such a special place to make delightful memories with family and friends. What a blessing!


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