Friday, April 16, 2010

Clarice's Crocheted Towel

My time with Clarice making crocheted flowers.
What a special time God carved
out for the two of us.

Like I told you yesterday I was in to see my Momma at the nursing home, not far from our farm. She has been there for 10 years and gets the best care in the whole wide world. I am not kidding. Her name is Dixie Lee. Momma never liked her name. Smile. I thought it was adorable and it fits her just perfect. The girls in at the Manor adore her. The other day when my brother was here he went into see her after being gone for about 4 years. She looked at him and got so excited the nurses said, he kissed her and held her hand and a tear came down her face. I guess it was a God moment for my brother and Momma. As many of you know when memory is taken sometimes the long ago isn't. The nurses told me that they all just cried. The manor is a family for us. The girls that work there are so precious!

While I am in at the manor, (some of you who have followed my blog know that the Lord gave me a gift) I go see Clarice. She is 97 years "young." The other day I walked in and she had just taken a shower and had her hair (it is very long) up in a bun on the top of her head. She says some think she should cut it, but she says, "I am not going to." I think at her age she can do what she wants. She crimps her hair all around the crown of her head with these long (about 3" long) clips. That makes the waves. She is tooooooo cute. She had a locket on and I asked if she had someone special in the locket. She said, "my husband and my son". I asked if I could look. She said I could, if I could get it open. I did!! Are you kidding? I would of stayed there all day to get it open. Inside was a picture of her husband and Clarice on one side and her son on the other. I gasped. They were all so precious looking!! Clarice said, "Do I have a spit curl on the front of my forehead?" I said she did! Then she told me that the picture had been taken before they were married. Then she preceded to tell me that her husbands Momma was a very strict Baptist lady and she thought that her spit curl made Clarice look like a "hussy"! Oh my!!!!! Well, then Clarice said it had to go, if she was going to marry her SON! Heehee, I just had to giggle. Clarice said, "I just wanted to be like all the other girls". Wow, to honor her soon to be mother in love like she did, because the spit curl went! I have been teaching my girls about always honoring their mother in loves some day, if the Lord chooses to give them husbands! I sat on the floor beside her chair. She filled my ears with delightful things. I drank it in like a parched sponge. I only have my Momma left in my life now. My only Grandmother is in Alaska and an Aunt in California that I never get to see. I am it. I am the Grammie and Momma to many (some that are not even mine). We sat and talked and Clarice said, "I finished 2 towels, in the drawer, if you would like to see it". I couldn't get to the drawer fast enough. Here is one of the towels that found. I am showing only part of the towel, there are 3 clusters of flower. Isn't it beautiful?
She said for me to take one of the towels home and get a pattern off it. Then she said, "I will show you how to make the flower, if you have time." Do I have time? No, but I made it. Sometimes you just have to let other things go, because if you don't do what you would like, it will never happen. So I sat on the floor and she explained everything in detail so I could go home and make the flowers myself. I told her that I was going to show you what she was showing me. She acted kind of shy about that. I am going to try to make the filet edging, but that will take time. I looked on the internet and did find a really sweet edging. I really like it, but, it isn't as detailed as this filet. If anyone out there might have a pattern like this in the photo, please would you share it with us? I am going to try to figure this one out though. If I do, I will let you know.

Here is the little flower that she taught me to make.
You will need: size 30, 25 or 20 Mercerized Crochet DMC thread. It is very thin thread. She used 30, but I only had 25 on hand. A crochet metal hook size 10 or 11. I went to buy one and they only had a 10, so I am using that, it worked. My flower was a little smaller, but that was fine with me. The are so easy to make. Honest. Now if I can just explain it!

Chain 8
Slip stitch into the first chain to make a circle.
Chain 4, (this is the beginning of my cluster stitch for one petal of flower), yarn over crochet hook 2 times, put hook into center of the circle and bring stitch through 2 loops and again through 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook. repeat one more time. This will leave you with 3 loops on your hook, pull stitch thru all 3 loops on hook. Chain 4 and slip stitch in circle.* We did it!!! Our first cluster is done. Oh, how I hope you can follow Clarice's and my instructions. Repeat starting at the beginning with chain 4, and make 5-6 more clusters. Tie threads off. Now that wasn't hard was it? Clarice used variegated thread. I just used the ecru. I can see these clustered on a baby blanket. I used to make cream flannel blankets with shell stitches around the edges. I always embroidered little flowers on the corner of the blanket. Hmmmmm I guess that is another lesson. Ha! I never thought life could be so fun! If you have questions on how to do this flower, let me know. I may not be able to help you. I have never ever written out instructions for beginning crocheting. But I so wanted you to see this work of art from a 97 year old who said she has made lots of these towels. So Vintage!!!!! Not Clarice........ the towels! She's so cute she would probably tell you she is. Maybe some you young ladies would say I am at 58, but I am not............ yet. Smile!

It is raining today!!!!! Praise the Lord, my little tomatoes and flowers I started in the little nursery are growing so beautiful and strong.
Mrs. Puddle Duck keeps laying eggs, but she is not sitting.......... wish she would. Gail said they are not good Moms. I will wait tell one of my big Chicky Girls are sitting. That will be fun don't ya think?
Tonight and tomorrow I am going with my daughters, daughter in love, and two best friends to a ladies conference. Please pray I would submit to the Lord on what He wants to change in me. Blessings sweet ladies and may you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Hi Linda!
    Clarice is such a doll! I love having "older" friends like her that have so much to teach us!
    Thank you (and Clarice!) for the little flower tutorial. I am going to try to make some soon.
    I remember those little "things" used to crimp one's hair. My grandma used to use them and I think I have a couple around here somewhere. They look like some kind of little torture instrument!
    I'm so glad your dear momma is in a nice place where she is well cared for. So many older people are in terrible conditions and no one who cares. So sweet that your brother and she had a sweet time together!
    Your little sprouts are looking so healthy and strong! It is so fun planning and planting isn't it?
    Oh, your Mrs. Puddle Duck is so funny! It's a wonder there are any ducks at all, they way they go about nesting! We have let chickens raise ducks and it is hilarious watching the old hen get all excited when her babies start swimming! They create a big fuss, because they don't want to get in the water to 'rescue' the babies! They just squack and pace the water's edge! Not so funny to them, I'm sure.
    I think I have an edging almost like the one on Clarice's towel. I will see if I can send the directions to you.

  2. I loved reading your comment Lady Farmer. I would be so excited if you did have that edging. That would be so fantastic! I loved your story about the Momma Hen of baby ducks. I bet she would be having a tough time on the edge of the water!

    When you said "torture instruments" I had to giggle. She had about 9 of them all over head! Looked so cute!

    Blessings, Linda

  3. Linda ~ Such a heartwarming post! Sweet blessings to your Momma, to your special friend Clarice and to you for being such an inspiration to so many! Thank you for all that you share! Sweet blessings for your weekend! Hugs to you!

  4. What a lovely woman Clarice must be; so glad you had the good sense to enjoy her while she's still with you. Seriously, so many folks say, "if" and "when" never realizing we're all one breath away from eternity.

  5. Linda, thank you for your beautiful post today. Reminded me of both our mothers. They both went to heaven within this past year. We miss both of them so much, in fact, I just mentioned that to one of Papi's brothers this morning, that I wished I could ask their mother a particular question. Also, made me think about one of the ladies in the nursing care facility where my mother had been, Miss Cotton, we always stopped to talk to her when we visited mother, I'm sure she is missing that attention. Probably need to go past to say "hello" to her.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Have a God Filled Day

  6. Oh Linda, I will pray for you. I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference. I am so tickled to hear your stories of Clarice. What a gem she is! I will pray for your momma too. As long as she is well cared for there is not much else to ask for is there? So many elderly folks are mistreated in nursing homes. When my grandson Colton (13) was a toddler and my mom was recuperating from a broken hip, he called me and said "Grandmother, I was at the nervous home today visiting Grandma Kocmint! I still chuckle when I think of that conversation. He felt nervous there because they had dogs and cats for the elderly patients and he felt nervous because he did not want anyone to fall over a pet!
    Thanks for sharing. You always tell the best stories. Hugs Anne

  7. Thanks for sharing Clarice's crochet flowers and edging. I used to do a lot of crochet, this pattern makes me want to get it out again.

  8. Putting this up for Brenda, thought you would enjoy her comment.

    Thank you so much ladies for your comments. Love them!!!!!

    What a wonderful visit you had with your precious Momma and Clarice! Your discription of Clarice reminded me of my precious Granny that raised me until age 11. She had the most beautiful silver hair, down to the middle of her back. She would comb it back, place her bun just above her neck, and she too used the wave clips on top to make her hair look wavy. She wore a silver hair net always to keep it tidy. I am so blessed to have had her in my life.
    Clarice definitely was God sent to you.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessing sweet friend,
    Brenda S

  9. What a sweet story! I forget to speak about my daughter's future mother-in-love (never heard of that til blogging entered my world). thanks for opening my eyes.

  10. The crocheted flowers are so cute, but I especially love your story about Clarice and her desire to honor her MIL. That was wonderful. I enjoyed your earlier post with the sweet little ducks too. Babies are cute, every kind!

  11. Teri, how sweet of you to bless my Momma. She is so cute and I love that she is so close to me. You are so kind! You would just love Clarice.

    Sandra, I have done the if and whens, you do have to grab the moment sometimes.

    Shirley, I am so sorry that both your Mommas are gone. Miss Cotton would be blessed, just because it is YOU! I love your emails to me. You would definitely make her day! Go!!!!!

    Anne, the conference was incredible last night. It is the story of a lady who has suffered much. My girls, daughter in love and friends are with. Please ask God for a covering for us all. My daughter in love needs a special touch from the Lord. Please ask for that. She talked about trusting the Lord more. I need that. I hold back because of fear. I want all of Him. I need all of him!!!!! He wants all of me!.

    Lori, hope you have fun!!!!

    Regan Fam, so glad you stopped by. I always think of the pic with your little girl and the bottle nipples in her eyes. If anyone reads this go over to her blog. It is so precious!!!! Don't we need each other so much in encouraging us with daughters. Teaching my daughters has been so blessed, by other ladies that are going through the same things.

    Marcia. It was special wasn't it, the way Clarice put her momma in love before herself. That is lost in our world today. Momma in loves kind of had bad written all over them. It makes me sad. I experience some of it. It is such a heartbreak. It has taught my daughters though as they watch and don't want that in their life.We love our baby ducks! They are so fun!

    Love you all, I am off to the conference. It is really deep and I am asking the Lord to move in our lives. I know He will meet us.
    Blessings and have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Linda, The crochet border is so cute, i love it.
    Maybe i can help you with a pattern. You know the site of ?? There are so many patterns!
    Blessings and have a wonderfull weekend to. Margriet

  13. Wonderful blog...thank you so much for sharing this with us.


    xoxo Gert

  14. Hi, Love your blog it is really wonderful. Lenzie

  15. Linda, I have never commented but I just had today. Those are the sweetest towels and garden gloves! The story of Clarice is even sweeter! What gems we can learn from those precious ones who have walked the ways before us! Thank you for your precious blog and sweet spirit. A kindred Sister ~ Marmee
    Momma to 11 and Marmee to 7 GRANDS!


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