Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raining.......... I Love It

You are welcome to use this photo for your own enjoyment.

We are in a severe thunderstorm. YES!!!!! Well not the severe part, the thunderstorm part! We have been waiting along time for some rain and we are definitely getting it. The thunder is sweetness to our ears. You just have to be a Kansan to appreciate what thunderstorms mean. Life!!!!!! The wheat crop has been needing rain and our garden needed it before planting. I have all my starts of tomatoes, basil and zinnias out drinking up the rain. In the Potter's Shed there are different kinds of lettuce, broccoli, flowers and cabbage that are really going to jump after this rain. The 11 tomatoes in the garden are going to grow so fast now also. They are looking so good already, can't wait to look at them after a few days with rain on their leaves! Much to be thankful for, all because God thought up rain! Hmmmmm He is so good.

Yesterday we had our first taste of asparagus that we started a few years back. Can't wait for Taylor to make her famous quiche. Mmmmmm I can taste it now. She has turned into such a good little cook! She is always blessing her family with tasty dishes.

Mr and Mrs. Puddle Duck are running from one puddle to another. You should see them. They are a riot. I would be out their with them........ but I am an adult....... oh, to be a kid again. We have been known to take our umbrellas out and walk around barefoot! Smile. You should try it no matter your age........ it is good for the soul!

I just looked over at my honey................his head bowed. I know he is asking the Lord for protection for our family. I know he is taking each member to the Lord asking for direction. I am also sure he is asking the Lord that his wife, children and grandchildren will love the Lord with all their hearts and will not stray from HIM. When we both first meet 39 years ago, we were different. "Self" was our main purpose in life.......... then we were touched by the Holy of Holies. Life has never been the same. Perfect, no...........always being washed by the Word, yes. We are now choosing to want to please our Heavenly Father. In the easy and hard times. Trusting in the one that is the Redemmer! I look at him again. Precious man of God, leading.......... I am thankful I can follow. God will bless that. I so get in the way........ I am a woman............. self again. I refuse to accept my nature. I will try, try and try again...... till the day I die.

I am going with my daughters to a Beth Moore conference this Sat. I have gone to hear her quite a few times. She will be in Salina. I can't wait. The first time I saw her, this precious women got down on her knees and bowed before our God. I cried. It really touched me. I love how God uses her to open up the Word of God. I will tell you what I learn.

Blessings sweet ladies and I love you bunches!!!!!! Enjoy your day. Hope you are getting rain, if you need it.

I have to talk to the President of the fabric company this morning. Hope it is good news. Smile.

Listening to the rain on the roof................ beautiful!

Tell me what is going on in your little place in the world.

Almost forgot to tell you. If it is raining outside be sure to get a bucket out to catch all the rain. It has nitrogen which helps plants grow. Better then any tap water!!!!!!! You can then use the rain water to water your plants that you are starting!!! Just an idea, from this Prairie Flower to another Prairie Flower!!!!!!


  1. How wonderful! Going to a Beth Moore conference. Our Friday bible study group has done all of her studies. They have all been excellent studies. I believe she definitely is a lady God uses. Enjoy and God bless.

  2. Need that rain too here in central Hoosierland. We are expecting some the next three days. Must be coming from your way, please don't use all of it. LOL

    Love Beth Moore also, hope you have a great time with your girls and soak-up God's love.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. It has been raining up here in the Northwest too. Everyday the trees and grass are turning greener - I love spring - God is so good!


  4. Enjoy your rain, it looks like we may be getting some shortly, too :) . The seeds we planted last night will be thankful, and I will too since God will do the watering for me.
    Lovely photo!
    Catherine :)

  5. Raining in North Idaho too though I can see the clouds breaking up in the sky to the west. Can't wait for my plants to be as far along as yours. So far the only thing making any real progress is my Rhubarb! Soon we'll be able to forage for morel mushrooms in the woods...can't wait! That's a favorite family activity for us. My girls love it! Thanks for your words of inspiration!

  6. We didn't get the rain that was predicted, but the 41/2 inches last week was perfect.

    It did my heart good to hear the wonderful things you shared about your husband. If only we all had praying husbands.

    Enjoy the day and the rain.

  7. Yes it is raining here too. I am being lazy with my cup of coffee and blog reading.
    I love Beth Moore~have fun. I know you will be blessed!

  8. Bless the Lord...isn't it wonderful when the heavens open and out comes the rain?? Especially when one really needs it. Rain is predicted here, but our farmer says he doesn't need it now, as he is trying to get the crops planted. However, we all know we have to take what the good Lord gives us and others will benefit from it.


    xoxo Gert

  9. I saw Beth Moore at a conference in Houston about 9 years ago. It was well worth the long plane ride to Houston, She walked out to the center of the Houston Dome and dropped to her knees and prayed a prayer that moved most to tears. She is doing a simalcast Sat. and its at our church for the city but I can't go, I have an opportunity to work and I need to do that.

  10. I can't count the times that Beth Moore has brought me to tears...not that I've ever seen her in person...I've just done a number of her studies. I think "Get out of that pit" saved my sanity...I praise God for the way she allows herself to be used by HIM. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss her here in my own town. Disappointed, but there it is...wasn't meant to be.

  11. Here in Southern Oregon the weather is changing quite a bit. It's always cold right now. It changes between sunny cold and "looks like it could rain" cold. we've had a lot of rain the last few days. I think I might have some more this week :) :)
    I enjoyed this blog very much and how you and your hubby pray. That's always encouraging.
    I've done quite a few of Beth Moore's Bible studies as well. They're really good and she always makes me laugh :)
    thanks for posting those nice photos as well. You said that we could use it for our own enjoyment. I enjoy looking at them, but I don't know how to post them anywhere. THey're nice. I'd like to share the photos with my friends.
    I love what you do and am so thankful for it :) :) You are truly a blessing.
    Lots of love and hugs from Oregon.

  12. Do you know that where we live, Colorado and in Wyoming, it is illegal to catch rain water! We are getting rain now too! I often wonder what God thinks of it and who told any government they could own the rain!? It is so good for the earth! My little tulips are enjoying this hearty drink! Everything is getting green! You always make me smile Linda! I truly love coming over here. Have a wonderful weekend and a safe trip! Blessings to you and yours Hugs Anne

  13. We are down below you in the TX panhandle and have had rain for the last 5 days and it is WONDERFUL!!! Enjoy the conference in Salina. I graduated from Salina Senior High in 1969, bet it has grown since than. Just want you to know I am loving your blog and look forward to your daily posts. Keep em coming sweetie!!!


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