Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Are You Doing For Fun Today?

Grandma Jo or someone in our family planted lilacs and peonies on our farm. This year everything is bursting with color. We have not had a spring like this for along time!!! It is beautiful everywhere. I thought you might need some flowers today. So here they are. You are welcome to take this photo and give someone else some flowers if you like.

I receive lots of personal emails from hurting ladies. One of the reasons is that I have told you, I will pray for you if you need it. It blesses my heart beyond!!!!!!! I received a letter from a Momma that has the most precious heart. I loved her story of courage and faithfulness. She needs a touch from the Lord. Please pray that the Lord would do that for her in the coming days. If she were here I would give her a bouquet of lilacs. Since she is not these are for her. She knows who she is. If there is someone else out there with joy or sadness in their heart, they are for you also. We all need flowers sometimes and it amazes me that the Lord gives us flowers everyday whether it is at the store, along the road side, in our gardens they are ultimately from HIM. Lets be sure to thank Him for creating flowers along time ago just for us!!!!!!

I have been enjoying my blue mason jars. If you had some, what would you do with them?

Also, I have a prayer request. We licence our artwork to an Art Publishing company. With the business of life and commitments, I have not submitted any art for sometime. The last time I submitted a portfolio for scrapbooking. I now see it just wouldn't have work with our other responsibilities that came into our life these last few years. Anyway, yesterday they said to send some artwork over. We are doing that this morning. Please pray, that if the Lord wants to bless it, we could make some sales. It would help our family so much.

We have so many that come to our blog in a day, but so few leave comments. I want to meet you if I haven't before. Our site meter is showing we are growing overseas. Speak to me please! SMILE!

Happy Gardening, I do a little bit each day. Tell me what you are planting!


  1. Beautiful flowers. Our church ladies are doing a flower seed exchange during the month of April. I can hardly wait to see all the different types of seed we get to exchange. Take care and God bless.

  2. Oh my, that sounds like so much fun!!! I wish I could come to your church for the seed exchange!!!!!!! Smile!!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE Lilacs and this so brought a smile to my face today which I needed dearly! When we moved out of our farm house we were renting back in November into our house the LORD blessed us with, I also moved away from my lilac bushes. I am attempting to hint big time for a lilac for mother's day to plant at the new house, we'll see how it goes. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and so encouraging. The LORD uses you in amazing ways! Thank you for allowing Him to shine through you, for being such an awesome vessel.
    Oh yes and if I could find blue jars I would probably do the same you did and grace them with beautiful flowers. Those are so pretty!
    Nicole :)

  4. Nicole, I am touched!! Thank you so much for your kind words. It made my eyes water. You can't believe what just happened. The wind was down this morning when I set up the props for the photo shoot. I just looked out my kitchen window and the back board fell off, the jars fell over and they landed on all my plants that I started months ago. Oh no!!!!! Not nice of the wind!!!!! Only one tomato plant was totally bent. All the others just kind of laid over. Oh well, all in a day! Smile Thank you for writing me! I love comments. I am coming over to your blog and say hi!

  5. I will be praying for this precious Momma and also for your prayer request. Please pray for my hubby. He just had his second interview today. Praise God. He is one of three that will be chosen. My husband has been out of work for 19 months. This job is for cabinet maker..I told Jesus,,a carpentry job like You Lord! We will hear back in a day or two...I appreciate your prayers for us.

  6. My hubby is out of work for a long time also. We are waiting for answers to prayers.

    I love lilacs. I had to leave mine in Ohio when we moved to Texas this past summer. I am very sad, as they were my Grandma's. She died five years ago this March. So I think of her everytime I see them. Peonies too.

    I can also use lots of prayers. I am 1300 miles from friends and family. We had to start all over again. I am sometimes very homesick and lonely.

  7. Love the lovely scent of lilacs! I'll keep you close in prayer!

  8. Praying for all the needs here..........

    Linda, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers! They brought a smile to my face and a prayer of thanksgiving.

    This morning I worked on cleaning out an overgrown flower bed getting it ready to plant a bunch of different day lilies. I can't wait to look out my window and see all the different colored blooms.

    God Bless!

  9. Hi Linda, this is my first time to visit your blog and I sure enjoyed my time here. Thank you for being a faithful prayer warrior!

  10. Hey Linda,

    Thank you for the flowers. Lilacs are a favorite of mine. They remind me of spending time with my grandma out in her garden. Such a sweet memory! Will lift up these prayer request. Have a great day! Now I'm off to pull some more weeds :)

  11. Loved the blog today. I love it everyday. I' not sure if I've posted before andI happened upon your Facebook page and blog by happy "accident" I love flowers. :) :) thank you, I could use some flowers :)
    Oh, I live in Medford, Oregon in an apartment. I live frilly, girly, romantic, country, Victoria etc. ..stuff. You get the idea ;) :) :)..
    I'll definitely pray about selling some artwork. Keep me updated on how that goes. I will pray that God will use it to help your family :) :)
    OH, Blue Mason jars...they're so pretty I'd probably just star at them for a good long while and maybe hang some up with some tea lights...outside. I'd also use them as containers for odds/end in my home :) : Have a great rest of the week to all the folks at Prairie Flower Farm :)

  12. How lovely you have lilacs already, ours haven't even begun to bud, but I see daffodils everywhere I go. I have one lonely one must remember to plant some this fall for next spring.

  13. HI Linda! I am guilty of visiting daily and not leaving a note. I love the pictures of your lilacs in the blue jars. Ours are just starting to bud now, so it will be a little while before I can pick some. Their scent is a blessing and I always have to bring some in the house, even if they don't last long.
    Prayers going out to all that need them. We could use some also for our family as we work our way through the grief. My son and his family are having quite time after losing their daughter in January. I pray for them each day and know they could use extra prayers right now. Thanks sweetie!!

  14. Lilacs are so beautiful and smell so good! You are fortunate to have so many. I wish I had a few. I've been thinking about planting some this year.

    I love my mason jars of all colors! I have a garden window in my kitchen above my sink and it is full of colorful bottles.. brown, green, turquoise, cobalt blue, amber and clear. On some days my jars will have flowers that are brought to me by my kids. Even the weeds, which are beautiful flowers in the eyes of my little one, make it to the jars. =]

    Have a delightful week~

  15. Thanks for the flowers! I grow up with lilacs just outside the front door, and then had them out in the country but not at the house here in town. I miss them. I found a teasure of 12 quart jars with lids a few years back at th Salvation Army Thirth Story. I have two in the bathroom full of cotton balls and q-tips. I also like to put hard candies in them. I like all the color, even the white looks great.

  16. I have a lilac bush on the side of my house but it is not in bloom yet. I love the smell! I also love four o'clocks as they were my mother's favorite in the yard. I plant them every year in memory of her. I am always praying. I need prayer due to the unstable emotions of the office manager where I work. She mended her ways with the other gal she picked on for two solid months and now is back to me! I am spent after 8 hrs. there!~ I love the lilacs in the blue jars. They are so inviting. My daughter was given her little poodle back yesterday! The Good Lord answered our prayers and she came home, sunburned and battered from protecting herself! God is very good. I will continue to pray for your artwork to sell and the precious momma who confided in you. I am praying for the ladies who's comments I read that said their husbands were out of work. I just keep growing my prayer list! I like it that way! It keeps my mind organized! I pray so much I find it hard to stop for a few minutes! I love to see God work in our lives! I love to see His beautiful creations in the flowers we grow. If anyone here has a chance to stop by Simply Debbie's blog she tells a beautiful tulip story involving her late daughter, a blue jay and red tulips! Linda love and blessings to you! Anne

  17. Linda,
    This is my first comment as I am usually just an onlooker and so love looking at your blog. I, too live in Kansas and I even think I once stopped and looked in your little shop at Christmas time, maybe several years ago. In my dreams I live on a little gramma and grampa farm with cows and chickens and ducks.
    So you see, I dream my dreams thru you. My love for God is fairly new or at least my awareness of it. You help brighten my day.
    Thank you for the time you give us.
    Blessings from one Kansas girl to another.


  18. Hey, sweetie ladies!
    Angela, Thank you for praying I will post about what happened with the art that our Art Publisher looked at tomorrow. Thank you for praying. God answered in a huge way!!!!! Prayed and will pray for your honey. Please let us know how things went. 19 months. Wow!! It is hard out there! Love to follow your blog. You are a nut! A good Nut!

    Amy, I am so sorry about your honey being out of work also. We are praying!!! God will hear us!!!!!! Can't someone dig you a start and send it to you? If you send me your address I will send you one. It won't be your grandma's though. But I would do it if you would do that! I am so sorry she died. It is very hard isn't it when our family dies. I moved from Alaska 30 plus years ago. the first year I was a baby!!!!!! I am okay now. Okay, now send me an email with your address and off a some lilac starts will come. Now please do it! My email is at the top right corner of the blog.

    Sue you are a sweetie!!!!!!! I can't see your blog for some reason. Sad for me!

    Kay, I am glad you got a smile from us!!!! I love Day lilies! How fun to look out the window at such beauty! Sounds like a day I enjoy!

    Regina Welcome. I am so glad you left a comment, I will come over and see you at your blog as soon as I get my notes written to everyone!

    Gardner's Cottage, You are soooooo welcome for the flowers! Yes, lilacs remind me of our Grandma Maries house. Funny how that is! Hope you enjoyed getting those nasty weeds! Makes you feel good afterwards!

    Heather, My Grandma's sisters used to live in Medford Oregon. Velna and Leda were their first names. They were very old! Loved them when they would come up to Alaska. I would love to see your place. Sounds wonderful! I will be telling everyone how it turned out today on the art. It is really cool. It will be my post tomorrow! I do use them for jars with tea lights in the inside. We like to line the walkway with them. Beautiful in the snow! Thank you so much for writing me the comment. I just love meeting ladies!

    Patty, the lilacs are just around the corner, if you have daffodils now. Ours are all gone, but the lilacs are everywhere. Pretty!!!!!

    Sue, I am so sorry for your son and his wife. Grief is unbearable at times. Sorry for your loss!

    Thank you for coming over and visiting me!! Thank you for leaving a note this time!!!!! The flowers are soooooo for you!!!!!!

    Angie, Mason jars in all those colors? I would love to see them! Cute about the weed flowers. I have grandbabies that give me those weed flowers! It never gets old!

    Katherine. Wow a 12qt. What a find!!! Love your ideas. I like the white also. Anything mason!

    Anne, Oh how sweet that four o'clocks are your mommas favorites and then you plant them in honor of her!!!! Precious!!! I am so sorry for you on that unkind lady. Bring her chocolates someday!!!!!! That will bless her! Smile! I am so glad your daughter got her doggie back! God is good! I will check out the tulip story.

    Lynn thank you so much for writing me. I want to meet you since you are a Kansas girl! I did have a CHRISTmas shop a long time ago. Wow, how fun is this!!!!! I am so thankful you are getting to love the Lord more. He is my life! Can't imagine life without His guidance. Loved looking at your blog earlier. That little girl is the cutest ever!! Loved the finger paints on her hand. Thank you for stopping by. Really appreciated the sweet words.

    Blessings Ladies!! Talk to you tomorrow!

  19. Those lilacs in the mason jars were so pretty...never thought of that....I have 4 huge bushes and they were awesome this year. Must be our great Kansas weather! Great idea!!
    Am busy these days with teaching and getting ready for daughter's wedding BUT am saving up all your adorable patterns to sit outside this summer and stitch!! Can't wait.... ;0)
    Congrats on your new material line...how exciting...God is good! Have a great Wednesday!!!

  20. Tanya, do you live by me? I live in the middle of Kansas. Just wondering. How fun that you are getting ready for your daughters wedding. My girls and I dream. We just see all these wonderful ideas. Someday we are trusting the Lord to provide husbands for our daughters. WE pray for them.

    How fun that you are saving up the our little stitcheries. Can't wait to show the next one of the Winter All Year Long
    Thank you for writing!
    Blessings, Linda

  21. Good evening Linda, we had two baby 'kids'born today. New life, God is good. Also, some of our thornless blackberry vines self rooted and we dug them and planted in containers for this fall.

  22. Hi Vivian, Awwwww, I want to see the babies. Send a pic if you can. I would love to have goats. It is so fun to see little ones. I have helped a farmer and his wife with their little orphan lambs. They are so sweet. They follow you everywhere. So are our little ducks now. Soon Little Miss Fluff our momma chicken that is sitting will soon be having her little chicks and maybe a duck. Some little girls found a duck egg at the park and were trying to hatch it in a box with aluminum around the box. They had it in the box for only a little bit and I came and rescued the egg. Put it under Fluff and we will see what happens. It will be behind the little chickens by a week. Can't wait. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Have fun with your blackberry vines. I have some raspberryies that I started last year. Mmmmmm love raspberry, strawberries and pineapple smoothies! Hope you enjoyed the flowers!

  23. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for the flowers, I love all the photos you gift us with. The lilacs brought back fond memories & the lovely scent. Thank you also for sharing your daily doings , insights, sweet faith, & encouragement. May God ever Bless you. Prayers for each need & precious sister in faith.
    Love, Julie Marie
    ~ as for blue canning jars ~ mine hold everything from old spools, buttons, marbles, sea glass...but I found a new use. Someone gave me several tiny clay pots that come with seeds ( they sell for a $1 at Target) I put the little planted & watered pots on a plastic tray & set a jar over each pot . The tray sets by a window. The seeds sprout very well & grow in their little blue terrariums.

  24. I got some pink begonias at the grocery store a few weeks ago and they've already tripled in size for me! I've never grown them before and I'm thrilled! also I have some of those little pots from Target, but have worried about my cats eating the little plants up! That idea of the terrarium above in the comments just might work for me. Thank you!!! Your blog encourages me so much!!! Nancy in Fresno

  25. I so enjoy your blog it is so uplifting, but don't usually post. I have dial up and sometimes it is verrrrry slow. I enjoyed the lilacs, don't have one where we live now, but did at our previous house. Right now we have Rhododedron, Azalea, and Wisteria that is gorgeous.
    I plan to make the Quilt block you sent out last week, looking forward to the rest.

  26. Hi Linda -

    I guess you can say that I'm one of those overseas people that have been reading your blog. We are currently in Italy, for a 3 month short term mission trip. We were to leave this last Monday, but we are still here due to the volcano. We are praying that we get to leave this next Sunday. Would you pray along with me? God is good and there is a reason for all of this. I'm so glad He's in control, even with big volcanoes! I am to speak at a ladies retreat when I get back and I sure would love the opportunity to go meet with these wonderful ladies, should God allow it. If not, there is a reason.

    To let you know, I have seen some gorgeous lilac bushes here in Italy. The wysteria is all in bloom as well and everything looks so beautiful.

    I enjoy your blog so much and come here nearly every day. It is a blessing to me, so far from home. I love the countryside and hearing about all your farm stories. I love your encouraging words and your apparent love for the Lord. I'm sorry that I don't leave you a word of encouragement everytime as well. Just remember that you have a friend in Italy... for now. (I'll still be your friend when I come back! LOL!)

    Until next time,
    Anna (TravelinPilgrim)

  27. My two fav flowers--lilacs and pinnies! I put mine in mason jars too--just delightful!

  28. good evening Linda,Yes, I enjoyd the flowers, oh! I am enjoying all, your slideshow is lovely. The primitives you live with are wonderful. The liacs lining your lane, beckons 'welcome'.
    Thanks so much.

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