Friday, April 30, 2010

A Very Special Time With Clarice........... wish you could of been there.

Hello precious ladies,

Here is the day we have been waiting will like!

Today I wrapped Clarice's Vintage Apron #97 (because that is how old she is) in a

beautiful piece of wrapping paper that a sweet friend wrapped a gift for me and gave

it to me (thank you Becky) this last week. I saved it because I new I would use it

for someone special! Clarice seemed to be the one. When I went to the manor I first

took my momma a bouquet of columbine flowers. They were beautiful. I also got to

feed her some of her dinner. That is always a special time. After I spent time with

Momma I went down to Clarice's room. I think she was very excited to see her package. I told her that she was going to get something soon the last time I saw her.

Here is her gift all wrapped up!

This is my special friend Clarice. She said I could take pictures, just not from the front. Do you see her adorable hair? She is the cutest lady ever and I wish you could all come and meet her. She is looking at her card.

She told me that I did a very nice job and that it was pretty. She loved the color combinations and the fabrics. I was so glad. It made my heart smile. She said that she didn't deserve it. I told her she did! She said I could take a picture from her side. Do

you see she has her other apron on? Cutie!

Look at her precious hands. I don't know why I like hands so much, but I do. Those little hands have done a lot of "stitches" in their day!

We put her apron on. She looked adorable. We talked. She said that she learned how to sew when she was 7. She made a dress for her doll. Oh my, I wish I could see that today. She said that I should take some pictures of her quilts. Here they are. She said that she has made lots more, but they are with her family. Wow, what a special lady. I am so thankful she is my friend. Did I tell you that we are related? I could sit

for hours with her. She said that she had made a Grandmother's Flower Garden (a block

like I made her pocket) Quilt years ago, but thought it was with her family. One of my


Miss Clarice made this crazy quilt with feather stitches on every seam. It was so pretty on her bed. She cut each piece individually, she said and didn't use a pattern.

Clarice thought it would be okay to put a picture up on my blog of her baby quilts. This is the first one. She did all the quilting. Isn't it sweet?Along the sides there are little embroidered flowers and leaves. She is so talented.

This one has been hand appliqued with all the little images all over the quilt. The words are all hand embroidered. Amazing work! Should of taken a picture up close. I will try to do that next time, so you can see the detail.

It was a very special time with Miss Clarice. She asked me questions about when I started sewing and was anyone else in my family interested in what I did. I will treasure the time I had with her. She is a very special friend. She misses her family, so now I will be her family. Claris liked that I had a big family.

If you want to leave Miss Clarice a note, please do. I am going to take my computer in so she can see the blog posts. I will show her the comments, if there are any. She would love it! I tell her all about you!

After I got home our son's family said they were coming out to bring our granddaughters horse Sugar to the pasture. We all went down and I took some

pictures. I thought some of the children who look at my blog might want to see what we found.

Is he the coolest bull frog? Our son caught him at the edge of the creek so he could show him to his children. All my boys are like their father. My honey brought home “everything from the field”, so his kids would have an appreciation for animals. They do!

This little caterpillar was hanging on for dear life. The wind blew so hard today. He is a fuzzy wuzzy is he not?

Poppa found the snake for the children. He is always finding snakes!! I don't mind the little ones, just not the big ones.

Our grandson wanted the kids to see how the snake wrapped his tail around his finger.

I shot this picture of the storm that was coming in. It was so beautiful.

We call the clouds (when they look like this on the horizon) "Kansas Montains".

We are off to the zoo this friday. Our grandson invited us to be his chaperone. It will be a special day for Grammie and Poppa.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings to you all!



  1. Oh my gosh that Clarice is one cute lady! I would love to sit with her and just talk sewing and all the things she used to do. You are such a blessing to her and what a buuuuuutiful apron--just stunning! I would wear it out to the store its so pretty...LOL! And my 6yod Lydia loved that bullfrog--not the snake so much..LOL! Tell Clarice hello and I love her baby quilts!

  2. We sure can learn from sweet little ole ladies! How adorable is she! I can do without the snakes! lol

  3. To Clarice: I don't know you, but from what I read on PRAIRIEFLOWERFARM, you are one special lady! You go girl!

  4. What a treasure Clarice is! She reminds me of my dear sweet Grandmother who always wore her hair 'up' and had combs in it, too. Her quilts are amazing! I love it when quilts are quilted by hand ~ so much time and love goes into them! Please give her a big hug for me!

    The apron is so gorgeous, Linda! I'm sure Clarice is just thrilled with it.

    I love that bullfrog! I think some pretty young maiden needs to give him a kiss to see if he turns into Prince Charming! :~P Showing children all the critters and interacting with them is such a great thing. We are great animal lovers here and always did this with our children ~ our youngest has gone through many years of college and is now working on her Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology! You never know where your efforts will take them!

    Have a blessed weekend, both you and Clarice!

  5. What a heart warming and beautiful post! It brings back memories of sitting at my grandma's feet, while she braided her hair and wrapped those long braids around her sweet head. The stories she told as she shared her life with me. What a treasure!

    Miss Clarice,

    I love how your sweet hand's made all those stitches in your quilts. They are so beautiful!
    When I was a young girl my grandmother took some of her old dresses and made me a quilt out them. It is such a treasure to me! I am sure your family feels the same way about all the lovely quilts you have stitched. I have to say Miss Clarice I just LOVE your new apron! Take care and have a wonderful week.


  6. Ms. Clarice,
    Your quilts are beautiful! I wish I had the talent (and patience) to make something so special.

  7. What a sweet treasure Ms Clarice is!! and what a special blessing you are, Linda♥
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

  8. Miss.Clarice, I love your quilts what beautiful hand work.
    Linda I love the nature pictures, that bullfrog is wonderful.

  9. Dear Linda, your post brought tears to my eyes today. I pray that when I am Clarice's age I will have a friend like you to visit with me. Clarice is beautiful! I always notice people's hands too, I think they tell a lot about a person. What a wonderful day! Be blessed!

  10. Beautiful quilts! So neat you have a special friend like that!
    Abby loved the pictures! She giggled at the frog and the snake! She didn't know what to think of the wooly-bear. Thanks you! ; )

  11. Miss Clarice what a blessing you received in that beautiful apron that Linda made for you. You Quilts are so beautiful. I think it is so neat that you and Linda have become friends and she will share her big family with you. I lost on Grandma when I was 2 and the other when I was 5 and I feel like I missed a great deal growing up, I like to think my Grandma would have been someone like you. Blessings to you.

  12. What a beautiful lady Ms Clarice is. She does remind me of my little Grandma that I stayed with every summer. Ms Clarice, your quilts are beautiful. I am sure with every stitch there is a lot of love given. You are a very precious lady and I appreciate Linda allowing us to look in on you. The apron looks beautiful on you. Ms Linda you did a very nice job. Is there any way that a Card Shower could be given in honor of this wonderful lady, Clarice????

  13. Hi Clarice,

    Your quilts are absolutely wonderful! It's amazing-what a gift you have to be able to piece like that. What a heritage you're giving to your family :) The apron looks so nice on you! It's beautiful too. Isn't it great to be surrounded by such terrific people and things. Clarice and Linda you're special women. May God bless you and your friendship!!!

    I grew up in Kansas and now I live in Ohio. I miss the Kansas mountains and the grain elevators. I'm sure glad I have memories though :) You can take the girl out of Kansas but you can't take Kansas out of the girl LOL!

    With love and ((Hugs)),

  14. Hi Linda...and Miss Clarice :) :) :)
    Oh I love the stories about Miss Clarice. What a sweetheart of a lady :) :) I think she's still beautiful. I'd love to see her actual smile :) :) :)
    She looks really good for 97. that means she was born during my favorite time period for style, clothing, homes etc. I can only imagine all the amazing things she's seen.
    If my grandmother were alive today, she'd be 90 years old. My grandmother did a lot of sewing too :) :) I remember one summer I spent with her in Pacific Grove, CA. we went to the local fabric shop to pick out a pattern for a blouse and some fabric. My grandmother sewed a really nice blouse on her electric sewing machine. It was an old Montgomery Wards sewing machine. It looked like one of those old fashioned ones on a wooden table with a treadle..The sewing machine would flip upside down, when not in use. It had an electric cable and three stitches...forward, reverse and zig zag. As my grandmother tells it, she either bought or received it as a wedding present in 1942 :) :)
    Here's just another random thought, but I have an old book from the 1940s on home projects..and one of them was how to make a couch out of the front seats of a Ford Model A car :) :) :)
    THanks for introducing me to Miss Clarice. I'm looking forward to hearing more of her stories :) :) :) Have a lovely weekend. I'm glad she liked her new apron :)
    Lots of love and hugs from Oregon :)

  15. Miss Clarice reminds me of my Gram who is now home with Jesus, dancing on the streets of gold. I absolutely LOVE her quilting and passion for her work. I wish I lived close enough to visit her!! If you would send me her address I would LOVE to send her a card now and then :) Thanks soooo much for sharing her work!

  16. Linda, thank you for introducing Miss Clarice to me. What a talented lady you are, Miss Clarice. Your quilts are just lovely. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to make your apron. I am wishing you a happy weekend and look forward to more posts from Linda about you. Thanks Linda, I can't wait to get the apron pattern from you. I look forward to your email each day. I hope we can become good friends.

    Michle Machala

  17. What a nice time you and Clarice had. Enjoy your time together. She is so cute. I know there is a lot of wisdom to glean from her. I am sorry that kids nowadays don't get much exposure to senior adults, and I believe it is so important to get to know them better. Her quilts are fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing.
    Sheila in Memphis, Tennessee area

  18. Linda, 'thank u sooo much for sending the photos'.
    Miss Clarice is a 'cute precious gal', we all agree with u, and apron is soooo pretty !!!
    GOD has truly 'gifted' U to make things with your hands....but this is 4 the other ladies', GOD gives each of us gifts, to be used for HIM in the lives of others.
    toni :o)

  19. Oh Linda...what a cool post! Clarice is such a sweet little lady and I know you had to make her day. What a beautiful person you are!! Her work is absolutely lovely!! Thank you for sharing this with us...
    xoxo Gert

  20. Dear Linda ~ You are such a sweetie! Do give Clarice greetings from Cananda!! How precious she is! Does she know the LORD? THAT is THE most important thing! Please tell her that I wish she had let you take a picture from the front...she looks lovely! Such GORGEOUS work she did on all those wonderful quilts. AND the apron you made for her Linda is very pretty.

    Love to you my friend!

  21. Linda, Thanks for the pictures of Miss Clarice, she reminds me of my Gram. She was born in 1886.
    Miss Clarice what a beautifull apron; it suits you very well! You looks so sweet. What must you have gone trough in your time!
    I think, you can tell a lot of storys. I love the quilt you have made without a pattern!
    I hope you know the most important thing, God loves you. Warm greetings to you my friend, from the Netherlands.

  22. Dear Linda and Miss Clarice,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your very special friendship with me.
    What a wonderful gift the two of you are to one another!
    Miss Clarice, your quilts are the most beautiful and love filled I have ever seen.
    God bless you both,

  23. You are blessed to have a Clarice in your life. What a special woman she seems to be. Enjoy her all you can!

    TAke care-

  24. Thankyou for sharing your Clarice with us. Oh how I love her NAME! Loved seeing her beautiful hands opening your precious gift so carefully.
    Your pictures are all wonderful and I loved seeing into your day! COOL FROG! FULLY RELY ON GOD!!!! GOD JUST USED YOU TO REMIND ME THAT AGAIN TODAY! ;) YEEHAAAA!
    I'm glad your snakes are harmless there.
    I used to like them like that... but when we moved to Arkansas and started seeing so many poisonous ones I developed a hateful relationship with them. lol
    Have a wonderful weekend dear Linda!
    Oh and I loved your apron!!! You are too cool for school dear girl! Wish I could sew like that. If we lived closer I'd bug you to teach me. ;)

  25. Loved hearing about Clarice and her quilts. She reminded me of Mrs. Newby who lived beside our church. When I was Daycare Director there, Mrs. Newby would work in her yard spring-fall and even shovel snow in the winter. She always told me she worked on her quilts during the winter when she couldn't be outside. I really didn't think much about the quilts, just thought it was a winter past time, but was I ever in for a surprise when she brought some over to show me. WOW!! They were beautiful!! Mrs. Newby also shared her many flowers with me, I kept a watch out for her from my office window and I really missed her when a shed was built blocking my view of her yard. Such sweet memories.

    Have a God Filled Day

  26. Oh, much goodness wrapped up in this sweet post. Loved the photos of Clarice, her hands, her quilt...your apron was really special and we're sure she'll treasure it.

    Loved that bullfrog too! :)


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