Thursday, April 12, 2012 is raining today!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

This is just a fast little post. Last night our family was invited over to our (middle son's home), to celebrate my birthday. It was such a precious night. We laughed so much.......the boys started reminiscing about their childhood as they were growing up. Our oldest son Jason is the funniest guy you would ever want to meet. They way they all goofed around made everyone laugh so hard that our tummies hurt! It was a good medicine for the soul. We were not perfect parents, but one thing our kids know......they were loved! 

Our Tonya (daughter in love) gave me a gift. I took a picture....(will show later). She had bought these adorable little boxes. They matched the table was adorable! Anyway inside the boxes were love each from the grandkids. Each one brought a tear. Then I read hers. It is wonderful when there is peace between your daughter in loves. I thanked each child as I read their note. Their faces were priceless. A good night was had by all and fun fellowship. I have that night etched in my heart!!!!!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. This has been my prayer for my children. 3 John 1:4

We have trained and encouraged our children in the ways of the Lord. It is wonderful when you see the fruit of your there are the grands........praying for their precious souls........that they will choose Jesus all the days of their lives. I don't have to worry.........God loves them more!

Hugs to your day.......dangerous weather for some of us in Kansas tomorrow. 


P.S. Welcome to the new followers. I am only 8 new followers away from 1000. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that would happen. When I get to 1000......we are going to have a Prairie Flower Farm party!!!!!! It will be fun........promise! Asking the Lord for a fun one!


  1. Happy birthday! Our children are wonderful gifts from the Lord. So glad you enjoyed the evening. Happy times!

  2. Happy Birthday Linda. I celebrated one last week :-) I am close to 1000 too. I follow you, and I'd love for you to follow me, if you don't already ;-D

  3. glad you had a blessed evening with your family! Nothing better than those belly laughs are there? 1,000 that is amazing...but I can see why.."your blog is always o interesting and heartwarming!"

    We too are getting a little rain,which we need desperately! Pray the bad weather misses you!


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  5. Wow..sounds like you had a very blessed birthday! Aren't grandkids the best? Have a happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful peace to know that your children walk with the Lord my daughter in love is such a blessing to me, I never raised a daughter so I feel the Lord really blessed me with a wonderful daughter in-law that loves the Lord and takes good care to teach and train three of my five grandchildren.....the other two I have the honor of raising and training up in the Lord :o) God is soo good!.......It was raining here too....

  7. Goodness you had a perfect birthday celebration! I love all the photos you share. You are truly blessed. Good friends and a beautiful family!
    We need some rain here!
    I want to ask for prayer for Elaine a student who has been working with with us and her dad Robert who had a heart attack and is currently hospitalized.
    I always love visiting you!

  8. God Bless Mother Nature!! we getting rain today too!! i'm glad i went for my long walk yesterday when it was perfect!! your family birthday party sounded wonderful! laughter is so good for the soul!! ^)^linda


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