Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Friday.......It Was So Good For Mankind!

Hello sweet ladies,

Do you have birdhouses at your home? 

I enjoy having them so much, especially if the birds make a nest and have their babies in one. Last year with the drought I did not notice the birds. This year they are here in full force. They are here on the farm and gathering pieces of straw, sticks and string for their nests. I have a birdhouse that was given to me as a gift from one of our son's family. I put it in a special place..... at the entrance to the Potter's Shed. I had to clean it out because there had been wasps who had made their home in it last summer. It is all cleaned out now and ready for some little wren to come and make her new home.  They come before............ I will be waiting.

The eggs have not hatched yet.........not one! I keep checking.......I am getting a little antsy! They will come when they are ready, right.......... so I will wait. 

Remember when I put the two roosters and little hen that I had incubated, out with the sheep? For the last few nights the Red rooster has been going in the stall where we have been keeping Juneau our mare...... who is due any day now. Every night when the sun starts to go down, Mr. Rooster goes up in the rafters and sleeps. It has been kind of sweet to watch his ritual. Last night he was on the gate sitting right by her.........we like the things that happen on a farm. 

 She is showing signs........but we are having to wait on when the time is ready. It would be wonderful if she would wait until the weekend, then we wouldn't miss out on anything! 

I have been thinking a lot about Good Friday.......lots of kids at the college have been saying "Happy Resurrection Day", because so many were leaving today!  They have school off for 4 days. We will be there serving the kids that don't get to go home.  It will be good to be there with them. Even though I will be working........I will be thinking of what my Savior did for me......the day He paid the price and set me free. 

The Crucifixion of Jesus

You can read the account HERE........... if you would like. 

Hugs to your day.......and blessings to you sweet ladies,



  1. I always enjoy your photos!

    Thank you for reminding us to ponder the fact that Jesus, Lord of the Universe, took on the very nature of a servant, humbling himself and becoming obedient to death - even death on a take the punishment for OUR sin.

    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, Linda.

  2. Have a blessed Resurrection Day, Linda. Yes, and He rose again the third day, as He said! Praise God that we serve a risen Savior!

  3. Dearest Linda ~ I hear you on the blog-visiting thing...I totally understand!! Please know that I think of you as a sweet friend in this bloggy world and am so thankful we *met* so long ago!! God is Good. Always. Thank you for your sweet encouragement on my blog and for your prayers for our family recently. We know that the LORD has carried us through and will continue to. One day at a time. May the LORD bless you richly this weekend as you celebrate HIM! HE is RISEN!! What a joyful thought!

    Love to you!
    Isaiah 26:3-4

  4. I love the red birdhouse. Happy Resurrection weekend!

  5. What a great little red birdhouse! (Makes me wish I hadn't been so hasty selling several rustic ones on a garage sale facebook site.....)

    I look forward to hearing about all kinds of "new life" on your farm very, very soon, Linda.

    Happy Resurrection Day to you from NE Indiana. After service on Sunday morning, I'm carrying dinner over to enjoy with my parents in NW Ohio. We'll leave after dinner to go to North Carolina for some vacation days. (My brother & his wife live there.) Can't wait!

  6. Have a blessed week-end Linda, especially tomorrow, The resurection of our LORD! And! Your Birthday, On the LORDS Day! How sweet is that!
    Love you for all you do.

  7. Gosh, that red bird house is so sweeeeeet! Blessings to you this Resurrection Sunday! He LIVES!


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