Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Afternoon At the Auction.....Sweeeettt!

Dear sweet ladies,

Disclaimer.......this post is long......wanted to fill you in on what my afternoon was like at the Yoder Poultry Auction and what I saw! "Smile!"

"The Sweet Life"

I put this pic up late last night on my fbook. It turned out sweeter then I thought! Little Amish little ones going home from the auction......I live by Yoder, Kansas. You will see women in the back of a tractor in a half pickup bed......sitting in a lawn chair with children around her......the sweet life don't cha think? I would like to do that for a day!

I awoke this morning to birds singing outside... like you would not believe. The fog is low to the ground...the sun is coming up on the horizon...... and roosters are telling us on the farm...that it is time to get up! I am fully awake with a full day ahead of me! I am HOME.......and it is a good thing!

We have some momma cats in safe cages so nothing will get their babies. Some of the bigger ones are leaving the nest.......this was what I found when I went into the milk house this morning.....sweetness to greet my day! The second one to the left had part of his backside behind.....he just couldn't get to the top step! 

Before we went to the auction.. this is what the storm looked like to the west of us.......the conditions were bad for tornados. I prayed!!!!!!! It looked like it was going to stay away from where the auction was........when we got there it was fine. The storm just kept moving east.......I was thankful. 

Let the auction begin!!!!!!!! Everyone has been waiting for this for a month! It is an exciting time and the thing I love families!!!!!!!! Young and will find every walk of life.......lots of Asians will be there for the eggs. It is wonderful to see. Lots of bare feet little ones.......mostly Amish! It is a very special time. 

Okay....when I go to an auction, before I bid,  I walk all the lines and make a mental note of what I want to bid on. When I see something...... I know whether I want it or not right off. Last night was no different! I saw and wanted! I hope I don't sound like I have to have these things, because I don't.......if I get a good bid... I will buy. I set a fair price in "my mind" and won't go over! Oh, and I am cheap! The boys and I saw this pull behind a mower cart! The color was perfect and it would be so fun for them on the way to get them to clean the coop! I am a "thinkin' Grammie."  I was bidding and an older gentleman was standing "right" next to me and kept making my bid go higher on me! I looked at him kindly! I thought he should have been nice, don't you think? We got it......and the boys were ecstatic.... so was I! As I was there I thought of how fun it would have been to have you all there with! 

The Auctioneer came to this nester........Vitaliy really wanted to bid......we did, but it went way to high. On to the next thing!

I really wanted to bid on these two Momma Buff Brahmas. There was a daddy and a baby.....they went way to high.......I will be ordering this week from McMurray Hatchery! They were beautiful! I have never seen real ones before that I remember. The rooster was something different. 

I saw this precious Momma and her 8 chicks........she was what I had come for! I loved her at first sight. Her babies kept hopping on her back......she tugged at my Momma Heart! I went over my bid amount I had in my mind.......I couldn't help it......I will work some extra hours at work to pay back what I was so so worth it. She is living in my little milk house in her own cage until she gets use to the Cochin family......she will fit right in! 

I bid on  5 Araucana laying hens....3 from this cage and....

  two from this cage (one was white)......the ladies who buy my eggs like the green eggs. The lady who owned these chickens said that one will have pink eggs.......I will like that! She and I were able to talk a little......she lived not far from our farm and raises baby Araucanas. She gave me her number. 

The boys wanted to bid on this Golden went for $45. Toooooooo much! They were sad. 

We bought some 5 extra on some fertile eggs and got them, 8 dozen to be exact!!!!!!! 2 and a half dozen Araucanas, and 6 suprises!  That is fine.....I will be taking them after they hatch all back to the auction this summer and sell them. I will get a good profit for my money and it will be fun to have a bunch of little ones on the farm!

Other things we saw were these adorable baby goats.

I liked the geese farm is not set up for them YET..........maybe some day.

baby geese

and some more baby geese.......precious! You could find straw bales, some plants, cages, garden tools........anything you would find on a farm. It was such a fun day.

They were pretty proud of our buys! Planting memories into their hearts.......hope they will always want to come to the auctions with their Grammie!

Later I went to a farm store to pick up a new incubator! That was fun.....because they had some baby Barred Rock chicks that we got for Vitaliy to live at his home! He lovesssss chickens... so we are helping start his flock! I have one incubator already filled with some eggs for a farm friend and don't want to disturb I bought a new one!!!!!!!! That will work for me!  The other eggs will be surprises....but I will be off in two weeks!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! Can't wait.....I will love it not having to leave my farm......for 2 and a half months. 

Only one thing was missed at the precious ladies!!!!!

Hugs to you from our farm........trusting the Lord is making His presence known in your lives!!!!!!!



  1. Looks like you had so much fun. What a good family day.

  2. Oh, Linda, looks like another Amish Punch Needle picture to me. Love it. Lots of sentiment in the picture. I love the Golden Pheasant too. Very pretty but what would you do with it. Raise more or I can't even fathom the fact that you might eat it. heheh. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  3. Wow such fun! Where was this auction and how often do they have them?

  4. Wish I had been there! I love country auctions, but haven't been to one in a long time.
    Reading your blog makes me want to raise chickens! We had a pet Polish Chicken when my kids were little, that they got from my parent's little farm. We named her Stella, and she was so sweet. When our dog got aggressive around her, we gave her to friends that had a small farm and other chickens. She didn't know she was a chicken, though, and would not mingle with theirs. She preferred the barn, with the horses!

  5. Oh wow! I wish we had something like your auction in my area of Indiana.

  6. Would have been pure pleasure to spend the day with you Linda and your boys. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Oh Linda what a fun day you must have had! We've never been to one before..but I know it would be so much fun!


  8. I'd go to an auction with you! But, I'd let you have all the chickens and I think the coyotes are too close around here.♥♫

  9. Thanks for "taking us along" to the auction, Linda! So glad you got to go - it sounds like oodles of fun!!

  10. Ohhhhh, I would've loved to be at that auction. When my husband was alive (before he got sick), we went to a lot of auctions but mostly for things for my little antique shop.

  11. Linda - I have never been to a livestock or farm auction but through your writing about it I could close my eyes and feel like I was there. That is what I like so much about your blog.

  12. Oh that sounds like so much fun. My husband has been building a chicke coop and hopefully we will go and purchases some baby chickens. This will be a new journy for us. Any suggestions? We want them for laying eggs.

  13. What a fun day for you and your grands! Making memories for them! What a beautiful pheasant! My husband and I want to an auction in PA near Chambersburg many years ago at a farm and there were farmers, amish families and lots of animals, and us, 2 strangers in a place we had never been before! A couple of strange travelers out of there element from CA! It was so much fun, what memories!

  14. Sounds like fun! Have you ever seen an anvil at an auction. My 13 year old son is interested in forging knives and new anvils are very expensive. We want to encourage his interest in this---but don't know where to find a used one. We live in the Kansas City area, so we could probably go to an auction if we knew when and where it was.


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