Monday, April 9, 2012

Slow Day At The Bakery!

Hello sweet ladies,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Our family enjoyed going to church together.......and then they all came to the farm. Lots of fun happened all afternoon. Baseball game out in one of the fields. Young and old! Special time. Making memories. 

Today I was in the kitchen and one of the girls that works there who I have known forever....... came in with a gift for me. It was an egg.......a green egg. Adorableness!!!!!!! I loved the color. I am sure it is an Araucana. She wasn't sure, but I will be getting some more eggs if I can. Look at how green it is? 

This last weekend I noticed Little Miss Red was sitting again. Now this time I hope she stays put, (on the nest that is), because I let her have the green egg. When I went back to check on her she had tucked it under her tummy. If she doesn't stay set, I will put it in the incubator. I would love to have some eggs to put in the egg cartons I sell to my customers. It would make it look so pretty next to my blue and burnt orange eggs. Used to have really dark chocolate brown eggs.....the girls were killed by the dog. 

When I get home I always check the incubator to see what we.......and here is WHAT IS NEW! There are two others besides this pure black and the other with black and some yellow on it's tummy. They are so cute. This one is so so different. After it grows we will know what it is going to be. 

This is what I see everyday when I let the chickens and ducks out. They are standing at the door ready to get out. Now if you look real close you will see under the letter "n" in "want" it is my duck. I wish the window was clean, but it wasn't.......I am going to go wash it now. I just loved the picture though.......they really wanted out and when the door opens........they move and move fast! 

My girls carry kittens in the front of their sweatshirts........look at this sweet face. We have 14 that look as sweet as this......wish some of you would need one!

Hope you had a sweet day.........mine was slow, kind of enjoyed it at the bakery. I am going to take it easy tonight......crocheting some more washclothes. Putting them in the CHRISTmas box!

We have a lot of new ladies, so I am putting the instructions for the Simply Sweet Washcloth up again. Hope it is helpful. 

White wash clothes,
A ball of Crochet Thread extra fine 30 size 
or what you might already have on hand 
US7/1.5mm crochet hook

The wash clothes I bought already had a blanket stitch around the wash cloth. That made it easy for me to start stitching. Begin with a slip stitch along one side of the wash cloth. Do a single crochet  into every one of the blanket stitch space. When you come to each corner, do 2 single crochets in one single crochet on each side of corner. It will help your shell stitch lay better. Single crochet all around the whole wash cloth and slip stitch into the first single crochet. Now to start your shell stitch. Start with one single crochet in the first single crochet of first round. *Skip 1 single crochet and do 6 double crochets in 3rd single crochet* Repeat this all around the washcloth. Easy. Now press wash cloth, fold, tie a ribbon around it, add a bar of soap and you have a gift. I bout a clothes line that was from the Dollar Tree. It was red and white. I also tied a red gingham ribbon on each clothes pin. 

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I will have another recipe on Wednesday for you all!

Thank you for stopping by.......WELCOME new followers.......
you have been me!

Hugs to you..........



  1. Oh..what a lovely post! Just love those chickens & of course baby kittens!! Tom would shoot me if I got a But he knows I love And of course Rusty just does NOT like you think he is jealous? lol

    Hope you have a blessed day!

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  3. I certainly enjoy reading your posts. I'm chompin' at the bit to get my new peeps and pullets! I also wish I could crochet. I've tried several times and my fingers just won't do it. Sewing seems to be my thing.

  4. I just love this gift. I'm eager to go buy some washcloths. Adorable and creatively different.

  5. I am going to make sure I signed up!


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