Friday, April 27, 2012


Good morning sweet ladies,

Last night as soon as I got home out the door I went......rain may be coming today! I wanted to get the rest of my tomatoes in. I have 40  in now and when different varieties go on sale I will get a few more. I put up so much of our Tomato Soup Base (scroll down on the my side bar) every summer. It is so so good for anything you would like to make using tomato sauce. Chili, vegetable beef soup, spaghetti, pizza sauce and you could probably find lots of other recipes you could use also with it. It was a good evening and I got lots of new flowers planted. Do you put flowers in your garden? I like to. It makes the garden have some color and just makes it prettier. I know lots of ladies use marigolds and nasturtiums, but putting annuals in different places also adds to the prettiness every time you work in it. After planting last night it was 9 when I got into the house.......shower and bed!!!!!! So so tired! 

Remember the Yoder Poultry and Small Animal is tonight. I will take lots of pic's for you. It should be a fun evening!

Oh and keep praying......the job I am now doing at the is stretching my brain. I am learning and parts of it have come to me real easy and other parts I still need help! It isn't where I would like to stay......not as much interaction with the kids like I had on the line, but it is where the Lord has put me and I need to watch my could get off! 

Hugs to you sweet are being prayed for today! 



  1. Gardening is hard work! Do you eat up all those tomatoes over the winter? I always seem to can more than we can eat, but that's okay too. We can always give it away. My Early Girls won't be able to be set out until about June 2 here in NW Wisconsin. They're getting pretty tall, and I may have to transplant them for the third time.

    I LOVE that chicken header. Those Barred Rock always tug at my heartstrings! How can that possibly be.

    Have a restful weekend.

  2. On second glance, maybe that isn't a Barred Rock. Hmmm.

  3. You have fun deserve it after such a busy stressful week! smile...


  4. Linda hope you had fun tonight! And have a restful (if possible)week-end! Your garden sounds wonderful! Pics please! I know you are doing great in your new job at the school, and that your tude is not showing at all! There's a reason for you being there!
    Love and prayers,

  5. Hi Linda, I did plant a garden this year. It is my first. My little acre here in nashville is growing into a beautiful place. I have corn over there and a bean pole tee pee for the grands. I found the picture on pinterest. Go figure. Potatos over by the strawberry beds, a peach tree we named Georgia. I don't know who is the bigger kid, me or the grand girls. But I'm really most excited about my chickens. Lol. I have 4 of them. They are 3 months old now. 2 RIR, 1 barred rock, 1 buff orpington. I got them from the co_op at 1 day old. I didn't know I'd come to like them so well. They are sweet. So, my little "farm" is growing. I wonder if I could get away with a goat. But then i'd have another to feed. so maybe not. I know how you feel about wishing I was home to enjoy my handiwork more, but there are my days off. God has been good to me this past year. He has blessed me with all I have just told you about.
    From my little farm to yours,


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