Monday, April 23, 2012

The Farm

Hello sweet ladies,
Thank you to all who left my sweet girl comments, you were so sweet and I am glad you liked the video's.......weren't they the sweetest of our new baby stallion? I am so thankful I can share what he is like. 

When chickens were having chicks and Juneau was having Denali a someone on Prairie Flower facebook said, "is there a momma cat on the farm having babies......well at the time no......this time, yes! Teeny tinny baby kittens. Sweetness!

Mr. Tommy is getting to in the pen he has to go! Thought the pic turned out pretty of him tonight....can you see his silhouette on the right side of him. The pen is by the rhubarb and he kept strutting around. Glad he was on the inside of the pen and I was on the outside!

Right before dusk I went to check on the newest baby black or blue this the cutest pic or what? Two had only one leg out on the ground........I think they were getting warm for the night. Thought you would like. I was so glad I had my camera with.....I do have it on me most of the time.

As I was tending to the 3 different cages I heard a ruckus going on above my head.......I turned.....looked up and this is what I saw! Made me think of some of the painted pictures out some time back with the different farm animals standing on top each other......this one is my fav of my chickens! The Red Cochin is on top of my huge Cuckoo Maran! Silly chickens!

I haven't shown pic's of Leaf in front and Twig in the back......they are getting big! They are eating a lot lately! They are going to have to have their tails off......soon! Cheryl from Crescent Farm will come over and do it for me! 

That was part of my night......I spent some time planting in the garden........ look what is coming up! I have been waiting and checking on my green beans every day! They are popping out of the ground.......amazing.....I will never ever tire of seeing what the Lord can do with life!

Hope you enjoyed your was so pretty when we got home today........very warm and a cool breeze.......summer is coming!

I am going to need some prayer! I got a call and tomorrow I am going to have to be the greeter at the college.....taking kids  meal tickets....just filling in until the end of the year. The girls will take over the bakery.......they will be fine, but please pray for them also. We have some caterings. Thank you for praying for us! 

Love you bunches.........know I am praying for you all!

Hugs from the farm! 


Everyone should look out not only for the interests, but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4


  1. Such wonderful pictures! I love to visit you on your farm even if it's only in pictures!

  2. those chicks reminds me of one chick that hatched from this tiny little blue egg a week ago.

  3. Oh my gosh Linda what an amazing post! First, I loved the videos yesterday! Love all your farm animals....i know it is all hard work bless you and good luck at the I know you will o wonderful!


  4. Thanks for all the baby animal photos - they're wonderful! More kitten photos, please! :)

  5. Great post today Linda. We took our girls to a friend's farm last weekend to visit their piglets and orphaned lamb triplets. It was so much fun. My girls bottle fed the lambs. So precious! Will pray for you.

  6. Linda,

    You should have seen my green beans! I did starters inside a couple weeks ago and within 36 hours of planting they started popping through. Five days from planting they were 9 inches tall. WAY TOO FAST!

    By the time I planted them (still a little worried about frost but we'll see what comes), some were 2 1/2 feet tall and already growing beans! I am calling them my super beans.

    I also have some strawberries already ripe and I'll be picking them this evening. It's hard to believe how fast things are growing.

  7. my days are not nearly as exciting as yours on the farm!! but i did finish a prayer shawl for a friend w/pancreatic cancer(stage4). i talked to Father John about starting a prayer shawl group at St.Mary's and he Blessed this shawl for me before i give it to her! so today was GOOD!! Blessings... ^)^linda


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