Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Denali Taking A Bath

Good evening........sweet ladies,

This afternoon was 97 degrees. After work the girls cooled Juneau down with a hose......little one loved it.......we were all surprised that he didn't mind the water! It was so hot so maybe it made him feel better. 

He liked the hose a lot!!!!!!!! Silly little boy!

He spent a lot of time cleaning himself!

His legs.

Here is a video. For some reason he kept acting silly. If you have had horses and they have done this, and you know why.......we would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and God bless your day......hugs from the farm,



  1. I am sure your horses loved the cooling effect; that was very thoughtful to hose them off.

  2. I commented on fb-he's just playing. I used to work on a thoroughbred farm where they had 60 foals a day. We walked them by hand from day 2. They are the funniest, silly little critters...Is this your first foal? Colts may start to get cantankerous earlier than fillies. Have you tried leading him yet? A loose butt rope along w/ halter & leadrope is helpful if he doesn't understand going forward & starts to pull back. Congrats on your foal-what are your plans for him? Did you get your mare bred or did you get her that way? Have fun! :) Holly

  3. That should read 60 foals a year! lol

  4. Oh Linda...I this post...they are so beautiful! And he is so funny! Glad you were able to cool them day here in Iowa too..however back to springlike weather today! Smile..


  5. 97! Good night! It's gotten cooler again here in WNC, rain and storms all week, frost and 30's for a couple of mornings, but starting to warm up tomorrow.
    Love watching Denali! I bet they loved the water!

  6. always entertaining on PFF!!! what's next??!!! ^)^linda

  7. Thanks for the video, that was so cute!


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