Sunday, April 22, 2012

Denali LOVES To Give Kisses!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies,

It is SONday........did you notice? 
He said, 

"This is the day that the Lord has made.........we will REJOICE and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24

Now some days I don't rejoice.......some days they are just plain hard to find anything to rejoice about. Have you had those kind of days? Mine was........ on part of my day yesterday........had to say I was sorry.......and ask for was is a new day.......I am thankful! 

Do you notice the bell hanging on the fence in the picture above? I have wanted to show is from my sweet blogger friend Susan....the one from Texas......she bought it for my birthday. When I opened the present I knew exactly where it was going........the sheep bump the gate and it makes a dong noise......I am enjoying it so much!!!!!! Thank you Susan!

Yesterday Denali was giving must is amazing how sweet he is becoming! We held him down paid off. He has gained 15 pounds since he was born.......getting stronger every day. 

I came out and Denali was kissing his human Momma.

He is so precious! He was sucking her chin.......silly baby!

Denali went to love on the other boys...........

he would nibble all over their head and face. Sweetest thing.

It bonds the children to Denali also, Vitaliy (our new adopted grandson from Ukraine), is loving farm life!

Denali's human momma is making sure their stall is clean.......part of learning to care for her new baby. It will transfer someday into her home if the Lord gives her a husband. 

I told her that when I was her Grandpa Reid had me do the same thing.

While Ellie was cleaning the stall...the boys came to help me in my garden to get paper and chips down around my rhubarb and roses.

Good little helper! V likes to help on the farm.

After we got the paper and chips laid.......Poppa showed them how to use the weed eater.........that was cooler then the job I gave them. Vitaliy liked the protective glasses. 

The girlies were hiding.........the're not good eggs, but I thought the find was beautiful!

Hugs from the farm........trusting your worship time with the Lord was sweet!



  1. Hi Linda,

    Oh, I so wish I could come for a visit and see all the farm animals :) :) :) I'm so happy that all is well. Oh, that bell is the perfect gift. Susan really does have good taste in picking out gifts. That's for sure :) :)

    Denalie just looks like a sweet horse :) :) I'm glad to see that he is thriving.

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    1. Hey sweet pea! Isn't that the cutest bell. It sounds wonderful!!!!!!! You just pack up your Aunt, Daddy and drive right over is only a few!

      Love and hugs, me

  2. New to your blog and fell in love instantly!! Happy to be following you here and on Pinterest. Diane

    1. How precious Diane! Thank you for following......I fell in love with your blog also! We would have fun I have a feeling with a cup of tea and a chat! Blessings to your day from our farm!


  3. Hi Linda, I've been away for a week or so and am only just catching up on news; Denali is adorable! is he named after that beautiful Alaskan mountain? How lovely to have your grandchildren so interested in farm life!!
    Take care, lots of love from the alps (snowing here again this morning!)

    1. Snow? I bet it is beautiful Emma......would love to come and see you! Yes it is the Alaskan mountain. I wish your little ones could touch Denali........he is so so soft!
      Love and hugs from the prairie! Linda

  4. Denali is so cute, and Ellie is beautiful. What a great gift she has in a wonderful family and the ability to experience farm life. Having her own colt is definitely a big bonus!

  5. Linda,
    The bell looks perfect on the gate :) Love it! All of the grandkid pics are so sweet. Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Heather is a sweetheart. I hope she gets to visit you someday. I know she would LOVE it :D

    Susan M.

  6. your post today was just wonderful!! everything in it happening on the farm. every pic ~ precious!! the verse so uplifting!! thank you for sharing! ^)^linda

  7. I love your blog & look forward to your posts everyday! You are such an inspiration, when I'm tired or don't feel good (which is quite I think of you & try to write something on my

    Oh what sweetness...with Denali & Ellie! She is so pretty....& I just know she will be a wonderful horseman!

    I the bell Susan sent you for your birthday....what a wonderful gift!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Oh Linda, what a fun birthday present you received! It must be fun listening to when the goats knock it! Denali is so precious! Growing like a weed, I can see why you lay your hands on him so he can get to know you and to be used to your smells!
    Hope you have a good week and not too hectic.

  9. I love the bell and I can only imagine how wonderful to hear it every time the sheep bump the gate! Don't you just love whiskery kisses?


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