Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still WAITING!!!!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Thank you for all the fun messages and emails on how you found Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!!! Very fun to read and thank you for all the sweetness! I always love meeting you a little bit better. I am hoping for a little celebration soon! 

All day was hard away from the farm and working at the college. Tressa our oldest daughter kept us posted as to what was going on with Juneau so that was wonderful. Our boss said that if Juneau had it while we were at work we could go home. Now that was sweet. She didn't though.........this is what I came home to. 

This is our almost 14 year old granddaughter, Ellie (who will be the recipient of the baby colt) all comfy sitting in the Potter's Shed waiting for Juneau to have her baby. She lost her older horse last year and so this baby will be hers. Essential for waiting for a horse to have her baby! Good book, CHRISTian music, sunshine, light wind, pillow and sleeping bag! A perfect afternoon!

I had to leave to go over to my friend's farm to buy some grain for Willow, Twig and Leaf. She is the one I bought my sheep from. Yeah......I finished paying them off! They are all mine now. She is so sweet to share the costs on the feed, that they buy in bulk. It does help! 

Anyway while I was there she was telling me about this first time Momma goat who had 4 babies during the storm we had last weekend. I said my ladies will love seeing them. Here they are trying to nurse........aren't they so tiny? They were about 10"-12" high. Tinniest goats I have ever seen. 

Also tonight the little chick that was starting to peep out of the egg last night, was still not out of the shell when I got home.......so I had to help it. If you do that.... you have to be very very careful. It was getting to long for the little guy. As soon as I gently took some more of the shell off, it pushed it's way out. Here is how it looks now. Pretty pitiful looking thing don't you think? 

I have to show you what I got in my email today.........I love it when ladies send me pic's of the items they make from something I have designed. I have to share. This is my Winter All Year Long Quilt pattern. Free for download on my sidebar!!!!!! Sigrid from, Germany and who's blog is Sigisart Patchwork, Quilting She made my quilt pattern up. Beautiful work!!!!!!!! Just had to show you and Sigrid......thank you for taking the time to let me see. It blesses my heart! God has been good to give me the gift to design what I see in my heart!

Well my body is tired and I better get some sleep, if I am going to maybe have to get up in the middle of the night to watch Juneau. I put this pic up of her on facebook ........she is such a pretty girl!

You ladies ARE ALL SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!! God has blessed me so........and YOU ALL ARE SWEETIES!

Please keep writing on how you started following 
Prairie Flower Farm! Please?

Hugs to your day!!!!!!!!!!

Okay ladies!!!!!!!!!! We need to get on our knees. I just got an email from a precious follower........her husband is out of a job and he needs one.......really bad!!!!!!!! I know that the Lord has a plan for this precious husband and wife......I am trusting Him to show Himself mighty! He calls His children to come to Him.....and He will answer. Whatever it is He has for them,  we can trust Him. Thank you ladies! Can't wait to watch what He does best........like change us into His image know mater the circumstances.....we can trust HIM to keep us in His clinched fist!!!!!! Praise His Holy Name

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  1. Praying for your family and Juneau. Would a beautiful picture you paint here! Love to you today and always


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