Friday, January 3, 2014

What Are You Up To?

Hello sweet ladies.......

How are you all? This last week the farm was very busy. With snow coming again we had to prepare the farm for safety for all our animals. 

On Monday a man who works with one of our sons brought us 23 new girls and 3 roos! I had to clean out the coop to make sure everything was nice and clean, with new straw laid so they could do some scratching and talking with each other. That does happen in a hen house you know! The girls are settling in, but because their old coop had snakes during the summer......they quite laying. I am trying to revive that. If any of you have any ideas.....I would love to here from you. They are Rhode Inland Reds and very very beautiful girls.......they need to start laying!!!!!!!!

My vacation is winding really fast it seems. We go back on Tuesday. I am wondering if I am ready.......wink!

We had Grammie and Poppa camp with 6 of the grandsons. They always learn so much when they are here on the farm. Two of our sons and Tressa went duck hunting. We got the ducks so we could fix a "hunt dinner" for the boys. They had to dress the ducks first. It was so cold outside so they had to lay tons of used wheat bags down on the kitchen floor. Talk about a precious time. Lots of opportunity for Poppa to do a lot of "God chatter". Memories tucked in those young mens hearts for years to come. 

When the grands are here I always try to read a chapter of a wonderful book called The Evolution of a Creationist written by Dr. Jobe Martin. We met Dr. Jobe Martin and his precious wife Jenna Dee years back when we first started walking seriously with our Lord. If you love God and what He has created, you will so enjoy reading this book. Your children will not move while you are and see. A must read. I read the story about the Bombardier Beetleto the boys......they loved it! It is amazing how God's creation is truth and how the evolution theory, is blown out of the water by the truth.  You can download a free copy here  of The Evolution of A Creationist book.  Go to the bottom of the page and you will see the book. You may buy a hard copy or download the book for free by clicking on the book. Keep scrolling through the PDF if you want to read the bombardier beetle story. You will enjoy won't want to put it down, even if you are an adult reading it! 

Today is a another cleaning day......I have been able to go through clothes.....closets.....drawers......and just basically cleaning so I will be ready when I go back to the college. What have you been up to? I would love to hear how you all are.

Oh and last night we went in to see the twins and family. It was wonderful just sitting and staring into two precious little faces! Their Mommy is so in love with her babies! 

Hugs and God bless your day! 



  1. I've been sick with a head cold, feeling better today, but with lightheaded-ness. Makes me exhausted!

    Hope your new girls start laying soon, maybe the new home will help that. I don't think they lay much in winter, from what I've read. Someday I hope to have chickens.

    What a blessing to be able to hunt their own dinner!

    Thank you for sharing this book. I am very interested in reading it! I just downloaded it to check out. Maybe later when things are better financial wise, I can order a physical copy.

    Have a blessed day Linda!

  2. You are always so busy. As for me just enjoying keeping our first great granddaughter some. She os two and talks up a storm and has for a good while. She keeps us laughing. First baby in the family in 14 years. First girl ever for us. So much fun.

  3. I am an Australian and love reading about your busy life and your times with the Lord. When I had chickens they only laid really well in the long days as they need at least 16 hours sunlight or artificial light each day to induce the laying genes. Best of luck.

  4. Hi Linda! I have been so ill with this nasty flu! It has taken away every ounce of energy I have. Thank goodness my precious son is home until Tuesday! He did some laundry for this momma. He will be a good husband someday for a precious young woman. Pray my energy returns and he arrives safely Tuesday back in OKC. Then off to Cowley and back to the books! He had an irritation behind his knee so the doctor wanted him to have some physical therapy. They worked out his knee earlier today. He is resting it now. My precious grandson Colton had a wrestling tournament so he is at his school. wish I felt up to going and watching him. He takes good care of me when Nick is not here. I am so blessed. Pray for Rebekah please. Noelle and Jeremy work for a big ins. co. Their Indy office is shut down due to the weather All their calls are dumping into the They are hiring some temps. Please pray they hire Rebekah. Her student loans are due now too. She needs the money. Jeremy and Noelle get lots of overtime. It is a nice blessing for them. My boss had surgery over the holidays. God Bless her She is buying a pair of new scrubs for the medical gals. So she is getting a gift card for my hubby and I. It is very sweet of her. She went thru a lot with the surgery. Pray for Renee too. I wish my friend Betty were still alive. She knew more about chickens than chickens do! HaHa. She would know how to get those girls to lay. She had a good heart and I miss buying the fresh eggs from her. I saved all the egg cartons I could back then. Now I feel lost just recycling them with the trash man. You are so generous sharing your phamily with us and all the wonderful treasures you read. I bought that little tea time book you suggested. It is a real blessing and the price was hardly anything at all. That duck hunting had to be a blessing to see. God shines His love on you and yours. Happy New Year precious friend. Hugs, Anne

  5. Oh are so busy....bless you! Sorry you have to go back to work Tuesday...being retired I forget about what it,s like to have to go everyday!�� I did it for 41 years! ( I know how could I have you know me...seems all I do is paperwork...since I do things for several groups. Also, running to Drs. appts with my SIL who is taking treatments for cancer. (Prayers please..)


  6. I've never had any chickens, but my grandma did. Somehow I remember something about putting fake eggs in the nest. Or did I just make that up?!! I do believe there needs to be a longer day, too. Colder weather is on its way here so today was a good day to get my mom's groceries. She had leftovers, but it was a turkey dinner feast!! Also, trimmed her toe nails. Also used to do that for my daddy. Miss him a lot. Hope your weekend goes by slowly so you can enjoy every minute at home!♥♫

  7. Poor weather expected here in SW MO Saturday. My trip to Jefferson City with the teens at church has been cancelled. I'll do a quick trip to the grocery in the morning, then I'm going to settle in and do something fun.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  8. Weather is lovely in northern California but we need rain desperately. Drought conditions are feared. And forest fires.

    Your posts are always uplifting and spur me on to do the next thing. Blessings to you...

  9. Thank you so much for the link to the free book. I have been wanting to get something like this for the kids but funds are limited and we already have a lot of books. So this is great! Hope your hens start laying and that they and all of you stay warm in this cold spell!

  10. Your hens are so beautiful. A friend of mine has quite a few hens and I would love to keep chickens, but the leasehold on our property won't allow the keeping of any animals or fowl other than family pets.

    Your blog is so pretty. :)

  11. HI Linda
    Thanks for the book link. I've downloaded it and am looking forward to reading it.
    Hope your hens start laying soon - apparently there are certain herbs that encourage laying (can't remember which ones but if you look on the site Fresh Eggs Daily you can find them)
    Happy New Year from snowy chamonix

  12. The roosters will stress out the hens. Maybe have some nice chicken soup?

  13. Linda you are always so inspiring! Thanks for doing what you do!


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