Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Have Brand New Cards For Sale!!!!!!

Hello Sweet ladies, 

Well, here is the "surprise" I have been working on!!!!!! Last year I did some of my pictures, that I had taken around the farm and put them in card form. I am so so excited to show you what I have done.......remember last year I did the.....

Winter Thyme Collection I
They are still available, if you are interested!

As you know I have a camera with me all the time! I am always running around here on Prairie Flower Farm and try to take pic's of what I think you might enjoy. Love love taking pictures! I decided to do some new collections this last CHRISTmas vacation.  Hope you enjoy!!!!

Here are the brand new collections! 

Winter Collection 2

Chicken Collection

Farm Life Collection

Sheep Collection
Birch in top two pic's and bottom left, Olivia right bottom. 

The cards sell in a multi-pack, which includes 
2 cards each of 4 different designs
8 / $11.50 per pack

$3.00/USA, for each additional pack add $.75
$4.00/Canada, for each additional pack add $.75

Each card measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" folded card/envelope included. 
Please email me with your order at 

prairie flower farm at g mail dot com

Please put "the name of the collection you want to order" in the subject line of the email. 

I take checks, money orders or paypal

(please specify in the email how you would like to pay).
I will send you an invoice if you want paypal. 

If you would like a set of cards as a "gift" sent out to a friend or family member, I will put a note with a message from you in the package, so let me know what you want me to say! 

A chicken feather in each package....a little gift from the farm.

The cards can also be framed if you like!!!!!!

Hugs from our farm and 
may the Lord bless your day,



  1. I am hopeful we will be in better financial shape in a few weeks so I can buy some pretty cards. You do such a nice job with everything.We spent the morning cooking. Whew! We have Texas Hash for lunch this week and spaghetti sauce which simmered all morning long. I am cooling some chicken breast because I am making my chicken enchilada casserole. I am trying to find my copy of your scone recipe. Some friends I have run the coffee cart at the hospital next door to my office. DOnald use to bake the best scones in pecan, cranberry and blueberry but they did not have the market for it! Makes me sad! :-( But Marietta told me once they moved to their new place she would search the recipe out for me. She is undergoing chemo for colon cancer. Please pray. She is my sweet friend Rose's baby sister. Rose and I use to be room mothers when her grandson Danny and my son Jeremy attended school together. My how time flies. Now we are drinking some blueberry tea and watching football. We are still under the weather, my honey got a breathing treatment and some antibiotics and steroids. He is doing much better. I have two more days of my antibiotics left. At least I have a little energy, goodness the New Year was not kind to us. Nick ran Friday night and Saturday morning at Missouri Southern. He ran a 4.38 mile as he was the anchor for the distance medley. Then yesterday he ran a 3k in 9.21. Now he needs to rest that knee. His team took second place. We are very proud of him. Always pray, we all need the Lord . The workplace is difficult again, mean girls. Too old for such nonsense. So I pray and pray harder. Love and Hugs to you and yours sweet Linda! Anne

    1. HI Anne, so sorry you were so ill. It has been really bad here in Kansas!!!!!! We have done real well, so thankful we haven't gotten anything! Praying for your work situation. Sorry!!!!!! Hugs to you, me

  2. The cards are lovely! Love the critters and farm scenes.

    1. Thank you Angie!!!!!!! You are so sweet! I love my peaceful! Hugs, me

  3. Your cards are beautiful. I sheep collection and the winter 2 collection. Good job. I need to start making my own cards again! Once I get over this flu bug I'll have more energy! Slept most of the morning away and hoping to get better to go to work tomorrow, for at least awhile? Will see. So many people are sick with the flu and some hospitalized....and worse, don't wanna think about it! Hugs and blessings, my friend!

    1. Thank you Becky. I like the sheep also. Birch is the cutest ram. His wooly face is the sweetest and he loves to give kisses! I am sorry you are sick also. It has been really bad this year~ I am praying for you! Trust you get better soon. Hugs, me

  4. Linda...what fun post! I love the new cards and will be ordering some very soon.


    1. Hello Gert, they were fun to make up. Whenever you need some just let me know! Hugs to you, me

  5. Love your blog. I look forward to your post,continue to use your words to spread the good news!


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