Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello from Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!!

The Lord gave us this beautiful sunrise......this morning! Beautiful! I love it when I can see the sun when I first wake up! How about you?

A long waited hello sweet ladies, my oh my has there been much going on here at Prairie Flower Farm and at the college kitchen. First I will start with the kitchen. Since we have been back to the college it has been so busy. We just got finished with interterm and it just about did us in. Up to 42 pizzas a day in a 1 1/2 hour period. My sweet man would be with helping keep all the pizzas organized and pastas out on the line. I was like a mad woman making the pizzas up. Oh my! We did it and now it is behind us and we are thankful! 

When I got home last week the weather was so nice.... so I was out the door letting the chickens out to do there scratchin'. Then I was off to check on the sheep. When I got to their pen I could not believe how HUGE Willow was. I just knew she was pregnant. Sure enough she is growing everyday. Can't tell on Olivia and Aspen right yet. They may be behind her a bit. I am so excited for babies! I had to remove Birch from the girls. He has really been butting Willow and we can't take any chances on the little one. My farm friend Cheryl said that he could hurt the baby if he got to her and butted her tummy. Ask if I am excited to have little ones on the farm again? YUP! Babies on the always a welcome. 

Hope our Aspen has a baby in her tummy......she is the same kind of sheep as Birch. Love the furry face and legs. Really want some babies!

Came out of the Potter's Shed........look who was looking out the window! Denali is getting so big. All the horses are looking like fur balls! Their coats are beautiful in the winter time. 

As you can see my sweet potato is getting it's root system going! No growth on the top yet.....still waiting. Did any of you try growing one yet?

Remember when I received the 23 new hens? Well they have been setting also. That will be a good thing for my customers. Our boss was needing some laying hens so I gave him a good deal on 8 of my new hens. He said at least one is sitting for him. What a blessing those hens were. Today I am taking eggs to our son to give the man that gave me the hens. Hope he enjoys the blessing.

Well it has been sometime since I have written. I do miss you for sure.......please leave a comment and let me know how you are all doing. I love love hearing from you all.

Please keep us in your prayers.......we are in a time when
we are needing wisdom from the Lord! Decisions are always best made if you follow His leading and we are there! 

Trust you are all doing well. The weather has been real extreme around the country. Praying for safety!

Hugs to you and God bless you real good!!!!



  1. It's lovely to stop by for a visit with you here, Linda. How exciting that there is at least one baby lamb on the way! :) A crazy woman making pizzas? That makes me smile. Have a lovely weekend! Love, Camille

  2. What a joy to read your posts. So glad you are on Facebook and able to say Hi more often. Having a quiet Saturday here in frigid New England. But it's in the 20's so we're happy. Big improvement over the single digits and low teens we've been having. Praying for you. God bless your day! Gail

  3. It is always good to hear from you. As always you are a very busy lady.

  4. Yes, I will be praying for you. I have started to grow a sweet potato, too. Just little sproutings of roots are showing right now.

  5. As always a wonderful post! Sorry your job has been so stressful...I can't imagine making that many pizzas in that short of time! Love your sheep..they are so precious!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. we are doing good. Phil and I went to 2nd service then left to head up to Trader Joe's for some groceries we get there every couple to three weeks. Then lunch at a Chinese restaurant we'd not been to in awhile. So filling I couldn't eat all of it. Jasmine tea was delicious! Sunny day, frozen nights lately here in our part of Ore. Needed rain is coming on Tues and hopefully snow it the mtns. Good to hear from you and see you on facebook when I'm on it. Working on clearing out the rest of my desk today and maybe getting it moved out of the corner and new desk put in. All on my blog if ya have time to read it. Hugs and have a good week. Sounds like you've been working hard! Hugs!

  7. Hey Linda
    pizza's always the huge staple anymore isn't it. My kids haven't out grown it. lol but making as many as you do. You always have nice pictures. Love your cute sheep though.

    God bless your week


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