Monday, February 3, 2014

SnowStorm!!!!!!!!!!!! Lotsa snow coming!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies is late, but I just had to stop and say hello. As soon as we got home tonight we started working on getting the farm ready for the storm........

first I went to the big hen house and gathered the eggs. Twenty-four.......yes I am thankful! Some are so big I can't even close the lid to the egg carton. I love wiping them off with a warm washcloth and placing them in the carton.......never will I tire of doing that each day. The new Americana hens are doing wonderful! The three the man brought me along with the Rhode Island Reds. I am so thankful the new girls are laying so nice.

We have a big snowstorm coming our way. Lots of snow! Up to 12" possible. We could use some prayers. All the animals are bedded down and safe! 

Let me know if I can be praying for you. I know so many will be in the storm also.

Welcome to the new followers........I have noticed you!!!!!

Hugs to you and may the Lord bless you richly!!!!!! 



  1. i especially love the espresso toned eggs.
    praying for a cozy (mostly indoor) stay during the storm. your blog posts are *always* so encouraging. like a hug. bless you dearly.

  2. Your header photo is just plain adorable!!! We are supposed to be getting lots of snow here in Indiana today too ... they say 5-10 inches for our area. Whew -- I'll never be happier to see April!

  3. Bless you all!!! So glad we only got about 3 inches last week. It was amazing how much havoc it caused too. Thank the LORD all our family got home safely, FINALLY!!!

    Wow!!! That is some BIG eggs. They must be triple yokes.(-:


  4. Praying for you, family and animals that you would all be warm and safe! I love your precious sheep!

  5. I love the eggs. pretty colors to. nothing like a brown egg. I am sure you will be fine in the storm. I prayer was sent up for you.

  6. Ohio Hugs & Prayers Sweeeet friend!! Snow just started here, about an hour ago...sposed to have 5-8" by early morning. Are under Winter Storm Warning until 5pm Wed.

    Be safe, stay warm & cozy!!! :)

  7. It's been snowing all day here in New Hampshire. Up to an inch an hour at times! We're supposed to get a foot or so.

    Stay safe & warm, Linda!

  8. It snowed here in Oregon lots more to come tonight and tomorrow. I hope it helps with the drought most of Oregon has. I hope you and your animals are staying warm.

    God bless



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