Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow and more to come!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Missy here is wondering how you all have been?

Snow snow snow.....our farm is so pretty.....all clean and white!!!!!!!!!!!! I know so many of you have had the same at your place. When all was said and done we got up to 8-10". It was beautiful watching the snow fall....huge flakes at times. Blizzard conditions hit our farm for sure.....but it was okay....all the animals were safe from the storm. It always takes longer to do the chores when we have cold and snowy weather.......but it didn't stop my girls from laying........their eggs for me!

We keep a warm light in the coop and give them hot water everyday!!!!!! They are being good girls for me! Love the colors. They are weathering
the snow quite well....and I am thankful. 

In our farmhouse I started my tomato plants on January the 26th. 

Three days later they started popping out of the soil.....always amazes me. If you want to follow how I do this.....go here. Only God could do this for us!!!!! I know it......because I believe His is true!

The next day when I got home........look what I saw! Beautiful, don't you think? Three days later I transplanted the little stems each... into little dixie cups. 

These little tomato plants are 10 days old (Feb. 5th). All the plants are under shop lights. I keep the light very close to the baby plants. Their stems will grow stronger. I will show you as they grow. If you notice the second leaves are starting to grow! It is so fascinating to me!

When we came home tonight their were ducks in a farmer's field close to our farm........they were coming in by the hundreds. We have always loved watching the ducks and geese every winter. One year we had lots of snow geese in our south field from our farm. Beauty to behold! God is good! is time to call it a night. When you read this it will be Friday.......yea!!!!!! Home for the weekend! I will like!

Hugs to each of you and God bless......think of you so often and give thanks that you are in my life! 



  1. Nope, it's still Thursday here. We finally have a couple inches of snow in Oregon. Finally! More tomorrow probably. I'm enjoying it. I like your photos! Hugs and stay warm. Megan and I are watching men's ice skating in the Olympics. We like ice skating period.

  2. Here in oregon we are getting snow.It is soooooo pretty!
    We will be getting the whole weekend.God Bless your day!

  3. We got about a foot of snow more or less. We already had plenty of snow, but this new amount makes everything look so white and sparkly -- freshly frosted. I like snow just fine as long as I don't have to drive in it!

    Enjoy your weekend, Linda!

  4. Beautiful snow and farm scenes; how good of your girls to keep laying eggs for you. I am planting seeds, it is a bit early but I am eager. It is 65 here so I planted chard seeds outdoors.

  5. Hi Linda
    nice looking plants, trying to plan my planting here too. Pretty chicken and eggs to lots of colors. Yes lots more snow here in Oregon still but it had rain mixed when I was out a short time ago. And were I love you cant even make a snow man with it, its not holding together.
    :( Well I hope you have a fun and blessed weekend. Thanks for updating


  6. Hi Linda, so glad you still have power and warmth, and your animals and tomato plants as well! How come this posts on Fri when you send it on Thurs? I have often wondered that. Stay safe and have a wonderful week-end! Bless you!

  7. We have had tons of snow too - and cold - i love your tomato seedlings and the eggs in the snow! ♥


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