Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rain, rain, rain!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

What a night!!!!!!! We had 3 storms come through our farm. It brought know what that means. NO INTERNET!!!!!!!! Today I will be at the college..... so there is no way I can do Building Our Homes Together today.......sad. I am at work right now and came in a little early so I could get this up. I am so so sorry! Ladies please go to our comments and put your info up there so we can come over for your Building Our Homes Together. I do not know when or if I will have internet when I get to go back HOME. Smile!!!! Just know I will be praying for you all today while I am baking!!!!!! Love you all! Thank you for the sweet comments yesterday and emails. It blessed my day!!!!

Hugs from the kitchen, 



  1. Praise the Lord that you have rain, rain, rain!

    Here is what I had planned to share today for Building our Homes: Lessons From the Storm. It's a story of a storm we experienced and some important lessons we learned from it. Hope this will encourage others!

  2. Good morning, Linda!

    So happy to hear you are still getting rain, even if in means no internet for a while. We rec'd a little rain during the night. Dh says he thinks it was enough to "help". Whatever the LORD sends are way, we will be thankful and gladly accept!

    I am still running behind, but will try to post something, sometime today. I will definitely be going by Mrs. T's to read what she has to say!

    May your day at the college be blessed!


  3. Night-before-last, we had a storm go through that was so loud that a crash of thunder shook our old house & a pot I have hanging on the wall fell w/a great CRASH! Scary at 12:30a.m.! lol

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  4. Glad you had some more rain. I used to work in telephone repair and we always had a lot of phones go out when it rained. That was early 70s before we had Internet! :D Of course we didn't have Internet because we didn't have home computers or even cell phones. LOL

  5. So thankful you are getting some rain. I would send you some of ours if I could!!!


  6. Hi Linda!

    I just started using Pinterest this evening and I do appreciate you posting on my wall. I don't know how to see it or reply to it on Pinterest though. I knew what you said thru my email though. I hope you're enjoying all this rain. The Lord is good. We've been getting the rain also here in Arkansas and I'm very thankful.

    Hugs XX

  7. Hi Linda,
    So glad to hear you have rain!! God is awesome!!
    Just wanted to say hi!!

  8. Hi Linda, so glad that you were blessed with a good rainstorm..God is all knowing, isn't he?

    I wanted to let you know that I received my fabric last week, and it is gorgeous..I am not sure what all I will use it for, for sure an apron or two..and probably some home decor items..anyway, its just lovely!


  9. Linda, have a recipe and some thoughts on our days with our Lord. Come on over and say hello!

    So thankful that we finally got some rain here in Kansas. Making my balcony plants smile!!!

    Have a blessed day!


  10. I am glad you got rain! DO me a favor! Please stop by SPiritual Sunday (blog) and join the Miracle Makeover. There are other bloggers who are helping in this cause and each comment left at specific blogs get one dollar donated to the next Miracle Makeover. Please check it out! Love you Anne

    P.S. Come join my giveaway too! You can take my button I will not get mad, I will get happy! Anne


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