Thursday, August 18, 2011

Want To See My Banties? They Are Growing

Hello sweet ladies,

Tonight we got maybe a 1/2" talk about thankful!!!!!!!!! It smelled wonderful, felt wonderful and sounded like a sound I love to hear, just haven't heard it very much this year! 

Little kittens were running inside on the back porch as soon as we opened the door to see the rain. The girls brought them in the kitchen to dry them off. One really took to Dakota our daughter's dog. It is so tiny. 

Thought I would take some pictures for you of my little banties that I got earlier this summer. They are getting so cute! Love em!! Do any of you have any? They always seem so friendly. 

Here is the Momma and Daddy Black Mottled Cochin. I have one more Momma. She didn't want her pic taken. The momma's seem to the sweetest!

Here is the White Cochin Daddy and Momma.....I do have another Momma.......hard to get them to all stay together for a picture. 

This little girl is called a Frizzle Red Cochin........I have 3 Mommas, so need to try and get a Daddy next time. They are the cutest! Their feathers go everywhere!

Here is the Blue Cochin. I have 3 Momma's on them also. Real pretty blue! I will order another few and try to get a Daddy next time. My goal is to sell them in the summer at the Yoder Poultry Auction, well not them, when they have some babies.

 Everytime I opened the door to the little Milk Barn the little banties all come a running around my feet. They are so sweet and friendly. I can't wait until they are old enough to start sitting on their eggs!!!!!!! Do any of you remember Little Red and Little Miss Fluff they were the best setting girls.........they even hatched soe duck eggs for me. Spring will be fun next year. 

My granddaughter took this pic, told her I would show you. Thought it turned out so beautiful. It is an old old implement that was from our other farm........we moved it over to the family farm. It really is kind of neat. An old rake of some sort........I think........I will ask my sweet man! Just asked is a hay rake. 

One more day to work at the kitchen and then I will be home.........have so many things I want to do!!!!!!! So what are you doing today?

Since it rained I am putting this up on Thursday know what happens on stormy times here to my internet service.

Hugs to you all sweet ladies!!!!!!!!! May the Lord bless your day!



  1. Such sweet pictures, Linda. I love them.

    I know how very busy you are. Maybe over the weekend we will get a chance to "catch up." However, sometimes the weekends are busy, too, and I understand.

    Praying for you each day and praying for Vitaliy.

    (You still need to send me an invoice. ;) )

    Love you!

  2. BTW ~ I did get that lemon meringue pie done!!! My family was happy. #1 Grandson just finished off the last piece for his "breakfast." you still need to bring some scones. ;)

    For now, school awaits us!


  3. Linda,

    I really like the sunset pic with the hay rake. I added it to my Pinterest.

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend on the farm.



  4. Oh Linda you make chicken talk so wonderful! I love it! Those blue cochins are gorgeous. God really is a Master craftsman isn't he?
    I am writing this Sunday evening. The weekend goes by too quickly. The work week is busy. Pray for our daughter Noelle and her phamily. They are needing to move and may have to stay with us for a while. We are bursting at the seams but we can not turn our back on them. Just pray. She needs to learn to trust the Lord. Love you! Always enjoy visiting you. Glad you have some rain! Hugs Anne


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